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Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by DELUCAS, Feb 1, 2021.

  1. Black-Angel28

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    @3DBuff Hmm, I'm afraid I don't know. But I think not. As far as I know you can place widgets on the main screen as a window or as a full screen. I use a widget as fullscreen for displaying the random background graphics. Now you can place more widgets but I don't know that you can hide them by pressing a button.

    Does anyone have some ideas regarding my other questions?
  2. Gelto

    Gelto Member

    Never heard of that. There are maintenance addons that help with deleting thumbnails and rebuilding the cache; check here, for instance.

    People are suggesting using different profiles in a very old thread here, but otherwise, there seems to be no way to do so. I use information first on both, btw.

    This should be implemented via a skin, but doesn't seem to be supported regularly, for some discussions and example skins see here or here.

    Sorry for being not too helpful this time, but maybe you'll have some starting points ;)
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  3. Gelto

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    Wow, Arctic Zephyr looks really marvellous, need to check it out soon, thanks for bringing this to attention :)
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  4. Black-Angel28

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    @Gelto thanks for your effort.

    Ah, there we have it....I think this was it....Artwork Dump ... the question is whether this really brings something...

    The trailers can't really be that difficult. Kodi already has everything for this, the only thing that would still have to be built would be an adjustable automatic start routine and that the trailer is played in a small window. The rest is available in every info screen. There you can also start the trailer manually.
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  5. Gelto

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    I don't think that will do anything with regard to general speed or snappiness. The addon obviously downloads artwork locally for any further use, but Kodi downloads artwork (only once per file) anyway and caches it locally afterwards using its Database/Textures13.db and the "Thumbnails" folder.
    So whenever Kodi shows an artwork file for the second time, it loads it from its local cache. From time to time it's advisable to delete that cache (folder plus Textures13.db) and let Kodi rebuild it, since it's naturally cluttering up when changed posters, artwork etc.

    Cheerio :)
  6. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Well-Known Member

    Here is demo of Aeon Nox: Silvo skin

    The right arrow key on movie listing page will show full screen artwork.

    HT similar video. No full page artwork no matter what you do in HT. On the plus side I have all versions of the same movie under one movie page. That was back in the day when trailers were working for me.

    Can anybody demo Arctic: Zephyr - Reloaded skin? Watched a YouTube video but didn't see full screen artwork.

  7. Black-Angel28

    Black-Angel28 Member

    Is it possible that by using the external native player, zdmc is not able to properly function the various markers "new", "seen" and so on?

    For example, when I finish watching an episode of a series, the episode is not automatically marked as "watched". I can do this manually but it should work automatically.

    I have tried different skins but it is the same for all of them. Am I missing some kind of addon?

    Note: I use the Library Node Editor addon to create the custom category with all the filtering options. This does basically the same as intelligent playlist but is more extensive. But I don't think that's the reason.

    Then I also noticed that the functionality to continue watching started films does not work as it should. This means that Kodi says that I stopped watching the film at 30 minutes. But when I start this film, it doesn't start at the 30th minute but at the 20th or so.

    I have the feeling that the nfo file, in which the status of the film or series is stored, is not updated.

    Does this work for you or do you have an idea what I can do?
  8. Gelto

    Gelto Member

    That's right, I wrote about that some pages ago...ah here. You need to set the watched status manually, it's independent of the skin or addons.

    I didn't notice that so far, could have to do with the watched state symptom as well.
  9. Black-Angel28

    Black-Angel28 Member

    Thank you @Gelto for your answer. That's a bummer. Is there anything you can do yourself? Who do I have to contact to get the problem fixed?
  10. Gelto

    Gelto Member

    I did some testing (Aeon Nox Silver skin): When using Kodi's internal player (for AVIs, for example), ZMDC appears to set the time watched before continuing correctly, at least with me. When using the Zidoo player (for MKVs), ZDMC doesn't recognize a film beeing started. But since the player continues at the point it left off and I don't tend to start watching several movies at the same time, that's no big problem for me personally.

    You best address problems to service@zidoo.tv, see here.

  11. Cyclone99

    Cyclone99 New Member

    When I play PVR recordings through the PVR interface on ZDMC, it's not using the external player. If I play the file directly with ZDMC over NFS, it does use the external player. Anyone know if there is a way to fix the PVR playback?

    Edit: Looks like Kodi PVR playback doesn't support external players generally.
  12. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Well-Known Member

    If you select movie in the ZDMC listing and open a menu of this item you can click on "Play using". This typically let you select the player Kodi or Zidoo on any file.

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    KODI 20 Nexus Alpha 1, available for download and installation

    Available for download and install, the first official version of Kodi 20 “Nexus” Alpha1. A version that is the first official step to the final version in a few months, but may be unstable.

    For now the changes of Kodi v20 Nexus are few at the aesthetic level as we can appreciate, and it seems a fairly continuist version in this aspect. Internally, we hope to have more information about the changes made, but for now we have no official changelog published. In any case, we have versions available for Windows in 32 and 64bit compilations in addition to the compilations for Android in ARM V7A format for greater compatibility and ARM V8A for Shield TV or similar.

    Download KODI 20 Nexus Alpha 1
  14. Visconti12

    Visconti12 Active Member

    I prefer to wait for next Kodi 20 official release
  15. mattmarsden

    mattmarsden Active Member

    It would be awesome if Kodi could talk to the Zidoo native player and vice versa about resuming and watched status.
  16. Black-Angel28

    Black-Angel28 Member

    Oh yes that would be really good. But I think that this is not so much because of Kodi itself, but rather because of the connection of Kodi within the ZDMC. I could well imagine that there is certainly an interface in Kodi itself to communicate with an external player. After all, it is also possible to start a movie in Kodi (ZDMC) which is then played back via the external player. But these are all just assumptions.
  17. andy22

    andy22 Active Member

    This is actually rather trivial, i just added full support for Vimu player to the JellyfinTv app. So i'm curious why this hasn't happened already for ZDMC and there own internal player?
    From what i gathered on Emby support they also just use a basic external "view" call, with no extra data communication to get proper resume/watched handling working.

    There is also something suspect going on, since i cant find the 18/19.x sources of ZDMC anywhere? The official ZDMC code repos where never updated after the inital 17.x upload?
    I also contacted support and so far got nothing and than there is also no Android API documentation for the internal player, so proper support could be added to any APP?
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  18. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    The Zidoo player is not open source so I'm afraid you won't get anywhere there.

    As far as ZDMC goes, there's nothing suspect going on, it's just that ZDMC was officially deprecated a few years ago in favour of HT (again, closed source) and current updates are provided as a bonus to those who want to use it and no Github presence is maintained on the basis of that.
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  19. Black-Angel28

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    If HT could handle the basic functions flawlessly like ZDMC, I would go back to HT in a heartbeat.
  20. Markswift2003

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    Black Angel was my CB Handle back in the 80's - taken from a short film by Roger Christian which was shown before The Empire Strikes Back when it was first released here in the UK in 1980.

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