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    I tried it too but no result would be present to zidoo this problem because it's not good :(
  2. This is a problem of a universal type. That is the way alot of movies are mixed. Regardless of the player or device you use, if your trying to send out a bitstream of movie audio mix, you're going to get what's been mixed. Thus, this problem will exist.

    It's best to solve this problem downstream. Zidoo isn't likely to address this to your satisfaction. If you are sending the sound to a soundbar or a receiver, many have settings to lift the center channel higher to compensate for how movies are mixed. In addition, they have night modes to even out the dialog as compared to the sound effects. Even TVs have similar features to attempt to level out the high and low dB parts of the movie. A $150 box isn't do everything. It's probably not the answer you want to hear but it likely is the most accurate one.

    This is why people use HT receivers, pre processors, and sound bars. They are solutions to the problem.
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    I thank you for the answer :)

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