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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X20 PRO' started by Israel, Jun 15, 2018.

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    Now that oppo cease the production of their flagship products, a lot of people and incluiding me are searching again for the holy grail, if Ziddo makes the audio part more robust definetely will be a great option for audiophiles , i agree with you guys about the rca discrete outputs, in my situation i opted for zidoo for their multimedia and iso capabilities, features that oppo lacks, but in the X20 pro the software needs to be more polished to take part of the hardware.
    My wish list:

    -Full dsd support
    -Better External usb Dac Support
    -Gapless playback
    -Analog outputs
    -Option to use and install diverse sofware for media playback
    -A dedicated music poster wall for concerts and music docuentaries with covers and notes
    -Posibility of edit the media info
    -The roon compatible option as MyZidoo and Nice monkey says !

    Since you guys like multichannel audio, check this couple of products, im waiting for them and the Ziddo X20 pro will be part of the chain:

    -Yarra 3dx (multichannel soundbar)
    -A16 Smyth realiser (16 Channel virtualization on headphones, with Atmos, DTS:X capabilities and more) <--- this the most complex hardware

    I'm backing the kickstarter campaigns, both are tested and exist a prototype versions that many people been listen, i had the opportunity al Los Angeles Audio Show last year of listen the Yarra sound bar and was amazing! i listened binaural tracks that certainly feels that is there speakers at your side and behind.
    Hope be of your interest, it seems that more news are about to come in the audio field...

    Have a great week!
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