RELEASE New firmware v1.0.16 for ZIDOO X1 release

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  1. mirror

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    X1 update list(h3_v1.0.16):

    1.Fixed the style of navigation bar, changed into hiding the navigation bar manually.
    2.Fixed the problem of cover input box when opening the input method.
    3.Fixed some apps have no navigation bar.
    4.Fixed some apps can't fullscreen.
    5.Fixed notification icons are far too large.
    6.Added the switch of keypad tone.
    7.Fixed problem that VPN can't connect.
    8.Fixed some sdcard can't update fireware.

    Video Player
    1.Fixed the 24Hz switch default close in interal player.
    2.Saved audio track setting.
    3.Saved subtitle setting.
    4.Repaired the problem of when there is bilingual subtitles, subtitle display in the upper left corner.
    5.Added test tips when closing subtitles.
    6.Set English as the default language.

    File manager
    1.Repaired problem that it can't cut between the recovery storage devices
    2.Fixed the error problems of translation
    3.Solved the click failure problem of screening bar

    1.Fixed setting has Bluetooth button when plug in a USB Bluetooth dongle.

    1.Fixed the debug display error with dropped frames.

    1.Fixed the application name as ZIUI Simple
    2.Fixed the problem of Vietnamese words lost
    3.Repaired the error problem of translation

    1.To connect devices automatically when entering apps
    2.Repaired some insensitive bottons
    3.Repaired the problem that when it's mouse code, the mouse can't move to the bottom

    USB installation
    1.Fixed English as the default language

    Easy cast
    1.Repaired the app error problem when changing the device name.

    OTA ZIP file :
    Mediafire Mirror:

    How to upgrade:

    IMG(Please download this file then unzip it):
    Mediafire Mirror:
    There is some risk for flashing your BOX, Please be quite careful to make it.(It will clean out user data entirely, please be cautious to do it.)
    How to Flash :

    Now, 1080P OSD coming,it's base on V1.0.16.the download addr(Please download this file then unzip it): :
    Please note that this is not our main line version.
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  2. twenti

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    Don't need to update the firmware is very unstable constant freezing is not possible, revert to previous
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  3. Member Beta test group

    First problem I have tested that Zidoo Kodi stop when playing film in add-on. I was test this add-on with offical Kodi 14.2 and 13.1, they're running ok. On Zidoo Kodi, when watching add-on, it often stop and play, after few minutes, the picture of film is stop when audio is running
  4. Member Beta test group

    - Sometime X1 stopping when I'm using, need waiting for a few second to working normal.
    - Playing mkv full HD, iso...smoothly than 1.0.15, it's ok, but sometime it stopping when playing video (no more)
    - Playing H265 mkv file ok, smoothly than 1.0.15, but some video do not have audio and not smooth.
    - Can not playing 4K video smoothly, the picture slow motion.
    - Can not playing game Asphalt 8, black screen when racing :) This problem from CPU or GPU???
    I will test and report more later.
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  5. Member Beta test group

  6. Alan.W

    Alan.W New Member

    1. Problem of ZDMC Kodi - add-on PVR IPTV Simple Client - video cut. Old version ZDMC Kodi work well.
    2. Onscreen keyboard is not reduced
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  7. barisg

    barisg Member

    Thank you for the update. Here are my comments;

    1. OTA neither worked at V1.0.14 nor at V1.0.15. I made all the updates by downloading the files from your website, uploading to X1 manually via FTP and installing the update file. I hope OTA can work on this version properly.
    2. Following the update, in the first run, main screen freeze for about 25 seconds.
    3. As I made "local update" my personal settings and pre-installed apps did not delete.
    4. Plays this 4K file correctly; (Overall bit rate : 26.6 Mbps)
    5. Plays this 4K file correctly; (Overall bit rate : 43.2 Mbps)
    6. Could not play this file; It plays only 1 second and quits. It used to play in V1.0.15. Now TvdPlayer or MxPlayer does not play and MxPlayer says "Can't play this file."
    7. Could not play this 4K 60fps file;
    8. During the video play, remote control volume +/- buttons do not make any function.
    9. Mouse cursor is still too small. It is a problem on big and bigger screen TV users.
    10. Zidoo RC Android remote control app works good. On "key mode" finally there is big cursor as you can see from the picture. Cursor.JPG
      • But, there is actually 2 cursors on the screen at the same time. The large one belongs to Zidoo RC, the small one belongs to the physical mouse. It should be fixed.
      • The large cursor does not command or control the navigation menu buıttons at the buttom. It shall located on main layer. It does not go over the bottom menu.
    11. Upper menu appearance;
      • When Gmail app is on, now there is possibility to attach a file and send an email, thanks to the upper menu appearance. The sent button is now visible.
      • On Aptoide app, again similar to Gmail app, the upper menu is visible now and search function is available.
    12. On Settings/Display/HDMI Output Mode/ all the varieties of 720p and 1080p worked correctly, except HDMI 1080p 50Hz, on my LG LM660S TV. I also could not test HDMI 4K 30 Hz, as I do not have 4K TV.
    13. Available Storage. The available storage area is reduced even more. Between this version and the previous one, there is nearly 1GB gap. Where is this 1GB space?
      • Here is the "Available" storage on v1.0.15 Storage v1.0.15.JPG
      • Here is the "Available" storage on v1.0.16 Storage v1.0.16.JPG
    14. Date problem is corrected. Now the system gets the date information from the network, by default. But not the time.
    15. "Settings/Date&Time/ Select Time Zone/" is set to "China" by default. Which is GMT+8. This shall be corrected and time shall be read from the network too.
    16. still says for the default browser "Your browser seems a bit outdated" Browser.JPG and do not function on Mega. Shall be updated.
    17. Easy Cast app still remains but I did not understand how to use it. Do I need a dongle?
    18. Default XBMC Kodi is 14.2-helix.
    19. Default video player (TvdPlayer) menu display time is still too short. When you move the cursor to the menu on the left, menu disappears due to very short timeout.
      • Mouse roller does not function at the menu. Shall be added.
      • Exit button still not exists. It is really needed.
      • There is 3D function on the menu now.
        • Pre defined modes are; SBS, TBS, Interlaced. The first two process the video in 3D, but not displays correctly. Interlace function does not work, at least on the video files I stated above.
        • Menu is extreamly hard to use. I tried at least 30 times and got crazy. Menu icon shall appear on the left of the screen, as there is "play, forward and backward" buttons appear on the middle, when you press the cursor, during video play.
        • Forcing users to pressing very small menu icon at the bottom is unnecessary and sometimes the mouse cursor press shutdown button accidently, at the bottom menu.
    20. Default file explorer still has no "share" function. You cannot share any data to Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Hangout etc, from the default file explorer. Browser.JPG
    21. Dropdown menu icons and text font size are still far too large on 10806 60Hz screen resolution. Shall be smaller a bit more. Dropdown.JPG
    22. When system language is different than English, the Settings menu are in the correct language. Thanks for this.
    23. VPN. Yaounde City is in Africa. But I am not. Tested on different whatsmyip web sites and get correct and uncorrect location results. When the location information based on my IP is correct, I think, the VPN does not function correctly. So, I am not sure if VPN works correctly or not. VPN.JPG
    24. For the Youtube TV app shared here; the problem still remains. Although the blue led flashed on Zidoo X1 when any button pressed by the remote, the remote control's "back" and "home" buttons do not function and cannot command the app. Also, the buttom navigation menu does command the app. But if you can wait until the end of any video, you can select another one and the video plays in very inch of the full screen. App's video visualization is great, but commandability shall be added.
    25. Connection Speed. The distance between the modem and Zidoo X1 is 15 cm. There is huge lag on Ping time. Ethernet is 2 times more faster than Wifi.
      • Here is the wifi connection test result. Wifi Test.JPG
      • Here is the ethernet connection test result. Ethernet Test.JPG
    26. Apart from the Firmware, the form factor shall not be continued and shall be changed. It is very hard to take ethernet cable out and USB devices out. The space is so small and bigger fingers can not get in.
    It took my 3 hours to make the review, there are many items that I did not test. For example the CPU temperature shall be tested. It usually goes over 90 degree Celcious. This sounds dangerous for the stability of the CPU, specially when the material is plastic, not Aluminium.

    The next devices or the next batches could be metal based or namely aluminium. It may increase the cost and price but wil create more stability on functionality. If any user plays 4K video for 90 minutes, the CPU temperature will stay over 90 degrees Celcious for a long time. Overheating mitigation methods such as heat dissipation support with air breathing holes and metal case is badly needed, surely for the new products.

    Or is there any CPU overclock? Zidoo? Allwinner? Please inform us.
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  8. Adl

    Adl Member

    i used phoenix tool to recreate partitions.
    now i have 4GB free space.

    Pls include in next firmware default ui.
  9. Bluesmanuk

    Bluesmanuk Member

    1.Fixed setting has Bluetooth button when plug in a USB Bluetooth dongle.

    Somebody just told me that when they used the OTA method of updating that there was no bluetooth option in settings.
  10. spring

    spring Guest

    Thanks barisg:
    We analyze each suggestion.Here is some reply:
    1:The first run,main screen freeze for about 25 seconds. Because some pre-installed apk installing,and the cost almost cpu.
    2:The "local update" is the ota update,it does't delecte the pre-installed apk,it is the right operation.
    3:The 4k video is not H3 of allwinner expertise,it not support 10bit,not support 4k@60p.
    4: During the video play, remote control volume +/- buttons can change the volume,you can try again.
    5:The "Available" storage is not change when you do ota update,and it would not delete the file in internal storage.I find you download some file from your picture,this will cost some storage.
    6:You can connect the Easy Cast app by your iphone.
  11. mirror

    mirror Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Zidoo TECH Supporter

    Hi,About the remote control volume +/- buttons,please look the follow pic
  12. Adl

    Adl Member

    In this firmware video playback with kodi is freezing every 1-2sec.
    Example of plugins: youtube, vimeo, 9gag.
  13. barisg

    barisg Member

    When you said OTA, I tought it is directly installed from internet, over your servers. [​IMG]

    Do I need to download the new update to a flash?
  14. barisg

    barisg Member

    27. With the youtube app in Google Play, the maximum video resoulution is 720p. Even 1080p is not among the selection. no 1080p on Youtube.JPG It his the same with all other HD, UHD videos. You cannot select more than 720p as resoulution on Youtube.

    28. The attached screenshot is created during Antutu Video Tester session. Cpu Temperature is the software that creates the temperature overlay at the top of the secreen. I have seen 101 degrees Celcius. CPU Temperature.JPG

    29. The nominal operating temperature is between 83-93 degrees Celcius. This address to poor thermal design. It is not easy to watch 4K videos on this device for 90 minutes.

    30. For the Youtube TV app shared here; there is no video resolution change option. I think this is either 108op or 4K but I am not sure as there is no section to understand. Youtube TV.JPG

    31. Some important sections from CPU-Z. CpuZ-1.JPG CpuZ-2.JPG
    • So, the screen output is 720p according to Cpu-Z, but it is forced to 1080p at the Settings/Display and my tv says the the screen output is 1080p 60Hz or 24Hz.
    • The maximum CPU speed is 1.2 Ghz.
    • It is 40nm technology, a pretty old one I can say.

    32. Anybody there? :) Or I am talking alone?

    33. Archos Video Player app here; has lots of lags when playing 4K video. It is nearly unusable.

    34. Flipps HD TV app here; is not working.

    35. Pre-installed apps are needed. Apps, such as Netflix, Hulu, Flipps, Spotify, TuneIn, shall be default apps. Launcher shall be faster and more accurate...

    That's all from me...
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  15. Bluesmanuk

    Bluesmanuk Member


    Youtube at just 720p is commonplace in many devices and requires a workaround to get it working.

    I had it running on my RK3288 device and it was just not worth it.

    The difference in quality between 720 and 1080p was not even noticeable and there were more stutters at 1080p.

    So it may not be worth it, so if you do get it, be prepared to be disappointed.


    That kind or temperture is worrying and caused my box to die.

    What is the response time of the UI when it reaches 101C, as mine was virtually unuseable when it got to 86C or above?


    I have never liked Archos video player and it has been buggy for me on more powerful devices.

    MX Player still rules them all.


    The only pre-installed apps needed should be those common that are shown to be unavailable from the Play Store.
  16. mirror

    mirror Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Zidoo TECH Supporter

    Hi,Generally speaking, we often release the firmware version to FORUM first, after ensure that it's stable, and we will push it on OTA ONLINE. Because the forum users may have better operational ability.
  17. razvanu

    razvanu New Member

    Hello, just updated to this version, via OTA .zip file. Everythings worked like expected, no erros. Just notice some font change, at kodi for the moment.
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  18. barisg

    barisg Member

    Please provide more information about pros and cons of 1080p firmware. Is it based on .16 or something different is embbedded. What is the reason that you said it is not your main line software?

    What are the things that you do not support?

    I download twice; 1st via Chrome on PC, 2nd with download software and 3rd even via Zidoo X1, but all the times, local update verification fails and the image is not updated. Please re-upload the 1080p kernel image.
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  19. razvanu

    razvanu New Member

    I flashed the standard 720p kernel, so i'm ok for the moment.
    I think the 1080p kernel will have more lag, I have another player, Draco H3 (it's the same SOC, Allwiner A23 reported by aida64) with 1080p kernel and I don't like it.
  20. Adl

    Adl Member

    I installed latest firmware 1080p kernel.
    With zdcodec enabled is freezing every 1-2 seconds.
    With zdcoded disabled playback is smooth.

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