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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X20 PRO' started by Israel, Jun 15, 2018.

  1. Israel

    Israel New Member

    Hi!, Im an Audiophile more than a Cinephile thats the reason i choose the X20 pRO (have the both worlds).

    Im really glad of the simplicity of the apps, and the great build quiality but i have some request that will help to the music fans out there:

    1) Music Category - In Poster Wall (Will be better an own app for Music video) with the capacity of Organize music blurays, dvd and music videos, theres no such category

    2) Music V.3 - capable of organize large library of music in various formats with Artists, Album, Cover, Genre, search etc.

    Hope to be listen and help to Ziddo be the best of the best.


    Israel Ramírez
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  2. Ekul

    Ekul Member

    No audiophile would ever buy any zidoo player. Its very bad.
    Even the cheapest Oppo is 10 times better with audio.
  3. Israel

    Israel New Member

    Hi Ekul!, the Zidoo is a good way to play multiple formats i look for SACD ISO, i have an oppo 105 and a Chordette Dac by Chord Electronics but i have a good experience with the DAC inside the Zidoo, i think its a great way to have all in one place and use it as transport.
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  4. Valera

    Valera Member

    Why not? I have X9s and I think it is a good media player. There is a support for blu-ray menu to easy navigate music videos. Also, it's an Android platform - you can use its usb output to stream hi-res audio such as sacd images to the external dac in bit-perfect mode. Not bad at all.
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  5. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Active Member Beta test group

    Sounds positive if it indeed compares well with a Chord DAC which are excellent.
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  6. I wanted to buy Chord 2qute. Could you share your experience with the Zidoo DAC and how big is the sound difference between Chord and Zidoo DAC?
    Thanks :)
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  7. Israel

    Israel New Member

    Hi Martin!, after use both Dacs for some time, i can sure you that Zidoo after long use cause fatigue is the high frequencies, with the Chord the sonic quality of the sound is more enjoyable after long periods of listen at good volume, i personally use ziddo for movies or concerts in Dolby or DTS, but when i listen SACD or Flac Hd i use Chord, for my subjective perspective the improvement from chord over the zidoo is 30% better quality in sonics, hope it helps obviously the price of the chord is by far superior and its only a dac.
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  8. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Active Member Beta test group

    Hi Israel. After reading a lot more about high end DAC'S the fatigue you mention appears something which DAC implementations may cause with some persons. For that reason some products implement a number of selectable digital filters. Did you try changing the digital filter as 7 are made available here?
    Maybe you can also confirm my remaining question there for the first setting?
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  9. Valera

    Valera Member

    Those filters are just about selecting either crap #1 or crap #n. Namely pre-ringing and post-ringing. Strictly speaking, there should be one near the perfect filter, which eliminates conversion artifacts. Such filters are not cheap and hard to implement, so manufacturers give customers the illusion of the choice instead of high quality filters.
  10. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Active Member Beta test group

    Everybody is entitled to his own opinion. It is all about price/performance which looks to be excellent for the 200 Euro audio panel of the X20 Pro. If you don't like it don't get one as easy as that. :D
    The Chord 2Qute/chordette have only one filter I believe? These cheap entry level models of Chord are just a mere 1200 Euro's, but I agree there are other far better Chord models with real near perfect filters like Hugo 2 don't worry. If one has the money to spend go for one of those, but alas I don't as most of us don't have. ;)
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  11. Valera

    Valera Member

    It's not about my opinion. It's about the nature of digital filters and marketing.
  12. Israel

    Israel New Member

    Thank you Nice Monkey!, ill do some test this weekend and check what my ears tell after some hours of music with filters, its true as valera says that maybe be marketing but i prefer trust in my ears, i had an experience with the hd800 from sennheiser with a violectric amp my ears bleed after 30mins (figurative) now with valves with a woo 2 i can pass hours listening music, so it a matter of listen and let the ears tells the difference between the filters.

    Ill post my findings here about it

    By the way nice monkey, as beta tester dont have any news about the update of the music (2.0) interface in the x20?
  13. Valera

    Valera Member

    Hi, you might want to try filter called like "super slow" with no post-ringing. Such filters can slightly reduce sibilance. The difference is just noticable, but it might be audible with your hd800. I use my hd700 (probably, the same tonality as hd800 w/ accented highs) connected to headamp (AK4497 dac) with super slow filter selected.
    Note, those filters are for PCM signal only, sacd is processed with simple low-pass filter.
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  14. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Active Member Beta test group

    Always good to share experiences and this listening test is one not everybody can do and is also willing to do.

    Nope, will have to wait like everybody else for the announced Music Player 3.0 upgrade.
    My educated guess is it might come together with the first big shipment of X20 Pro units next week.
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  15. Israel

    Israel New Member

    Nice to know about the shipment o the first batch of X20 pro, i bought mine a couple of months ago, and i was guessing when Zidoo quit the "Coming Soon" obviously the focus to continue development of better support and apps for Zidoo implies how many users they have.
    The pro is a niche product certainly we are not the weight of the customers but its a big step that Zidoo sees the potential in the audio and not only the video,
    Yesterday i was reading a post that ask the opinion about the maturity of the DAC's and its interesting how this market was evolve, by now MQA is for me a matter of marketing but dsd, flac and other formats are now more common.
    By now im using the rca from X20 pro since i agree with the xlr to rca where all the benefit from the xlr are lose.
    Thanks Nice Monkey, im learning a lot from you and your other posts, its nice to see that im not alone :)
  16. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Active Member Beta test group

    See the latest updates on my X20 Pro audio panel and XLR specific threads. I deducted from the Zidoo answers i got that the RCA connectors are most likely connected to the SOC (identical to X20) and that only the XLR connectors are connected to the SABRE DAC =audio panel on X20 Pro? Simple to verify as changing the "Analog Volume" in the X20 Pro specific "Audio Processing" setup tab should work only on the output connectors wired to the audio panel.

    So I think one really needs to deploy a pair of XLR to RCA cables as it is the only way to connect unless the used headset/amp has XLR too. No advantages from XLR but no disadvantages neither apart from the inconvenience needing those special cables.
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  17. myzidoo

    myzidoo Member

    This would be a regular/standard setup (ie ESS only on XLR).

    I agree with Israel and the move to "high-endish" audio capabilities is a smart move. It will also drain a whole other client segment. Hopefully Zidoo have or are building up expertise in this field because there are still niches to fill that do make sense. You only have to accept and to commit to the principle that you will sell products at higher price ranges but at lesser volumes). Also the clients will become more demanding.
    The question thus is can X20 pro or future models bring people to abandon their various DAC's.

    What do U think should be supported ?

    For me to have the absolute audio capabilities and stand out of the crowd it would require the following :

    - full dsd support
    - multichannel dsd - at least over hdmi as RAW bitstream (some AV receivers support it without PCM conversion)
    - (optionally 6 analog outs) (aka exasound E28/E38)
    - an hq player which could be roon compatible
    - gapless high resolution playback

    All this will further bring the price up but I do believe there is a market out there for it.

    And if (let's dream a bit) you would have a product with multichannel analog outs through 1/2 ESS chips which could use this audio out even for the movie player (ie decoding) it would be sensational !
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  18. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Active Member Beta test group

    We should be getting very close to your (and mine) list!
    - full dsd support I hope this is included in Music Player 3.0 (won't really sell without that very well)
    - multichannel dsd - at least over hdmi as RAW bitstream . I hope also this will be included with Music Player 3.0
    - (optionally 8 analog outs) Not with this model also very few mid class AMP's around having 8 analog inputs for this.
    - an hq player which could be roon compatible I expect it will be good enough for most customers! There will always be better.
    - gapless high resolution playback Possible today with Music Player 2.0 using a single track (WAV, FLAC, SACD, DTS-CD) extractions plus CUE sheets. True gapless support for multi-track albums would be a nice add-on though.

    It should be possible to get "HQ Stereo out with the down-muxing option enabled" using the current model for videos too (=any audio source format for that matter). This as far as I can judge right now without having a unit myself yet.

    The full 8 channel analog out is a higher segment market. A bridge too far in my view for Zidoo media players.

    For all other points our views seem to be identical and probably shared by many others interested in X20 Pro. Zidoo please make us happy with Music Player 3.0 as the hardware can do it all already.
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  19. myzidoo

    myzidoo Member

    It hopefully will but I have to admit that once you have used roon GUI everything else feels "uncomplete"
  20. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Active Member Beta test group

    Had a curious peek at Roon: Point taken. Updated my previous reply accordingly. :)
    Now just waiting for Music Player 3.0 to see what it all brings. Should not take that long anymore. :p

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