Is the Zidoo X10 (Pro) the solution for me?

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    Hello all,
    Despite the factI own a few mediaplayers already, I cannot find a model that really suits my needs.

    These are the reasons and issues I experienced so far:
    1. TViX6500A: cannot hold a HDD above 2 GB, all other specs were great for the time being.
    2. Mede8er 500X: freezes all the time and needs to restart almost everytime before it functions as it should.
    3. Dune HD Solo 4K (currently in use):
    * does not give the movies in a map in a graphical way as the TViX does, that is you can get a list of the
    movies but not icons with the content of folder.jpg which is in that map.
    * does not recognize all movie formats and goes to the main menu instead of staying on the map in use.
    * no place for an internal HDD 3.5", VOBSUB does work, but the subs freeze until the next is given, which is very annoying to watch...
    * when playing ISO files or VIDEO_TS the sound stops when going to the next chapter so I have to go back to the start of the chapter and then the sound works again.
    * no firmware available for several years now, so I gave up to get an improvement that would solve a lot of the problems mentionned.

    So now I am looking to find a mediaplayer that does not have such issues and I came across the Zidoo X10Pro.
    I need a HDD bay that supports HDD of 4 GB or larger and I really liked the graphical way of displaying the movies in a particular map the user has choosen (see point 1 above of the Dune).
    So it looks like the video wall but taken from the HDD instead of the internet.
    Streaming and all that is not important for me, I always play movies from the HDD and the mediaplayer is connected to a Onkyo AC Receiver TX-NR646 surround with KEF loudspeakers.

    Is the Zidoo X10 (Pro?) the mediaplayer that I am looking for? Or is there another model that is even better? I do not look at the costs when I could find the mediaplayer that does give me the solution to the issues I experienced so far.

    Thanks for giving me some advice so that I can finally get what I am looking for.

    Kind regards from Belgium,

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    179 times read and no single reaction... Pity this forum is not as active as I hoped it would be.
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    No one who can give me more info?

    Edit: more than 400 views and still not response after almost 2 months... What a pity, since I had hoped to get some answers and/or help here.
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