Kodi Update to 17.1 or else "dead"

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X6 Pro' started by Bogdan, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. villasg

    villasg New Member

    Now i use FTMC 16.1 Rockchip Build 25
  2. nice159

    nice159 Active Member

    So the cheaper rockchip boxes already got android 6 and this overpriced X6 is on the junkyard? Well done Zidoo.
  3. villasg

    villasg New Member

    No the new Rockchip devices with RK3328 have android 7 and are very cheap ! ! ! !
  4. IM35461

    IM35461 New Member

    I see at Amazon UK about the new X10 it says...

    So I am sure an update for the X6 based on Kodi 17.1 can only be minutes away :)
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  5. Leoben

    Leoben Member

  6. agmarco

    agmarco Member

    Just got a mail from Zidoo with an advertisement including the X6. So it seems they still going to support it.
  7. nice159

    nice159 Active Member

    No. Some boxes with RK3368 now running Android 6 and they were cheaper than Zidoo X6.
    So the overpriced Zidoo X6 and it support ended in less then one year...
  8. nice159

    nice159 Active Member

    misleading advertise continue...
  9. agmarco

    agmarco Member

    Please Zidoo team give a reaction. This is not good for your name and image. Thank you.
  10. Michael Ronaldinho

    Michael Ronaldinho New Member

    no man it's not dead. here is the best guide on how to update Kodi. I also follow these instructions and its work for me.

    Don't thanks to me :D
  11. naddude

    naddude New Member

    anyone else able to update Kodi based on the above mentioned generic instructions?
  12. naddude

    naddude New Member

    Reply for Zidoo today:

    X6 Pro will not update anymore and sorry about the late reply
    And we stopped the X6 Pro production long time ago

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