Is it possible to install mobile version app into Z9S?

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1296)' started by shiro, Oct 28, 2018.

  1. shiro

    shiro New Member

    I am trying to install app into Z9S from playstore but got the message that it is not compatible with my device (Z9S). I think its because the apps are mobile version (Sportify and the like). Is there someway I can get around this? (I am sure this must have been asked before but my search result cant find result with "Sportify")
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  3. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    One can do so for all models not just X9S, but if they next all work as expected?

    The 2 alternatives for doing so below were copied from (member Futeko).

    * How to install Google Play Store? The first firmware does not include Google Play Store. This is partly by design, Play Store / Google Play Services can inhibit Android device performance (all devices, not just Zidoo) by running tasks in the background. If you want to install Play Store manually you can do so by installing the latest beta firmware (1.7.8) and the Google Play Services apk. X20: X20 Pro: Later firmwares will offer Play Store install as an option.

    * An alternative to Play Store? The problem with Play Store is that it is not just an app store. It installs a whole ecosystem of Google services running in the background. There are alternative app stores which do not alter the system or run in background. An example is Aptoide, it will give you easy install of latest apps.

    My experiences with all Android media players are disappointing here even using a RF pointer mouse like Riitek MX3/MX3+ which often is essential.

    Riitek MX3 is a good investment for an universal remote when using various APP's.

    - Good remote in general for Zidoo and as it is RF no need to point this remote to the player anymore (works similar to a Bluetooth remote).
    - All buttons can be programmed to IR tasks by copying other IR remotes to it (not just a few buttons). There is a red button to toggle RF/IR modes.
    - It is a real pointer mouse controlled by hand movements
    - It has a build-in microphone for voice commands
    - It has a full qwerty-keyboard on the back.
    See attached manual for details. There are other brands but this is the best I found.

    Really wonder why this or a similar functional remote is not bundled with more expensive Zidoo models? Several of my Xtreamer media players got such a remote (Riitek RX25 based) included.

    Any brand can be printed on it. Sold under different labels and also brand-less (mine).
    Be aware there are multiple models looking identical but not all combine all mentioned features:
    - Back-lit versions are never full programmable.
    - Only versions with a blue microphone key (instead of a blue browser key) have a microphone build-in but far more relevant for me are also full programmable (not just the 4 colored keys). Obviously these are slightly more expensive (Futeko sells/sold the cheaper MX3/MX3+ version as far as I am aware).

    Alternatives for running streaming APP's:
    - Using AMP for streaming music services
    - Using Smart Android TV for streaming video services
    Working good for my demands.

    It is too easy to blame the media player manufacturers fully for that as there are many (obscured) policies and agreements here making things work and above all not work on purpose.

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  4. Member

    Most 'mobile version' apps will install and function correctly as long as you have a pointing device.

    For instance, Spotify works just fine (48Khz) as installed from above apk.

    The problem apps are usually video streaming apps where the authors have tried to block or limit access to certain devices.
  5. shiro

    shiro New Member

    Thanks for the reply and I should try. It's a learning process for me.

    On the side note. Interestingly, my wife want to watch some YouTube video online, it plays fine until I enlarge the screen and the screen will just frozen . I am sure it's not the problem with Z9S, but it kinda destroy one of my purpose getting the media player in the first place.
  6. shiro

    shiro New Member

    I seems to understand the difficulty you are referring to. I installed youtube and I simply cannot navigate though the first page...there is no scroll bar or anything to scroll. Hmmmm
  7. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Works only with a pointer mouse. Press mouse plus move will act as a swipe.;)
  8. shiro

    shiro New Member

    The remote that comes with the Z9S can toggle into a mouse mode with a pointer, but I still couldn't scroll the page. Its not the same kind of pointer mouse you are referring to? Thanks!
  9. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    No that is not a pointer mouse but a cursor mouse which won't work for that. A pointer mouse uses gyros and moves with your hand (like an red led pointer used for presentations). It allows for slow/fast movements into any direction over any distance (point and click). They typically also are RF (Radio Frequency) not IR (Infra Red) based.

    Riitek makes nice ones and not expensive.
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  10. shiro

    shiro New Member

    Thanks but I think I will leave the YouTube task to PS4 then. : )
  11. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Understand that one.

    Updated my first answer to concise all relevant information in a single place easier to spot.
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  12. shiro

    shiro New Member

    Thank you! Let me try.
  13. splintyg

    splintyg Member

    Exactly! I'm using z9s for video playback only.

    It's easy to get user's money and made them factually betatesters, but too hard to make a full testing cycle and release good and stable device.
  14. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Running Music APP's specifically designed for Smart Phones now on my Z9S which work just fine using a Pointer Mouse.
    - USB Audio Player Pro (FW 4.4.1) at € 7,- which also supports SACD ISO direct play.
    - ONKYO HF Player (FW 2.4.0) at € 9.50 or Free version with SQ restriction. Paid version also converts PCM to DoP-DSD output.
    Reason: Stable versions, true gapless playback, full DSD DSF/DFF support and External USB2 DAC support. I still hope Zidoo Music Player 3.0 will get there some day too.

    So I use my player for Video plus top quality Music playback these days. Can compete with any other (real) expensive HW/SW music player in my perception.
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  15. splintyg

    splintyg Member

    Well, i don't have any sources over FLAC 24-192 so it's enough to get app on smartphone (tab) to play it from DLNA. Moreover i'm almost sure that for me it's impossible to hear difference between FLAC and SACD ))) So i'm happy to avoid TV and x9s while playing music.
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  16. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Just try DSD via a good recent DAC and you may be surprised listening to SACD tracks also compared to (more common) FLAC 24-88.4/96. Got surprised myself when finally making that move.

    The quality of the DAC build into any Phone/Tablet may be reasonable at maximum even when supporting HI-res sources (which some do indeed). Anyway I am using an AMP+Speakers mostly and referring to such a setup for Music.
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  17. splintyg

    splintyg Member

    Really good advice.
    But I've just got Onkyo NR676. It's far from DSD etc.
    So bookmarked Your advice for future.
  18. richautrey

    richautrey New Member

    just try to install a Spotify download, it is faster than asking a question
  19. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    In fact that one uses the same DAC as my Onkyo RZ720 does and for sure includes DSD support. Just put some SACD stereo DSF/DFF files on an USB stick and it will play those directly in DSD.

    I prefer the RZ series above the NR series of Onkyo for the better sound of the Amplifier (=Analog) section.
  20. Annie Yazbeck

    Annie Yazbeck New Member

    Instead of installing Spotify app into Z9S to play Spotify music on this device, I usually use Spotify Playlist Converter to download Spotify music as local files and convert Spotify to MP3 so that my Z9S is compatible with Spotify music files.
    And then transferring local Spotify MP3 files to Z9S is an easy way for me and who'd like to achieve this way.

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