New firmware v1.0.11 for ZIDOO X1 II release

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  1. jamil

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    Model: ZIDOO X1 II

    1.Adding HDMI switch function(Download and install HdmiDeception.apk), since some video applications doesn't support HDMI detect.
    2.Fixed the slow speed issue when NFS open the device on the shared list.
    3.Adding the choice switch for USB sound, can choose sound output from MELE RC or from TV.
    4.Removed the sound of launcher,the sound button can adjust the launcher sound.
    5.Removed the option of settings that optical can't output.
    6.Fixed the distortion of cross-border issues of Vietnamese/ Turkish on player/file management.
    7.Adding Onekey root fuction(download :

    Amazon mirror:

    MD5 :2f649e3ccc6fc60d376ab02eab49e04f

    How to upgrade:
    How to root:

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  2. simogold

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    thanks jamil for the app and for the update small feed back :
    after updating and installing the app bein sports app and sky go work (only free stream no videos)
    for the paid stream got message that the the stream dont work on a rooted device.
    i rooted my zidoo x1 ii with
    One key root
    and fully unroot my zidoo afer that everything work like charm, and i can enjoy my paid subscription.

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