Big hit:Get ZIDOO X1 for free!!

Discussion in 'NEWS&Activities' started by mirror, Jun 8, 2015.

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  1. cserem

    cserem New Member

  2. 720p

    720p Member Beta test group

    Looking forward to replace an old tv player based on rk3066, with damaged hdmi connector :(.
    Here are my pics:
    Sony 40''
    I've shared the contest on, the main forum Romania and on my facebook profile.
    Thanks for oportunity !

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  3. razvanu

    razvanu New Member

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  4. SinisterDragon

    SinisterDragon New Member

  5. Vali

    Vali New Member

  6. Dainis

    Dainis New Member

    Here is my Entry.

    ID: Dainis
    Email: Dainis.forums at gmail dot com

    My Samsung 40'' Smart TV:
    2015-06-19 00.12.07.jpg
    Share on Twitter:

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  7. Leandro Dias

    Leandro Dias New Member

    iD: SCDA360
    email: scda360 AT

    Samsung 40 TV

    Share link:


    Good luck to all.
  8. Unolord

    Unolord New Member

  9. Maurice01

    Maurice01 New Member

    Hey guys,

    ID: Maurice01
    TV: Philips 42PFL3507T
    Picture of my TV (with my ID):


    Picture of my share:


    Can use a Android TV box, still have to use my laptop. ;-)
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  10. Gotham_13

    Gotham_13 New Member

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  11. Sarah Openshaw

    Sarah Openshaw New Member

    Yo Zidoo Fans,

    ID:Sarah Openshaw

    TV: Samsung 60 inch


    Shared on Facebook


    Thanks and goodluck to everyone

  12. Hariharan Kannan

    Hariharan Kannan New Member

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  13. mrley

    mrley New Member

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  14. samir badri

    samir badri New Member

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  15. dragan.pavlovic

    dragan.pavlovic New Member

    Nice Giveaway, I hope I will win !

    ID: dragan.pavlovic
    40" Asus TV-Monitor (Pic) and also a LG 47LW4500

    And here is Twitter and the LG 47" TV:

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  16. pawel5870

    pawel5870 New Member

    Every needed information on photo.
    ForumID: pawel5870

    I hope I will win and I will have opportunity to test ZidooTV X1 with my NAS ;-).


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  17. Giorgio

    Giorgio New Member

    Here I am! Giorgio

    My TV: Sony KDL-46EX600

    IMG_20150622_230545.jpg Immagine.png

    Please verify the calculator.apk, with floor = 51 everyone win (right), with floor = 52 only 25 win (wrong?).
    Writing good software tests may be useful even in tvbox field, believe me :)
  18. slappy

    slappy New Member

    ID: Slappy

    Photo of our 52" Sony:

    Screenshot of my social share:

    Thanks for the opportunity. This looks like a great successor to the X9 and I would love to win one.
  19. gazza

    gazza New Member

    Hello Everyone!

    ID: Gazza

    Share on the almighty google plus
    and my television 50 inches


    Thank you & good luck to all participants
  20. tanw

    tanw New Member

    Here's my Panasonic TV and share.

    tv panasonic.JPG Google Plus.JPG

    I'd really love to win one of these.

    User: tanw
    Email: taniawalk(at)gmail(dot)com
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