Beta version v6.4(7).42 for Z9X/Z10 Pro/Z1000 Pro/UHD3000/NEO S/NEO X/NEO Alpha release

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by mirror, Oct 18, 2022.

  1. Chirita Laurentiu

    Chirita Laurentiu New Member

    The same, I think it is broken :(
  2. khollister

    khollister Member

    I may be incredibly clueless here, but I'm not seeing what the problem is from the screenshots. The aspect ratio looks correct on the posters based on my local art and Poster Wall, and the posters with circles in the artwork (the glasses on Almost Famous, the sun in Apocalypse Now, the circular logo on Jurassic Park, etc) look like circles, not ovals. What is incorrect here?
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  3. Chirita Laurentiu

    Chirita Laurentiu New Member

    The bottom of the screen is cut off.
  4. Temearoo

    Temearoo Active Member

    Did you try to clear the cache of the app in the advanced settings?

    Quick Settings/Other/About/Advanced Settings/Apps & notifications/Home Theater 4.0/Storage/Clear cache

    No issue for me with all poster sizes, with or without dynamic background and with or without alphabetic navigation.
  5. khollister

    khollister Member

    Oops :oops:
  6. Chirita Laurentiu

    Chirita Laurentiu New Member

    Yes, I did.
  7. Temearoo

    Temearoo Active Member

    And before this firmware, the posterwall was displayed correctly?
  8. Chirita Laurentiu

    Chirita Laurentiu New Member

    Yes. These make me crazy.
  9. Temearoo

    Temearoo Active Member

    If you have already saved your database, you could try to clear data in HT and to start from scratch with one of your sources, just to see how it goes on the posterwall.

    Or more extreme, to flash the bios of your box and to reinstall the firmware.
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  10. Chirita Laurentiu

    Chirita Laurentiu New Member

  11. Temearoo

    Temearoo Active Member

    With a backup of HT saved on an external hdd or an usb key, that won’t be difficult to restore it later.
  12. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    Has HLG ever been checked (like DV was improved recently) for colour accuracy and black levels?

    working my way thru His Dark Materials S03 atm and HLG is pretty terrible Black levels especially seem to never get over a smudgy grey
    Ive noticed it on other HLG series before

    Even with it forced to VS10 DV there seems to be zero improvement and Blacks still remain the smudgy Greys where even SDR HDR is noticibly improved with VS10 normally

    maybe not many use it ? since not many tv brands support HLG ?

    added some phone sceen captures to show what i mean (ugly pics but still shows how grey the blacks are in both HLG and VS10 )

    edit in couple examples from Witcher in DV and HDR10 using same camera etc

    lol finally clicked last photo ive added is the same His dark Material epi 1 played direct to my Panasonic Oled in HLG mode (couldnt get the HLG banner to stay up while pausing for the photo also all the HDM photos said 14m01S but i think this last one is like 1/2 a sec early

    This clearly shows that HLG played directly to the Panasonic OLED shows a vastly superior image compared to whatever the Zidoo is doing with processing it both in HLG and VS10 modes( VS10 with SDR HDR works very well )

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  13. Onwrathz

    Onwrathz New Member

    Sorry if this has already been asked, but have you changed the sizing of the posters, to have less on screen just to see if you still get this cut off at the bottom? As has been stated, this is strange.

    The sizing I use is like 8 posters on screen at once or whatever the largest size is, that is a lot less than you, but sometimes I go with the next size down. Though you should be able to have the smallest posters and not get this cut off situation.

    Chirita, your point about the "wrong aspect ratio/scale on poster wall" is the issue. To the experts on the forums, is there two different options in settings (or android settings) that are changing the poster wall ratio/scale with the overall display scale. Like some mix and match between screen size and the scale of the poster wall?

    Chirita, are you 4k or 1080p for your LG display? Also, I assume you have gone through MarkSwifts2003 settings in the other posted thread
    Recommended Settings and other useful stuff for RTD1619 Players (VS10 SDR PDF added)) to make sure you settings are avoiding any strange anomalies that could be causing this?

    Good luck. Let us know if starting over helps.
  14. BdoUK

    BdoUK New Member

    Does anyone know where HT 4.0 pulls film length from? Does this come from the the movie db related to the movie or is it reading the local file?

    I created a remux of Lawrence of Arabia last week and totally forgot it was two discs so loaded the file before I appended the second disc. I now can't get the movie information to show the full length of the file.
  15. Temearoo

    Temearoo Active Member

    Not sure if it gonna work but dit you try to refresh the technical datas (press on « More » on the details page and then ok once again)?
  16. BdoUK

    BdoUK New Member

    That did the trick, thank you!
  17. Temearoo

    Temearoo Active Member

    Good! :)

    So the information about duration comes from MediaInfo as I suspected.
  18. Franconian

    Franconian Active Member

    I have a weird problem with some MKVs that have Dolby Vision (+ the usual HDR fallback) included.

    When I play them (Explorer or ZDMC, both using the system ZidooPlayer), only HDR is triggered and DV is ignored.

    But DV is included, when I play them in ZDMC with the optional KODI VideoPlayer then DV comes up.

    I never had this before. My HDR setting is Auto.

    Anybody knows what’s up or maybe it’s something with the MKV encode? @Markswift2003 maybe?

    UTAVATU Active Member

    Dear Friends

    From the last FW I have the same problem with DV vs HDR movies, when I hit play, I have black screen, before I see video frame I hear audio, but there is 1-2 seconds with no video shown. There is no such problem, when I play HDR movies. I hit play video is shown the same time like audio. I think I haven't such problem in 1 FW earlier, when video files with DV (.mkv, remux) was corrected.

  20. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    Can you post a MediaInfo report?

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