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  1. mirror

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    ZIDOO, an young and positive company, 90% from R & D,which is the advanced ARM multi-core frame industrial products and consumer electronics developer. The founders are experienced in industrial and OTT areas for over 8 years, who are really good at providing services to well-known brands at home and abroad. We are specializing in OTT, DVB, Streaming Player, Solutions and Services of supply chains. Maintaining good relations of co-operation with MSTAR, ALLWINNER, ROCKCHIP, AMLOGIC, ACTIONS SEMI and other chip original factories. Providing many brands of TV BOX with technology export. ZIDOO is also a unique brand, which has a strong advantage with technology and innovation. It’s gradually known all over the world.
    In order to let more fans have a chance to experience X1. We’ve carried out an activity such as the following.
    Win a FREE ZIDOO X1!
    Are you interested in electronics, especially Android Smart TV BOX? Are you the man who is good at sharing with others? Now, we provide a rare opportunity for the lucky winners, who can get a FREE ZIDOO X1 Android Smart TV BOX through participating in this activity! Let more people who love electronics and love TV BOX win a free TV BOX, and share more first-hand experience!

    1. Activity time: Start on 2015.06.10-2015.06.25. We will open this thread at 2015.6.10 0:00 GMT
    It will be sent out 100 units X1 as the maximum, and 50 units for the participants are less than 300.
    2. The detailed conditions:
    For getting better experience when operating ZIDOO X1, we need you have a TV set with over 40 inches.
    Have an ID and share the link of this free activity in other Forums or other social media centers.
    3. The process of Award:
    During this activity, please leave your valid E-MAIL via follow-up and BBS reply, attached a TV photo with your ID on this forum. Please add your share screenshot as well. Or add something what you’d like to talk with ZIDOO?(All of these should be written at this thread)
    (It’s allowed to reply only one time for every one, otherwise be disqualified, please do not try to apply for multiple ID. Just for fair!)
    4. How to be our winner?
    1) Our engineer wrote an interesting APK, when inputting different total number of floors, there will be a different list, and it will be 50 if less than 300 people, or it will be 100. This APK will be published in our forum. At the end of the activity, the list will be come out with the final number of floors.
    2) We will announce the winner list in the forum when the activity has been closed. Meanwhile, we will inform the winners by E-mail. The winners just only need to pay $9.9 freight to the designated PAYPAL ACCOUNT , then can get a ZIDOO X1. (Please noted the MSRP of ZIDOO X1 is $59.00/pc.)

    The link of the product details:[ld]qhKb8=.html
    Learn more about X1:
    Any question about us, please mail (DO NOT believe any other mail tries to contact you to pay for the freight except!)

    1. The scope of the prize sent: all the areas where can support DHL delivery.
    2. It needs winners to assist customs to solve if there are some related problems about importing customs clearance.
    3. All the prizes will be sent out from June 30th ,2015.
    4. Shenzhen Zidoo Technology Co.,Ltd reserves all the right for the final explanation about this activity.

    Tips:Before the beginning of this activity, please inform your friends, parters,others,to register a good BBS account in advance, pay close attention to the dynamic.

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  2. Rob Hart

    Rob Hart New Member

    Hello All,

    My Zidoo X1 Entry:

    ID: Rob Hart

    Photo of my Television, a 42" Philips LCD

    My Share Link on Twitter


    Thanks for the opportunity & goodluck to all participants

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  3. comphelp

    comphelp New Member

    Here's a picture of my TV (40" Samsung) showing both my ID (comphelp) and my email address (paulwalk at gmail dot com).

    I've also shared it on Facebook (screenshot below):

    Please pick me. I'd love to try one of these.
  4. DenisHands

    DenisHands New Member



    Email is

    Would like one of these so I can connect it up to my TV without the need to be running my PC all the time for watching videos etc
  5. Johan825

    Johan825 New Member

  6. twenti

    twenti New Member

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  7. gavogr

    gavogr New Member

  8. dmorsepgh

    dmorsepgh New Member

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  9. feher bence

    feher bence New Member

    Hi All,

    ID: feher bence
    Email: feher.bence.2010 at gmail dot com
    Photo of the TV (Philips 42") and share are attached

    Good luck both to the product and to the participants :)

    Ziddo_TV.jpg ziddo_tweet.png

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  10. Petar Ivanov

    Petar Ivanov New Member

    ID : Petar Ivanov
    E-mail :

    Picture of my 42" Philips TV

    Sharing on Twitter:
    Ziddo X1 offers a lot of opportunities which I would love to explore. Good luck to everyone! Most of it to me! :p
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  11. moras86

    moras86 New Member

    ID : moras86
    E-mail : mickpl (at) wp (dot) pl

    Picture of my Samsung B650 40'' HDTV with SamyGO firmware:
    (click image to enlarge)

    Sharing as news at main page of site - most popular polish site about Kodi, television and hardware (mostly Android-Boxes):
    (click image to enlarge)

    Link -

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  12. Gumpwa Luong

    Gumpwa Luong New Member

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  13. oskar9191

    oskar9191 New Member

    Hi All,

    ID: oskar9191
    Email: oskar9191 at o2 dot pl
    Photo of the TV (LG 42") and share are attached

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  14. gowain

    gowain New Member

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  15. vukina

    vukina New Member

    ZIDOO X1 dream
    ID: vukina

    PHOTO OF My LG 47"
    I share this In pub and get Beer Just to shut up,so is already winner,goodluck to all. 20150612_211534.jpg
  16. New Member

  17. mikexiang

    mikexiang New Member

    I'm in...
    ID: mikexiang

    TV pic: 50 inches Heran (Taiwanese brand). ID is shown in my 7" tablet at the bottom.

    Google + post: google plus.jpg

    Would definitely be glad to get the chance of trying Zidoo X1, just to replace the intrinsic Android system in my SmartTV, which actually sucks. And will definitely try posting a review.
  18. Eric Luk

    Eric Luk New Member

  19. Bluesmanuk

    Bluesmanuk Member

    My TV, a UMC - M40_57G-GB-FTCU-UK 40".

    ID: Bluesmanuk

    I'll also do a series of Youtube reviews on every feature of the device, as I did for the Tronsmart R28 last year (

    You will also find me a regular contributor over at, (User Bluesmanuk (979 posts) where I will also post about the device as well as invite other user contributions on the thread that I have created.


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  20. samsar

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