Does Z9X Pro play multi-channel audio files?

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  1. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    mch flac ie 5.1 for Dark Side of the Moon only plays as stereo 176khz for me from 24 bit 96khz 5.1 source
    on the denon 3700h i see stereo as incoming source and stereo as played output
    from memory the z9xpro says its doing 5.1 but it never reaches the denon via hdmi cept as stereo
  2. Unclejoshc

    Unclejoshc Member

    Wait I am confused. I have the z2000 and I am playing Doors SACD flac Riders on the Storm in 5.1 now. Is the issue only affecting dsf files? Music player shows 6 channels 24 bit ar 88.2 KHZ and my receiver shows Linear PCM 5.1 at same sampling rate.

    Sound coming from all speakers.

    Oh this is only for Z9 series?
  3. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    maybe issues at sample rate for the flac ?
    ie mine is 24 bit 96khz not the 88.2 of yours ill drop it on a mega link in 40 mins or so when im back from walk, if you want to d/l to test
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  4. Unclejoshc

    Unclejoshc Member

    Thanks I will test it for sure.
  5. Unclejoshc

    Unclejoshc Member

    Looks like all my MCH SACDs are 24-88. Only MCH I have at 24-96 are Fleetwood Mac Rumours and a rip I made myself of the Guns N Roses live in New York Blu-ray which was 24-96.

    20240316_151512.jpg 20240316_151338.jpg
  6. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    finally found a bunch of my mch flac files which are all 16-44.1 so ill test those now see how they go

    maybe issue is i was using 24-96 flac to test and hadnt noticed because no one else was able to get mch working either

    Edit in

    OK so Flac 16-44.1 MCH is working

    Also i found my DSOTM atmos ,.m4a and thats working too

    so issue seems to be Flac MCH in 24bit-96khz and higher which is defaulting to stereo
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  7. Unclejoshc

    Unclejoshc Member


    Ok. Your Dark side files all play correctly for me. 6 channel 24-96 with all 5.1 speakers outputting sound.
  8. Unclejoshc

    Unclejoshc Member DSOTM SACD iso does not play MCH correctly. 2 channel only. Receiver shows 5.1 but sound is only coming from 2 fronts.
  9. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    Both my mch .dsf and flac24-96 DSOTM play well AS stereo :p

    PF Animals 5.1 dsf

    Zidoo says 6ch 1bit 282Mhz output 176.4kh
    Denon 3700 says Input 2ch pcm

    PF The Wall 7.1 flac

    zidoo says 8 ch 24 bit 96khz
    Denon says stereo pcm

    I just made a 24-192 flac 5.1 of DSOTM from the .dsf 5.1 files

    Zidoo says 6 ch 24 bit at 192khz
    Denon says Input stereo pcm active speakers fl fr sw

    Bowie 5 years 5.1 16-44.1

    Zidoo says 6ch 16bit 44.1khz
    Denon says mch in PCM with 5.1 speakers showing in both input signal and active speakers

    going to try convert some dsf mch files down to flac 24/44.1 and 88.2 etc see if any work ,and post back

    PF Shine on you crazy Diamond pt 1-5

    mch dsf
    zidoo 6ch 1bit 282mhz output 176.4hz
    denon stereo pcm input

    5.1 flac 24-44.1
    zidoo 6ch 24-44.1
    denon stereo pcm

    next ill quickly test the same files on Z9x which worked before no issues with mch dsf etc

    Right as we already knew all of these play excellently

    PF Shine on

    MCH dsf
    Z9x 6 ch 1bit 282mhz output 176.4hz
    Sony dn1080 pcm 5.1 176hz

    5.1 flac
    Z9x 6ch 16-44.1
    Sony 5.1 pcm 44.1hz

    PF The wall 7.1 flac
    Z9x 8ch 24-96
    Sony pcm 7.1 86hz

    and some other random mch dsfs all worked fine Z9x showing 1bit 282mhz 6ch o/p 176khz and sony reciever showing 5.1 pcm at 176khz
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  10. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    found something interesting today

    In settings / audio / hdmi audio i changed Auto to Raw

    then i checked the 24-96 5.1 flac for DSOTM which had been showing as above ...zidoo shows 6ch at 24-96 Denon only sees Incoming stereo pcm

    AFter the change it now plays 5.1 mch pcm on denon

    so progress

    next i test MCH dsf for DSOTM
    Zidoo shows 6ch 1 bit 2.82mhz output at 176.4khz pcm
    Denon now showing 6ch pcm incoming and active speakers EXCEPT its still only playing Fl and Fr stereo

    Still some progress here

    Which, got even weirder when i set it back to Raw audio to recheck original findings ,they stayed true to above post

    Ok so swap back to Raw audio hdmi and start retesting

    but now mch dsf for DSOTM is back to showing only stereo incoming on the Denon
    and flac 5,1 24/96 is also only shwing stereo incoming and only playing stereo

    weirder still :p

    swap back to audio hdmi auto ,retest and back to above post playback
    I also did power off and on for both zidoo and denon since i thought maybe id just tied up hdmi a bit somehow ,but didnt change things

    Swap back to audio hdmi Raw and this time make sure to play the flac 5.1 24/96 DSOTM and its back to playing and showing 5.1 incoming and active WITH sound on the 5 speakers

    next i play the MCH dsf for DSOTM again ,and im back to zidoo showing 6ch 1 bit 2.82mhz output pcm 176.4khz , and Denons back to showing 5.1 pcm incoming and active speakers BUT only playing audio from Fl Fr

    So definitely something in the audio HDMI raw/auto causing issues

    I cant see its my denon settings since i can play the MCH dsf files via usb on my Panasonic UB420 which can play dsf 6ch over hdmi and works very nicely
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  11. Sanctrum

    Sanctrum Active Member

    Good findings. So as far as I understand at lest two or even three things are broken:
    1. Channels MUX table is FUBAR since affecting also RAW.
    2. The mechanism that triggers when to change the remux is FUBAR - since the inconsistent behavior after switching back and forth Auto/RAW.
    3. Auto always does downmix to stereo PCM.

    Who allowed this mess to be released for customers is beyond my understanding...
    They will keep fixing this for the next few years based on their current progress and the initial "quality" of the firmware :-(
  12. Jarrod

    Jarrod Member

    I can’t find the answer anywhere but does the UHD 5000 support the playback of ripped Atmos files?
  13. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    ive got pink floyds the wall in dolby atmos it plays well if that helps to have audio set to raw
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  14. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    I bet that's good in Atmos!!

    I've got an original quad mix of DSOTM somewhere.

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  15. Faceman2k24

    Faceman2k24 Active Member

    I've had no issues with M4A format Atmos rips, both bluray TrueHD lossless Atmos and Eac3 compressed atmos play just fine over HDMI.

    I use ZDMC t play them as my library is too much of a custom mess for the default media player, but it does work.
    I don't like that there isn't a good way to separate my regular 5.1, Atmos and stereo music libraries, which I can do in ZDMC with sources and smart playlists but not easily in Media Player.

    I'll also add that if all you want to do is play music via HDMI, you dont need to go up to the UHD5000, it just has the better stereo analogue performance, if that isnt as important, drop down to the Z2000 or Z2600 as the HDMI audio output is the same.
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  16. Jarrod

    Jarrod Member

    Thanks everyone for the replies and confirmation
  17. Faceman2k24

    Faceman2k24 Active Member

    Just found my 24/176.4 pcm flac (A dsd conversion i did a while back) of Genesis - Invisible touch doesn't play in either the default music player or Zdmc. If I hit play it plays at 176.4 according to the receiver but very broken and stuttering, select the file again and sometimes it plays normally but in 48khz and only 2 channels, but in a 5.1 stream according to the receiver.

    Switch over to a shield and the same files play flawlessly at 176.4khz 5.1 every time.

    If I get a chance I'll run off an 88.2 and 44.1 version of some tracks to test those. Most of what I listen to on this box is Atmos which usually requires zdmc amd since it is played in passthrough mode it all works fine 99% of the time.

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