Internal and exteral subtitle issues

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X10' started by kirurg, Jul 7, 2018.

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    I have a couple subitle issues with X10 video player software.
    For first, the video player always detects or assumes that subtitles inside mkv
    container are PGS type. I do not have any mkv files with pgs type subtitle,
    all are srt format text streams (added with mkvmerge). So,then I can not adjust
    subtitle settings (font,size, color)
    The second issue is that when adding subtitle from external file, the player
    forgets the selection i have made after stopping the movie.

  2. kirurg

    kirurg New Member

    I've installed now the beta firmware 2.0.34

    Subtitle menu and settings are much better now. Text type (srt) subtitles included
    inside .mkv file are detected correctly as text and color, size , etc. are adjustable.
    Though the language name shown is incorrect in subtitle menu.

    Here is an example of mkv container with subtitle info from Video Information window:

    ID: 3
    Format: UTF-8
    Codec: ID S_TEXT/UTF8
    Title: est subs
    Language: Estonian
    Default: Yes
    Forced: Yes

    Subtitle selection is offering the language 'Spanish'

    Maybe there is kind of detection rule somewhere that detects
    only 2 chars from the beginning that gets the result 'es'?


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