My Zidoo Z1000 PRO.... on Long Term

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  1. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member


    For those who have BT problems with their remote and the Z1000PRO, check out this French person's solution...

    Lecteur z1000 pro

    Problème de télécommande Bluetooth trouvé et c’est pas grâce a zidoo ni au revendeur
    Le problème si la trappe est fermé au niveau du Disque Dur
    la télécommande fonctionne pas en Bluetooth si j’ouvre la trappe la télécommande fonctionne

    z1000 pro player

    Bluetooth remote control problem found and it's not thanks to Zidoo or the dealer
    I explain
    The problem if the door is closed at the level of the Hard Disk the remote control does not work in Bluetooth....if I open the trapdoor the remote control works

    See you sooon
  2. rozel

    rozel Well-Known Member

    I don't experience this issue - my v8 remote works with door open or closed. But I use a standard bt mouse and fix the small sender in one of the 2 side ports as door won't close with it in the front. Get much more control with it than the v8, especially using installed apps, such as UAPP.
  3. משה לביא

    משה לביא New Member

    The device turns on but I do not get a picture.
    I swapped screen inputs and still have no image.
    I also replaced about three HDMI cables and still do not get a picture.
    What else can be done.
    the device is z1000 pro

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Cycle resolution button on Remote control.
  5. משה לביא

    משה לביא New Member

    Thank you very much I was able to solve the problem
  6. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    Welcome to those who are following my thread.


    A little reminder for those who are inquiring about Zidoo devices and are hesitating to buy one... or not.

    Regularly, problems are attributed to Zidoo... ok Zidoo devices are not perfect but we should not attribute all problems to Zidoo and give a bad opinion about them.

    Nowadays, we have access to a lot of information on the don't hesitate to go to several forums and read several reviews to be able to cross-check the information and make your own opinion about Zidoo devices.


    For those who have decided to join the zidoo community, don't forget that there is an online help that will save you a lot of questions when you first use it.

    Available here:​
  7. AngryVirginian

    AngryVirginian Active Member

    Can the volume keys of the BT remote be RF programmable? CEC does not work to change volume of my Denon receiver. I will buy the new remote if the volume keys work with my setup for audio bitstream out.
  8. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    You should ask zidoo directly if you can't find the information on their website
  9. Djdragon

    Djdragon Member

    With this remote control you have to press more and more often 2 times or even several times, and then zidoo jumps several commands at the same time. Do you give a recommendation or does Zidoo know this problem?
  10. Djdragon

    Djdragon Member

    I had to choose a best solution for me, and let me comment about Zidoo. This is my opinion.

    I was hoping to get a reasonable answer on the Zidoo forum, but I didn't.
    Unfortunately, some problems annoyed me so much that I sent my Zidoo Z1000 Pro back. (bought at

    It kept freezing after a while the first time.
    Then the remote control often did not respond, then carried out several commands at the same time.
    Several ISO files refused to be read, but later worked again.
    I am still having problems with the MP4 file, when I pause or watch a movie where I previously paused, the movie is out of sync with the audio.
    The HT covers with pictures opened very slowly when the device was first turned on.

    Simply Zidoo often doesn't work the way I would have liked.

    I think the problem is more often due to a bad Bluetooth antenna, and the rest of the problems are also due to 2GB of Ram. Dune has 4GB of Ram and doesn't have these issues.
    I can't afford to have both devices so I'm switching back to Dune. Dune is much more stable. If I want to rely on a complete package, only Dune comes into question. I'm pretty good at communicating with Dune and I really think Dune is going in the right direction.

    Thanks for the offer of help.
  11. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    Hello djdragon,

    I don't think you're still on this forum if you don't have the Zidoo anymore but I'll answer you anyway

    For Zidoo's answers and I have the experience especially on social networks, they will answer only if it can be positive for them, so if Zidoo thinks it can disadvantage them, they will simply ignore the question.

    The stability of Zidoo is not their strong point indeed and that's why I mention it when I talk about their devices, I still had several reboot of the Z1000PRO by simply changing posters with Posterwall and that's just one example among many.

    I also have some irritants but nothing that is a dealbreaker, with the way I use it I am fine with it.

    I'm glad you found a multimedia box that suits you, even if the Dune HD has some flaws.

    As we often say, the best box is the one that fits our needs.

    See you soon

    EDIT : This week I created a Youtube channel to talk about Zidoo, don't hesitate to subscribe friends
  12. lawdawg

    lawdawg Active Member

    FYI the new registration code/20 dollars off won’t apply to the remote, not surprising. :(
  13. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    For those who are interested in a Zidoo box, and who want to enjoy their Dolby Vision movies and have some questions, here is a little video that will enlighten you about the possibilities with our famous Zidoo boxes.

    See you soon​
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  14. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    After 12 months of intensive use.... Do I have any regrets ?

    I may be wrong but on Youtube, Facebook and forums we see tests and opinions of people about Zidoo devices, unfortunately the videos fall into oblivion and then nothing more...

    No feedback after a few months of use to know if they are still happy with their Zidoo devices...

    I think it can be important for potential buyers to have a feedback on a long term use of Zidoo devices.

    With this video, I will give you my opinion after 12 months of use.


    1 year ago I gave an opinion about the Zidoo Z1000 PRO that I had just received, 12 months later... what is my feeling about this Zidoo box.


    There is no perfect multimedia box, the good multimedia box will be the one that will fulfill your conditions of use no matter the brand.


    Here is some information to help you understand my conditions of use and what equipment I use it with.

    I subscribe to several video streaming services and I use only service provider include with my Sony TV.

    I subscribe to Spotify premium which I use with my tablets, cell phones and Nest hub Max.

    I only use ISO, MKV Remux, MKV... in Full HD and UHD format.

    I don't use DVD, HD Ready, or any exotic format.

    I don't use subtitles (except for forced subtitles in some movies)

    I use 3 NAS (SMB)

    I use an internal hard drive WD Red 3Tb


    Zidoo Z1000 PRO + Posterwall (I don't use ZDMC)
    WD Red 3tb interne
    Pioneer Elite SC-LX704
    Sony 77A9G
    Focal Dome 5.1.2/7.1
    Monster Black Platinum
    Gigabit networks
    Synology D418
    Synology DS218J
    Seagate Personal Cloud


    My settings used with the Z1000 PRO


    My opinion about this device will be based on my own experience and may not be the same for others


    My Zidoo Z1000PRO is on 24/7 without exception


    Zidoo - review - Z1000 PRO - my opinion (part 3)


    In the last twelve months of daily use, have I had any problems with...

    The excessive heat release of the Pioneer receiver... never

    The cooling fan of the Zidoo... never

    That it works 24/7... never

    With Posterwall to find my NAS or external/internal HDD... never

    With Posterwall to select and launch a movie... never

    Due to malfunctions that would have ruined the viewing of a movie... never

    With the box itself... never

    With my internal HDD WD Red... never

    Due to the 2Gb RAM that would have altered the user experience... never


    After 12 months of intensive use.... Do I have any regrets ?



    When a device does what it was designed to do, I forget about it... it disappears... and that's what happens with my Z1000PRO.

    The only concern I have when I get into my video room is to choose a movie that the whole family will enjoy, which gives you an idea of the level of
    satisfaction and confidence I have for the Zidoo Z1000 PRO.

    Choosing a Zidoo is to make a lasting acquisition.


    My Youtube Channel dedicated to the Zidoo devices that may help new users.

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  15. rozel

    rozel Well-Known Member

    @OlivierQC Just going to chip in and suggest you switch to TIDAL from Spotify - you'll notice a significant improvement in sound quality. I too have not had any issues with my Zidoo Z1000 Pro, since the beginning :)
  16. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your information Rozel, it's nice,

    My wife chose Spotify Premium and she and my 3 kids use it a lot.

    I think I'll get a negative reaction from them if I tell them to switch service providers.

    And I'll end by saying in all humility that she's the BOSS at home.
  17. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    Bonjour Titi Dudu,

    Suite a ton commentaires sur Facebook

    Oui comme tu dis les Zappiti sont hors concours avec le Z1000 PRO, un porte parole de chez Zappiti sur le forum Francais a indique qu'il y aurait eventuellement un modele plus accessible mais c'est pas pour demain et pas certain non plus.

    Pour moi le concurrent de Zidoo est Dune HD, mais il semble etre en rupture de stock depuis un certain temps...

    Donc pour le moment aucun concurrent pour Zidoo si on s'en tient au prix de vente des boiter d'entrée de gamme que sont le Z9X, Z10 PRO et le Z1000PRO

    Hello Titi Dudu,

    Following your comment on Facebook

    Yes as you say Zappiti are out of competition with the Z1000 PRO, a spokesman from Zappiti on the French forum said that there would eventually be a more accessible model but it is not for tomorrow and not certain either.

    For me the competitor of Zidoo is Dune HD, but it seems to be out of stock for a while...

    So for the moment no competitor for Zidoo if we stick to the selling price of the entry-level boxes that are the Z9X, Z10 PRO and the Z1000PRO


    Menu en Francais

    Au sujet de l'utilisation en Francais, Zappiti est imbatable pour ceux qui utilisent la langue de Moliere.

    Ce n'est pas parfait avec les Zidoo mais suffisamment traduit je pense pour que ce ne soit pas un dealbreaker.

    Mais si tu veux un boitier avec une interface 100% Francaise il te faudra peut etre aller chez Zappiti.

    French Menu

    When it comes to using the French language, Zappiti is unbeatable for those who use the language of Moliere.

    It's not perfect with the Zidoo, but I think it's translated enough that it's not a dealbreaker.

    But if you want a box with a 100% French interface you might have to go to Zappiti.


    Le Dolby Vision

    Le Zidoo propose d'excellente prestation selon le retour de personnes qui ont plusieurs appareils multimedia compatible DV et qui ont comparer l'image en utilisation normal, je t'invite a regarder ma video sur ma chaine Youtube a ce sujet

    Dolby Vision

    The Zidoo offers excellent performance according to feedback from people who have several DV compatible multimedia devices and who have compared the image in normal use, I invite you to watch my video on my Youtube channel on this subject


    Au sujet des mise a jour en version STABLE, elles sont rares.

    About the STABLE FW, they are rare.


    Au sujet des mise a jour en version BETA, elles sont nombreuses.

    C'est ce qu'on utilise majoritairement avec nos boitier Zidoo,

    Pour les personnes qui aiment avoir un appareil stable grace a un FW lui-meme stable et bien sachez que Zidoo le propose rarement.

    Pour profiter d'amelioration, de correction, etc... vous devez utilisez les FW BETA qui sont devenu la normalité chez Zidoo.

    Pour ma part, je trouve les version BETA suffisamment stable avec ma facons d'utiliser le Zidoo et ne gache pas mon experience utilisateurs actuellement.

    j'utilise des FW BETA avec mon Z1000PRO.

    About the updates in BETA version, there are a lot of them.

    It's what we use mostly with our Zidoo devices,

    For people who like to have a stable, Zidoo rarely offers it.

    To take advantage of improvement, correction, etc... you must use the FW BETA which became the normality at Zidoo.

    For my part, I find the BETA versions stable enough with my way of using Zidoo and do not spoil my user experience currently.

    I use FW BETA with my Z1000PRO.


    Le mot de la fin

    J'e n'ai pas de problemes quand je decide de lancer un film avec mon Z1000PRO

    Donc pour moi il fait son travail et je suis satisfait.

    The last word

    I have no problems when I decide to start a movie with my Z1000PRO and that's what I ask it to do

    So for me Z1000PRO does its job and I am satisfied.



    je t'invite a regarder mes video au sujet du Z1000PRO en page 1 et abonne toi si tu les trouves utile.

    Feel free to watch my videos about the Z1000PRO on page 1 and subscribe to my channel if you like them



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  18. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    Hello Juju Mama,

    It will be easier to answer you here than on Youtube,

    Why the Z1000PRO and not another Zidoo model ?

    - I like its appearance and its dimensions close to the Hifi standard

    - To have 1 HDD slot (I use it to store my TV shows, my test files, etc...)

    - I only use the Zidoo to play video files, no need for a UHD3000 or higher

    - Its excellent value for money in my opinion.


    Why not a Z10PRO ?

    After having an x8 and an X9S, I tried the X10, the ancestor of the Z10 and X10PRO.

    I had an unfortunate experience with my X10 in 2017, after a few months of use, the cooling fan was making a hell of a noise and I also think that the design of the air extraction grill
    that is factory built into the chassis itself does not help things in terms of air extraction noise.

    And the dimensions of this box in the end did not correspond to my needs

    Zidoo X10 thread


    Audiophile or not ?

    I also had an X20PRO (RTD1296) the first steps of Zidoo in the Hifi world, the ancestor of the UHD2000/3000,

    Excellent device with a beautiful finish as Zidoo knows how to do, but despite an attempt to use it for music I gave up, I'm not an Audiophile but more focused on video content

    Zidoo X20PRO thread


    The Z9X is still the best value for money, because despite its small size it has everything of a great VS its selling price really low.

    I skip the X10PRO and I choose the Z1000PRO, the price difference being justified between the two in my opinion.

    Then the UHD3000 remains a sure value with its very attractive price versus the quality of its hardware, an excellent multimedia box for amateur audiophiles.

    And finally in the Hifi range I would choose the NEO S which is an excellent machine at a price almost ridiculous VS its hardware and also in front of what the competition proposes in this category of device.

    See you soon

  19. rozel

    rozel Well-Known Member

    Quite a few contradictions there Olivier, if you don't mind me saying. In my opinion, and I repeat "my", I agree that the Zidoo 1000 Pro is the best overall Zidoo player for Quality and looks. Too much emphasis is placed on internal DAC machines - UHD3000 and above and the NEO models are simply too outrageously expensive. These machines DO NOT, REPEAT, DO NOT play videos any differently or better - they play exactly the same across all the range and have more bugs. I have asked a few people why they are prepared to pay £2600 ($3000) for a NEO Alpha and all I get is they look good - what? Just because they have a larger display, because they're too lazy to press the INFO button! Ok they have an internal DAC for audio enthusiasts but I know I am getting better quality audio with my external DAC linked to my Z1000 Pro than a UHD3000 and more flexibility into the bargain. Not knocking the UHD3000 - it has dual HDD's but it is not worth the extra £550 compared to the Z1000 Pro. As for the NEO's - just don't get me started.

    I just thought I'd clarify some of what you say in what are excellent articles and add some balance. I particularly like your setting up guides, as I think you know already :)
  20. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    Hello Rozel,

    No you did well to give your opinion Rozel, a forum is made for that and often I make this kind of message to trigger a reaction.

    For the NEO Hifi range, one of their advantage I think and I may be wrong, is their OLED screen that allows to control them without having to use the TV to listen to his music collection... if I'm not mistaken ?

    Concerning the NEO S, I wrote this because I can read on some forums that users are mostly satisfied with the price/quality ratio of this model.

    For the Alpha, in my opinion it's a niche product a bit like a Nvidia RTX3090Ti, it's the top of the range at an exorbitant price even if as you say it doesn't bring anything more than a Z9X regarding video quality.

    You are right to point out that we can have a Z9X or a Z1000PRO with an external DAC for equivalent or superior performance and with greater flexibility...but I think that Zidoo offers this kind of device (UHD3000, NEO..) for people who want to have an all-in-one device ?

    For me the best choice is the Z9X with a dockstation or NAS.

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