Beta version v1.0.45 for Z9X Pro release

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619BPD)' started by Markswift2003, Jul 1, 2023.

  1. electrobento

    electrobento New Member

    Yes, I see this as well.
  2. Paul10mmring

    Paul10mmring Member

    I don't get it I have the same issue too I can't see any of my folders on my hard drives .I know there ok and I can copy a file across but can't see them? I have upgraded the firmware how do we get around this?is it anything to do with android 11.?????
  3. electrobento

    electrobento New Member

    I do not have this issue with SMB. Please share your server’s config so I can compare.
  4. Paul10mmring

    Paul10mmring Member

    Ok very strange on my Z20 Pro there is no sever ip information von the samba server on my Z10 Pro and Zx9 there is? How can I solve that please???
  5. Paul10mmring

    Paul10mmring Member

    Okay some images z10pro works fine so does z9x no details showing for z20pro no idea what to do

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  6. DennisTheMenace

    DennisTheMenace Active Member

    ok here are my problems i have with my new z9x pro, new 1.0.48 firmware is installed.

    1. No directories can be seen via the smb connection from windows 11 pc to the ntfs drives connected to the usb port 3.0. Is this an Android 11 limitation with the ntfs format? It would be beyond annoying if I had to format hard drives with more than 1000 movies plus series.

    2. When I fast forward a film, the film freezes. This only happens on the USB 2.0 ports.

    3. Films that are played in Hdr10 plus on the Z9x are played on the z9x pro with Dolby Vs10, my TV is a Samsung s95c oled.
  7. Paul10mmring

    Paul10mmring Member

    It's really not a good situation I do now want to format my hard drives to sort this
  8. DennisTheMenace

    DennisTheMenace Active Member

    If it really is an Android limitation then we probably have to. Thank god I made backups of my hard drives, but almost 30TB to copy? whoa no
  9. Gilgamesh

    Gilgamesh Active Member

    that is why it's best to just run a media server like for example Unraid and keep all media there instead of connecting harddrives to the media player. :)
  10. Paul10mmring

    Paul10mmring Member

    I have a spare 4tb hard drive I have just formatted it Not one bit of difference still does not show it's simply not good enough I know I could run UnRaid but why should I have too?
  11. xskip

    xskip Active Member

    USB Discs mac os extended journaled works with z9x but not with PRO. funny.
    inserted in Pro old usb disc, format with player, copy 3 movies from disc (mac os) that plays on old z9x and not on pro...
    NTFS disc no problem with all 3 titles.
  12. geebolt

    geebolt Member

    I just took the hard drive out of my Z1000 Pro and put it in my new Z2600. I have the same issue. I only see the Recycle folder from my PC. IT worked fine with the Z1000. Anyone find a solution?
  13. Tony H

    Tony H New Member

    I have the same issue. I can see the ZD_SAMBA\Share\DRIVESERIAL\$Recycle.bin (and folders within the $Recycle.bin) - no other folders on the external SATA connected drive (Z2600) are visible from my PC. I have tested and I can create files and folders in the root share folder (I cannot see them from PC, but can access them and delete them from the Z2600) however I cannot navigate to the movie folders on the sata drive from the PC. Any resolution for this?

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