Music 5 with Z9S firmware 2.3.3 actually got worse (for me)

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1296)' started by JBA6, Dec 15, 2019.

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    Disappointed but not that surprised that the latest version of Zidoo’s Music app (version 5.2.1) which is included with the new version 2.3.3 (beta) firmware for the Z9S is, for me at least, actually worse than the previous version which was included with version 2.2.96 firmware.

    First, the app’s recognition of metadata embedded in my music files is no better than it was.

    Second, on my Z9S I still find the first second or two of every track is not reproduced which of course makes gapless playback impossible. Perhaps the Zidoo Music app is coded in such a way that this is never going to be possible in which case anyone serious about using a Zidoo box for music playback is forced to use an alternative app or give up on Zidoo.

    Third if, as I would normally do, you switch to full-screen view after setting a music track playing, you will now find that after the track has been playing for 30 secs you will lose the progress bar across the bottom as well as the track information pane including album artwork down the left. All that remains are the lyrics, assuming the track has lyrics that is. This is completely unsatisfactory for me, I like to see the progress bar and track info as well as any lyrics while the track is playing.

    Finally and not so important, the displayed virtual CD of the album’s artwork no longer rotates. A shame but no big deal.

    It is such a shame that a top quality box like the Z9S can’t be used with the Music player that was supposed to show off it’s music playing capabilities. Kodi 18.5 with the Transparency skin solves all these problems for me on my Z9S but has the compromise of resampling all audio output to 48KHz. For me this is less of an issue than the shortcomings of the Music app. So, as long as I keep my Z9S I will continue to use Kodi for music playback.

  2. am2

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    I completely agree with you, the Music Player is not operative, it fails in something as basic as in the classification of the library. Nor have I been able to play multitrack songs, they reach the amplifier in stereo, although not devoted much time, and the first point invalidates its use for me.

    I've tried several times to make the Music Player work, but I always find myself with the same problem. Since it doesn't have a way to navigate through folders and doesn't correctly recognize the tags included in the music files, it makes it impossible for me to play an entire album. I can create playlists from the application itself, but it is a very laborious task to have to go looking for the songs one by one, for the same problem that does not classify them correctly by artist or album.

    I have tried a music player installed from the Play store, for example PowerAMP, but then I can not do remote control from the mobile and I need to be in front of the TV.

    I have firmware version 2.2.96. I was hoping that the new version would improve the Music Player, but from what you say it seems that at the moment the same faults continue.
  3. Nice Monkey

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    What is now becoming essential is a music player "Setup Menu" where people can set their preferences"
    - Rotating disc (eats CPU so for optimal stability best turned off).
    - Screen saver (the new feature). Most probably don't need/want it
    - Meta data: Derived from folder/filename, derived from MP3/FLAC Tag, Derived from scraper etc
    - Numbering displayed
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    You should be try 2.3.3
  5. am2

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    Thanks mirror. Yes, I have to try the new version 2.3.3. I'm a little worried that it's a beta version and I don't know how stable it is.

    I've only been with the Z9s for a week and I'm still investigating how everything works. I am quite happy with the Z9s except for the Music Player, but I was waiting for the beta tester comments about the new version.
  6. Nice Monkey

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    It is safe to be implemented. Better even FW 2.3.7 for Music Player. I would say definitely more stable as v2.2.96 FW.
    Don't forget to also re-install GappsInstaller-rtk-7.1_v1.2.4 as Music Player needs this to be done.
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