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  1. Markswift2003

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    It doesn't matter whether you use BT.2020 or DCI-P3 primaries as long as you match the primaries in the Dolby block with the colour profile used by the display.

    Most LLDV displays use neither and the primaries are dictated by the display performance them matched with a colour profile the display uses in LLDV.

    The whole point of the LLDV hack is to use matching primaries in both the Dolby Block and the display and its just easier to use BT.2020 as that is generally used in the display's HDR10 mode which is easy to invoke.

    P3 works just fine as does pretty much any other sensible combination, although most displays are not agile enough to set primaries manually.

    There's really no reason to use anything other than BT.2020 since it's only a target (that's what HDR10 does).

    Claims that "the entire process ... Is incorrect ..." are entirely wrong and demonstrate a lack of understanding of how LLDV works.
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  2. DTSman

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    Hi Mark,

    Do you have an Edid to force SDR BT2020 instead of SDR BT709?

    Indead I want to test VS10 engine with output force to SDR to get a real DTM (like MadVR or Lumagen Pro)

    Also, is it possible to get an Edid which allows LLDV (1000Nits BT2020) for DV content, HDR10+ output for HDR10+ content and force SDR BT2020 output for HDR10 content?
    Here the idea will be to use LLDV for DV, HDR10+ (for display compatible) and otherwise use VS10 output SDR for other static HDR10 content.

    Thanks for your help.
  3. Markswift2003

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    Sorry no - EDID only provides a facility to tell the source about the sink’s capabilities, it doesn’t switch modes.
  4. DTSman

    DTSman New Member

    Ok I understand for "switch modes".

    But is it possible to get an Edid 600Mhz REC2020 SDR?
    The same as this one but compliant BT2020?

    Thanks for your help.
  5. FenceMan

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    You don't need me to tell you that you are correct but you are..

    I even did some captures comparing using DCI-P3 primaries in DV block with Envy set to DCI-P3 and BT.2020 primaries in the DV block with Envy set to BT.2020 and they are exactly the same. There is one person on AVS that is arguing to the death we are doing it wrong but it is pretty clear we are not.

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  6. Markswift2003

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    It's kind of why I mostly steer clear of AVS these days.
  7. NoBiluS

    NoBiluS New Member

    Hi Mark,

    I use google translation. I just purchased a Z1000 Pro and am very interested in being able to use LLDV + EDID. I want to take advantage of DV and HDR10+ on my projector. I use the ziddo on a denon AVC X6700h amplifier and which sends to the sony vw270es video projector. Which edid should I use for my projector to accept HDR10+ and DV?

    Currently when i read a film in hdr10+ or dv, it comes out in hdr. I didn't touch EDID, just set LLDV enabled and VS10 for dv content. But i think that VS10 is darker than the real dv.

    I have read the 32 pages, but with the translator everything is not always very clear and I am not very comfortable with the notions detailed in this topic.
    Thks a lot :)
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  8. Markswift2003

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    You can use LLDV but you cannot use HDR10+. For HDR10+ the projector must support it.

    You can use the included LLDV EDID or this one:


    Both will give similar results.

    See attached PDF.

    You need to be able to switch the Sony into its HDR mode manually - I don't have experience of this projector but I think it can be done - see page 26 of the manual and set HDR to "HDR Reference"



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  9. NoBiluS

    NoBiluS New Member

    Thank you, it's the one I downloaded just now while waiting for your answer :) On the other hand I had not checked LLDV in the menu (I had left auto or VS10 Engine for DV content), I will modify tomorrow.
    Yes i can switch the Sony into HDR Mode manually, it automatically switches from SDR on HT4 to HDR when playing an HDR, and I have the impression that it works since I clearly see the dolby vision logo and indicated dv in the pause menu of the movie. I'm still going to look at how HDR Reference works in the Sony menu.
    When I tested earlier on Aquaman in DV, it was very very (too?) bright... Are there any setting patterns that can be used on the Zidoo? (my VP was connected to a pcch before and I guess I have to review my settings).

    And OK for HDR10+.

    Merci beaucoup :)
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  10. NoBiluS

    NoBiluS New Member

    Hi Mark !

    I did some testing tonight. By switching to your Full + BT2020 NEW LLDV EDID and to LLDV YUV 422 12 bit mode (like the PDF), and by switching the sony to HDR reference mode, the image of HDR10 and DV movies is sublimated, and the result is really impressive!
    On the other hand, when reading films in SDR format, the image is less colourful, with a slightly veiled effect, dark scenes are better but bright scenes less bright, less colourful.

    I can't find what I normally have by removing custom edid on SDR format movies and leaving HDR mode on auto (in display menu of zidoo).

    Can you help me ?
  11. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    Ok, so to keep SDR as SDR set Settings/Display/HDR to "Dolby Vision VS10 Engine (For HDR, DV Content)"

    This means HDR10 > DV, DV > DV but SDR > SDR.

    Only thing is you'll have to switch HDR mode on the PJ back to SDR for SDR content.

    (An HDFury Vertex2 or better would allow you to automate this though)
  12. NoBiluS

    NoBiluS New Member

    Thanks for your return. Your skills are highly appreciated !

    Result very good but in fact forces me to change mode on the Sony remote control depending on the type of film being played.
    It's not super serious but you tell me that Vertex 2 would automate this, can you detail because I don't understand how it can save me from having to press a physical button, I don't know anything about HDFury.
  13. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    The Vertex 2 can send a dummy HDR message when LLDV is detected which will switch the Sony into HDR mode automatically - so you'd set the Sony HDR mode back to Auto and leave it.
  14. Big Tom

    Big Tom New Member

    Hello I was sent here by the UK Distributor to get a custom EDID for my projector which is a Sony 590ES 4K Projector. Can anyone advise how do I uplaod the settin gs to the Zidoo or how to I access thsoe settings within the Zidoo UHD 3000 as at the minute I am getting black screen and the Distributor advise me to obtain a custom EDID from these forums to fix my issue. Thanks to all who reply
  15. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    A bit more information is needed. In particular why the dealer thinks a custom EDID is needed.
  16. Big Tom

    Big Tom New Member

    I really don’t know why they told me to contact these forums at the end they told me to use the Sony 8000H EDID custom and that seemingly has worked. Can I confirm when exiting out of a 4K film back to settings screen it takes a wee while for the picture to change as there is a delay between shifting from a 4K movie back to the settings screen as the screen goes black then maybe 8 to 11 seconds later it shows the screen again is this normal behaviour or should it be quicker than that. It does this if I move between 4K content and standard blu ray is there a setting I can use to speed that process up without the delay.

    Last question the remote control there is a TV symbol with a line every time I press that button it changes the resolution to 1080p what is that button for as every time, I press that button it changes my resolutions settings as I have set my resolution to 3840 x 2160p by default I have marked the button with a red arrow, so you can see what I am referencing can anyone explain its purpose.

    Thank you

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  17. sidman

    sidman New Member

    My first post on this excellent repository of knowledge on the zidoo players- many, many thanks to Markswift2003 and others. I have a the Sony 270es projector fed by a Denon 3700h receiver. The issue I am facing is that when I use the LLDV mode, my projector displays a blank screen, with the zidoo supplied BT2020 setting. I can use the VS10 mode and pass DV to the projector, but for some reason LLDV mode is not working. I loaded a few custom EDID settings from the first page but still no progress. Kindly advise, as to what I am doing wrong, and is there a specific EDID that I should try for this case. Lastly is the LLDV picture quality brighter than VS10 DV?
    Thanks a lot,
  18. futeko.com

    futeko.com Member

    For an as yet undiagnosed reason your projector / AVR is reporting back incorrect EDID data to the UHD3000. We recommended using the custom EDID to force the Zidoo to ignore this. I'm glad the Sony EDID did the trick.

    The black screen is the projector doing an HDMI resync when it changes resolution / refresh rate. It's normal and the length of time is determined by the projector.

    That button on the remote cycles between available resolutions. It's useful if the HDMI output gets set to something your display device cannot understand and you get a black screen. The button will restore the picture. In normal operation you shouldn't need to press it.
  19. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    Right - I understand now.

    I've seen something like this quite a few times - depending on the complexity of the display EDID and how clever the amp is, sometimes, because the amp has to crowbar its audio block (and other stuff) into the display EDID, if the display EDID is close to filling the 256 bytes available then the amp can get it wrong and truncate entries. Never seen it with a Sony projector, but it could be just dumb luck with that combination of amp and projector.

    @Big Tom , the problem with that Sony 8000 EDID is that it only supports LPCM and Dolby Digital audio whereas your amp supports a whole lot more (DTS, DTS-HD etc)

    Try this EDID if you're not getting the audio formats you expect out of the Zidoo:

  20. PascalSW

    PascalSW New Member

    Is the BT.2020 HDR10 from the first page limited to 1000nits ?

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