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  1. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    i curious that is not HT scrapper is suck but something else
    this is how i tried to proved it
    after i got nothing with clear data from HT, scanned it and got the same result
    then i try to factory reset the box, my point is to clear all the dump cache
    after factory reset.jpg v2.0.25.jpg

    but something went wrong, HT apk is missing :(
    missing HT01.jpg missing HT02.jpg

    then i tried to reboot it, after reboot, pop up a window that said HT is installed
    HT is back now
    HT is back.jpg

    i openned it then it asked to update
    updating HT.jpg install HT01.jpg install HT02.jpg install HT03.jpg

    after that i try to scanned just for tv show "Westworld" only
    add source.jpg

    but i know that something still cannot fix if the title itself have the original title
    like this one i found in my collection, the title it call "Redemption" but the original title is "Hummingbird"

    before that i got some missing piece in movie info poster layout for eps6,7&8
    but now suprizing it all appeared flawless
    WW.jpg WW E06.jpg WW E07.jpg WW E08.jpg

    for what i try to tell is i dont know what is wrong before that
    coz if you got a bad scan result and you cannot do anything to fixed it even you delete the movie files or delete the poster/backdrop files or even clear the apk data
    its like that in somewhere the instruction code cannot be recode if we do some rescan act
    i hope zidoo team can search and follow up for what i meant and fix it for the next update

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  2. manifesto1969

    manifesto1969 Member

    HT2.0 - These episodes will be in the unmatched section.
    I manually rematched them however, they ended up in their own poster wall section - by that I mean I had 2 posters displaying; 1 for s02e01 - s02e05 and another poster for s02e06 - s02e07
    After some fiddling about - specifically unlinking the s02e01-st02e05 from the collection and then adding them to the s02e06-s02e07 collection the two series are all under a single poster
  3. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    nope, mine is not in unmatched section
    but i already fixed it, see my post after
    sometimes i got result just like you had, for example my tv show "Sense8"
    all season stack in one season in wrong poster, but after i rematch it with imdb id and choose the proper episodes and it fixed
  4. Israel

    Israel New Member

    There is a way to organize Music Video files like Bluray Concerts or Music DVDs ?
  5. JoX

    JoX New Member

    I have read from page 1-17 cannot find like how to re scan movie poster, edit movie info & how to move/remove movie collection ( sorry if I miss it ).
    Discover several movie 'disappear' in HT2.0 which freak me out but find it still in source HDD just that I cannot access through HT2.0 . For example The Mummy 2017 end with The Mummy 1993 poster! The Hunger Game only got two in its collection. Jurassic Park label as Jurassic 1,2,3 & 4 end up with Jurassic 2,3 & 4 it its collection with Jurassic having A & B, B is actually Jurassic 1. BBC series got rename as DTS Demo???!!!
    Apart from this HT2.0 it is awesome ( if can somehow extra out the move poster for hard copy it will be the best with data on individual HDD ).
    Just bought Zidoo X20 pro still learning how to fully use. Totally different from Dune Max.
    Thank you all in advance for all the advice & guidance on using HT2.0
  6. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    rematch is what you need, they dont call it rescan

    eventually i got the wrong poster too for the Mummy (2017) :(
    my home screen.jpg wrong mummy poster.jpg
    this is how i fixed it
    1. go to poster menu by press OK button for a while on the poster
    2. choose ReMatch
    3. type "the mummy" in poster search bar
    4. choose the database you wanna to search, for movie it should be TMDB(the movied database) and for tv shows TVDB(tv database)
    5.pick the right movie from the list then choose OK
    poster menu.jpg rematch mummy 01.jpg rematch mummy 02.jpg rematch mummy 03.jpg
    then check the movie wall again if its the right poster that we selected
    mummy 2017.jpg mummy 2017 backdrop.jpg

    if you still got the wrong poster and info, you can choose rematch again
    but first go to the imdb web to got your movie id for sure
    for example the Mummy (2017) have imdb id "tt2345759" and put it in poster search bar in rematch menu
    imdb id.JPG

    and for the collection i got the same problem too for Jurassic Collection :(
    my Jurassic Park (1993) is stack in my Jurassic World (2015) poster
    wall movie.jpg jurassic collection.jpg jurassic A.jpg jurassic B.jpg

    this is how i fixed it
    1. go back to collection poster and open poster menu in Jurassic World poster, you can use the menu button from the remote for this
    2. rematch it again and this time i use the IMDB ID, i used the Jurassic Park (1993) imdb id coz this one is who slip into the Jurassic World (2015) poster
    3. now you can see why they got slipped into the other poster (see at "Video Match")
    4. uncheck the Jurassic World (2015)
    5. choose OK and now the Jurassic Park (1993) poster is added
    jurassic poster menu.jpg rematch jurassic imdb id.jpg rematch jurassic uncheck.jpg jurassic poster.jpg jurassic backdrop.jpg

    ooh one thing, about the stack in A&B is not a bug but its for occasionally situation
    for example, like the Hunger Games Mockingjay, this movie got part1 and part2, someone maybe wanna it be stack in one poster, its their choice
    wall movie.jpg hunger games collection 01.jpg hunger games A.jpg hunger games B.jpg
    tHG collection 1.jpg Mockingjay part1 backdrop.jpg tHG collection 2.jpg Mockingjay part2 backdrop.jpg
    or like if i have two type with the same movie
    for example i have Matrix (1999) in 4k and 1080p,i thought it should be in one poster
    matrix collection.jpg A for 4K.jpg B for fullHD.jpg
    but once again its your choice

    ok thats it
    i hope you got it
    sorry if my english is not that good :(
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  7. JoX

    JoX New Member

    Dear Godalmighty,
    Thank you very much for your advice. Spend a few hours in HT2.0 still have problems............The Mummy 2017 still will not show up as a separated movie. Stuck in 'The Mummy collection". The Mummy 1,2 & 3 is in one HDD A where as The Mummy 2017 is in a separate HDD B. Now if HDD A & B is not in Zidoo 'The Mummy 2017" will not show up in HT2.0.
    How do clear & rematch a movie folder if it don't show up in HT2.0? I have being trying rematch/scan movie in HDD movie folder under 'File Manager' but can't find the option to rematch/scan each movie. Also how to remove/move a particular movie from a 'collection'??? The abilities to rematch/scan directly from each HDD movie folder will solve all this problem. Thanks for all advice. Have a very nice day!
  8. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    i dont know what you mean with "if HDD A&B is not in zidoo...."
    i have 2hdd using ada 2bay docking attached to X9S and 1hdd attached with sata
    if i shutdown my docking bay then HT cannot show any poster from my files that in my 2hdd
    just showing the poster from my files in my hdd that attached with sata

    other thing, if you want to seperate your collection files, you just can use Disband
    or if you want to move a file from your collection, you can choose "Remote From Collection" in poster menu
    remote from collection.jpg
  9. JoX

    JoX New Member

    What I mean is hdd with the mummy 123 in hdd A & the mummy 2017 in hdd B that is both hdd A & B must be in zidoo for the mummy 2017 to appear. If hdd A is not in zidoo & only hdd b is in then the mummy 2017 disappear from HT2.0 Very weird. Which why I want to know anyway to rematch directly from hdd & anyway of a movie to 'force' show up in HT 2.0 Thanks.
  10. JoX

    JoX New Member

    Spend the last few hours sorting my 4K collection in HT2.0 left with the 'non show up' of The Mummy 2017 in HT2.0 & the messy Hunger Game serial, poster all mess up, or Mocking Jay part1 or part2 not shown in HT2.0. All this movie show is presented in HDD movie folder with the corrected poster but the big problem is, its is not shown in HT2.0! I am losing a few hair scratching my head on this weird Zidoo problems:mad::mad::mad:
    Other then HT2.0 I am quite happy with Zidoo performance.
  11. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    lucky me i dont have that situation like you had
    but if it so, why dont you move that the Mumy (2017) in the same hdd with the others
    or just put the Mummy (2017) out from the Mummy Collection
    but i will try it for you, the situation like you had and see if the result come the same or not

    my advice for you, why dont you try to clear data from HT then do a factory reset
    after that when you wanna start over the scan, choose to put the data in customize location
    for me i selected one of my hdd, i did not put it in my internal storage
    coz for i know, when you have a problem with HT like mis match or anything else, we cannot do something with that to fix it
    like what i`m posting at the top of this page
  12. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    I have multiple sources local drive, Micro SD where I store my posters for HT and couple of NAS SMB drives. If something is not active HT will skip this section of posters. I don't have a major issue with parts and versions A, B as 3D and 4K of the same movie. I think I also have A, B for part 1 and part 2 of Mocking Jay which is fine as well.

    Couple things I noticed playing with HT that may be worth pointing out. Media browser should show movie poster in menu function of the file. If it doesn't show check the unmatched icon at the end of poster in HT. If the Media browser is showing poster but you can't find it in HT shut down Zidoo completely and restart.
    Quite often some sources (network drives) lock up in HT as not active. HT will show only one option to remove the source. Cancel, get out of HT to main menu. Push task list button on original remote (the one above the pause/play) and swipe it out using side arrow buttons. Click on HT again and all sources will be back in again.
  13. JoX

    JoX New Member

    Problem solve after renaming bd folder. I have my HT source directory located in a 8Gb pen drive poke in one of the usb slot. Thanks Godalmighty & 3dBuff for the advice.
  14. Emmanuel81

    Emmanuel81 Member

    Some great tips here! Anyone know how to change the default player for HT 2.0? I want to use my modded version of MX Player and not the Native Player.

    Also it would be nice if I could use my Amazon Remote, has anyone successfully sync an Amazon remote to the X9s?
  15. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    i havent done anything for sure, just encourage you not to give up :D
    i think for now its not available yet
    but curious me, why you want to use external player that i think maybe is less powerfull than native player

    about remote i dont know, but someone had succeeded pairing the amazon firestick remote

    this youtube is show you how to pair amazon fire remote to anay android box that have bluetooth like X9S
    just press and hold home button on amazon remote and then turn on the bluetooth on X9S
    when amazon remote appear on the list, choose it and thats it, you can use your amazon remote now
  16. Emmanuel81

    Emmanuel81 Member

    Appreciate your help!
  17. TyGreen

    TyGreen New Member

    I have two 4k movies-one is defined as a 4k movie in HT2.0 and the other is not. The one that is defined as a 4k movie, I did not have to add 4k to the filename. Furthermore, the one that is not defined as 4k, previously was listed as a 4k movie HT2.0. This happen when I upgraded to the new firmware.
  18. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    maybe that is something wrong about your filenaming
    coz if i dont add ".4k" to my filename, its not gonna got in 4k section
  19. The Home Theater 2.0 continues choking during the movie, it stops for a few seconds and then comes back normally, I already installed everything from Zero alone and without the other programs and still giving the same problem, and in ZDMC 17.6 the same problem and with movies in network server and direct HD on it, but before I did not have this problem. Kodi is the only one that works without choking, HD movie connected directly on it or on the server.
  20. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    i used auto switch for resolution & frame rate, when i start the movie, it begin for about2-3seconds then black screen for about 3seconds to auto switch and after that the movie play normally
    are you using auto switch too or not?

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