Dolby Vision issues so far

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by cucnz, Oct 16, 2020.

  1. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    As we know its still early development ,but Dolby Vision isnt very playable at all yet

    Issues so far ive found

    The obvious one it pretty much cant play DV MKVs yet
    with latest makemkv .53

    ma 5.1 DV MEL movies ,Pitch Black and Flash gordon ,played back fine no stutters in the 20 mins plus i played both
    MA 5.1 DV MEL movie Casino Royale was almost perfect ,with just a few micro stutters during the movie and Dobly vison flash up with a slight pause a couple times
    Atmos DV MEL movies Alita and Justice League start fine but within 4 5 mins theres stutters and audio starts falling behind

    I beleive most of the stutter /DV flashing up issues in the ma 5.1 tries is the current DV system cant seamlessly do chapters.....the pauses and DV flashing up all seem to be at new chapters
    And the Atmos mkvs all just start to stutter by around 5 min mark and audio goes out of synch by say 2 secs

    Force DV playback also has issues
    Almost all files tried are being forced to a 4/3 format which even the tvs format sizing isnt fixing (x265 and x264 types )

    4/3 shows like Space 1999 it isnt noticable and look awesome
    most 720 /1080p shows with 16/9 format are forced to 4/3
    2160p shows ive tried seem to stick to 16/9 format but have the pauses with chapters or even DV flashing up in the pause
    2160p Back to the future mkv looked great with the forced DV and didnt have audio synch issues just the chapter pauses

    Z9X tried both .35 and .45 firmware same results vis a sony dn 1080p amp to Panasonic z1000 OLED with DV hdr10+ and HLG support
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  2. Polypenko

    Polypenko Member

    So the current Dolby Vision probleem is not only related to LG Oleds TV's since you tested this on a Panasonic Oled TV.
  3. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    Also posting in case others have actually got any of these issues working ,and its just something not set right my end

    I will have another try at making MELS but in the 8.1 format ,since ppl say those work.....but from what i can see ,using tmuxer etc means you lose the atmos audio tracks ,which id rather keep and lose DV if i had to....thou should be able to strip the atmos track first then do the other steps then add atmos track back to final mkv...with luck
  4. Rockhard

    Rockhard New Member

    Keep posting cucnz. I've an X8 and I'm pretty happy with it. Only reason for me to upgrade to Z9X would be Dolby Vision. If that is not working, I've zero reason to upgrade. I also have Panasonic GZ1000 like you, so your issues would be relevant to mine
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  5. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    yep i was happy with my Z9S ...only upgraded cos i upgraded my LG DV lcd tv to the pana cos half price sale on ,and reviews for most of the 2020 tvs seemed to say they were all step backwards in my affordable range at higher prices

    Still trying to figure out converting a Mel 7 to mel 8 while keeping atmos

    TBH the Z9X is sold with DV should be working at the Bray folder /iso level not just mkv
  6. afss

    afss Member

    Please, I would greatly appreciate if somebody could help to clarify what is the alternative for FEL DV files (i.e. Back to the Future UHD Blu Rays) - If we convert it to MKV with the latest MakeMKV tool, will it be eventually supported by Zidoo ?
  7. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    Fel is the full enchancment layer DV tracks my understanding is this type the DV info is on a seperate 1080 file ,which no mediaplayers can read

    ATM its try to convert the FEL 7 to a MEL 8 DV file
    MakeMKV site has more on that on their forum
  8. afss

    afss Member

    Thanks for the reply - I was under the impression both FEL and MEL data were on separate 1080p streams on DV m2ts files.
  9. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    Mel is the Base layer enhancement ,done on the main video track for 10 bit file size
    Fel is Base layer enhancement plus the full enhcancment layer for 12 bit file size

    then you get all the different DV types 4 ,5 (streaming reduced enhancment) ,7 type used on 4k blurays, 8 and 9 (think thats correct)
  10. Rockhard

    Rockhard New Member

  11. afss

    afss Member

    Hi everybody - So, MAKEMKV apparently "successfully" does convert the FEL DV UHD discs to single MKV files (see picture below), but what we are saying in this forum is that those FEL MKV files will never be supported by the Z9X ? We should look for alternatives like conversion to profile 8, correct ?

  12. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    if you can get it to actually work
    none of the converts to mel 8 have worked for me so far
    Early days thou youscopes revising his conversion part almost daily

    Mel 7 ALMOST works for the zidoo.but since forced DV also seems to have lots of issues still atm,maybe in a patch or two zidoo will have things sorted better
  13. afss

    afss Member

    The converted FEL MKV file plays just fine on the Z9X, but I don't know for sure what the player is actually using (DV or plain HDR10 ?). I do not have a DV TV and my projector does not support DV either, so I am using an HDfury device with LLDV. I could not figure out a way to tell what the player is doing, because everything is output as DV BT2020.

    I believe I mentioned this on another thread, It would be great for Zidoo to implement an info item showing what the player is doing. For instance, while using LLDV on my OPPO 203, if the file is recognized as HDR10 versus DV, there is an indication on the info screen that confirms either way.
  14. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    info button down at bottom middle on the remote,just above the green yellow keys 2 screens of info on it ,dunno if thatll be of help
  15. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    finaly made a MEL 8 for Terminator Dark Fate,but that ended up with same issue as the mel 7s ,after 5 mins or so of playback the movie starts to stutter and audio goes from in synch to at least 2 secs out
    It also had the same DV flash on tv at chapter markers

    ROLL ON next firmware please
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  16. afss

    afss Member

    Thanks for the suggestion - Using this INFO button, there is a basic info screen and there is also an additional "More" button, but despite presenting a lot information about the video file, there is no field (at least I could not find it) indicating any DV capabilities of the file. I have tested with both MEL and FEL converted files.
  17. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    not sure this will work
    hers a couple cellphone shots of a Space1999 tv epi ,with DV forced on and off , just to show how much it improves things ( prolly not the best pics phone... but colours definitly show improvements....considering its an mkv from a dvd rip,from a 1976 tv show

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  18. DrGiggles

    DrGiggles New Member

    Oversaturated + black crush
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  19. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    like i said it was just some quick photos on a new cellphone in bad looks a LOT better with video moving,not paused ,metals look more like metal,that sort of thing
  20. Rockhard

    Rockhard New Member

    Hi Cucnz
    Some questions since you've the same tv
    What does it say on the top left corner of tv when you first run a dolby vision video? If I run a HDR movie from my X8 it says HDRPQ
    Does Z9X only run single layer dolby vision like Nvidia Shield?
    I've had success running 30 second clips of dolby vision using GZ1000 internal media player from a USB stick but the internal media player won't recognize or play full length DV movie from USB drive directly attached to tv
    Also can Z9X run HDR10+ movies? If you don't have access to HDR10+ clips I can create one and upload for you

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