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Discussion in 'Eversolo DMP-A6' started by CBM, Oct 20, 2023.

  1. CBM

    CBM New Member

    There have been many posts regarding bugs/usability/functionality of Amazon Music, but fewer (none?) regarding the implementation of the Amazon Music streaming SOUND QUALITY on the Eversolo DMP-A6. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    I have owned by DMP-A6 for only a few days and have noticed that the sound quality is not acceptable.

    I have experienced a lot of examples of music that it slightly distorted when compared to other sources.

    For example, I listen to the following track streaming using the Amazon Music app on the DMP-A6 and hear distortion:

    Artist: Kendrick Scott
    Album: Corridors
    Track: 4. One Door Closes

    This track is only saxophone and is easy to hear any impurity in the sound. It's also a very short track.

    I compared the track against the following other configurations, NONE of which exhibit the distortion.

    1. Played on DMP-A6 from my local NAS (I own the official download). Same bitrate as A/M. Sound is excellent.
    2. Streamed on A/M on my Auralic Aries from my local NAS (I own the official download). Same bitrate as A/M. Sound is excellent.
    3. Streamed on A/M on my PC using the A/M app through my headphone setup (Schiit Audio/ Grado). Sound is excellent.
    4. Streamed on DMP-A6 using the Spotify Connect (bitrate is lower than A/M). Sound is quite good.
    5. Streamed on my phone using the Amazon Music app and choosing output device DMP-A6. This uses AAC. Sound is acceptable.

    None of these approaches have even the slightest bit of distortion on that track. Differences are more along the lines of resolution, but none have any obvious distortion/noise, even at high volume.

    I have also noticed distortion on solo piano tracks.

    Basically, I suspect that the implementation of A/M on the DMP-A6 is poor.

    I do not claim to have superior hearing capabilities. This flaw is relatively obvious in my opinion, especially when there is not too much going on musically on a given track. Solo instrument tracks are best to be able to evaluate this.

    Question to users: Can anyone confirm similar experiences with A/M on the DMP-A6?

    Question to Eversolo: Do you know about this? Do you expect it to be fixed once you roll out the A/M app (supposedly soon)?

    Thank you.
  2. Nutul

    Nutul Well-Known Member

    The implementation CANNOT be poor. It can, eventually, be restrained from using hi-quality streams; this may (I say MAY) depend on what API the A6's app is using (or being allowed to), or HOW it uses it (again, what services it being granted access to).

    a) Does A/M require certification? Is the A6 certified in this regard? Are there any claims for it being (eventually) so?
    b) s A/M always lossless / HiRez regardless of the network bandwidth?

    I know the track you are referring to (actually, the whole album, as I own it, and ripped it in flac @16/44.1, and also downloaded @24/96 - but probably going to get rid of this, makes no sense) and played locally with my Raspberry Pi + moOde through my Z8 DAC sounds impeccably good no matter which version.

    I see you have different means of listening streams from A/M, one of which (yes, one is enough for proving) is excellent, and should be the same on the A6, provided A/M streams it the same way, and at the same quality, to the app in the A6 - restrictions to which may apply as pointed out in a) and b) above.

    This said, I do not own an A6, so cannot speak out loud in any sense. I appear to be here just because I own a Z8 an just found these threads around; be kind.
  3. CBM

    CBM New Member

    Thanks for the feedback, Nutul. Many good and relevant points.

    I don't mean to sound unkind.

    Admittedly, maybe my choice of words ("poor implementation") was not the best.

    But at a very basic level, my point is that if Auralic can implement A/M on their streamer (they were among the first; it has been a few years now) and not have the signal distort, why can't Eversolo? I think that's a fair question.

    I would think that if Eversolo is going to sell their streamer with A/M, their customers should expect it to work properly. I don't think that is asking too much. I don't have any other complaints about the DMP-A6.
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  4. Nutul

    Nutul Well-Known Member

    As I said, A/M may require certification for hirez, thing that the Auralic may have, and the Eversolo not. Need to investigate this, to see if it will, one day, or not.
    @Nice Monkey
    Hi, your word on this?
  5. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Did not try myself so can't confirm nor deny. If there is a sound problem with A M then my educated guess says that it can be fixed.
    It does so many things in so many combinations that there will always be something not working perfect.
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  6. Figasse

    Figasse New Member

    I think I know what you are describing. Tried your track and got "that sound" on the 2nd try. Quickly realized that I've heard this 2-3 times before. It is not a constant drop in quality for me, just some tracks suddenly start sound distorted and very very bright. First time it was back to normal after the reboot. Second time I just switched to local CD rips I had on my internal SSD. This time around I switched to another playlist and it fixed itself. I tried again your track about 10-12 times but could not trigger the sound. If you are able to reliably reproduce this issue I would suggest you record the sound and contact Zidoo support. It is definitely a bug and it needs to be fixed.
  7. audio58

    audio58 Active Member

    From my experience on Amazon using the new AP, I can't tell which titles are in so called"Ultra HD" and which are just CD 16 bit quality. When I play a tune I look at the bit rate and anything say above 2MBS is probably in 24bit.
    Where in Qobuz, the AP, lets you see what titles are in Hi Res and when I play them I can see them as being FLAC 44/24, or 96/24 etc. Amazon does sound ok, I didn't notice any distortion.
  8. gmon

    gmon Member

    Lack of HD/Ultra accurate streaming rates on albums is frustrating but hopefully, it is being worked on.
    But DM6 now streams at varying rates according to my DAC indicators.
    So, AM audio quality is OK but playlist/queue management totally lacking and this keeps me on Spotify most times.
    I'm counting on HiFi subscription from Spotify to offer us some alternatives.
  9. Ypslon

    Ypslon Member

    Just about qobuz: I tried it twice. I don't like the choices for hd/Ultra hd (quite different of Amazon and it isn't better).
    When I tried to listen to Yes by Steve Wilson, I couldn't, the option was to buy it.
    When I tried to listen to the album Uncommon Weather from The Reds, Pinks And Purples, not available.
    So, I just forgot about qobuz.
  10. Ypslon

    Ypslon Member

    I don't use Spotify. I don't believe in what they are saying for 2 years. I don't pay mp3.
    Amazon may not show (for now in a6) the terms hd/Ultra but the rates go from 44.1 to 192. Call it what you want, this is of matters.
  11. CBM

    CBM New Member

    I did notice that it is possible to cap the resolution within the A/M streaming options/setup. Limiting the stream to 44.1 kHz solves the distortion problem, although you would be giving up the additional resolution in this case, which is unfortunate.

    In my case, the distortion using A/M was not intermittent. It was 100% predictable. 44.1 was never distorted, and >44.1 was always distorted to some degree, although it could be pretty subtle depending on the music selection. Again, to be clear, playing tracks locally from my NAS were never distorted.

    I returned the product to the store due to this A/M limitation (this constituted a deal-breaker for me as A/M represents about 80% of my listening), but will keep my eyes open on the forums to see if the issue gets resolved, at which time I will purchase it again (hopefully for good!) Fingers crossed!
  12. Bonzo

    Bonzo Active Member

    From what I found in my brief 3 week experience, Qobuz had the best user interface (compared to Amazon and Tidal), but it lacked a lot of music I want to be able to listen to. Their data was also wrong a lot (albums having the wrong release dates etc.).
  13. Nutul

    Nutul Well-Known Member

    Everything is going to be fixed/implemented sooner or later.
    Then, again, everybody is free to take his decisions based on experience.
    Then... get a Rose and just tell us if it is any better, overall speaking...
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  14. Figasse

    Figasse New Member

    I would wait for DMP-A8 and see if it works better for you given that the issue is fixed of course.
  15. NealeH4n

    NealeH4n New Member

    The contrast in audio quality between Apple Music and Amazon Music UHD is substantial. I have both services and Apple is full and detailed, whereas Amazon sounds weak and thin. Even though both report they are streaming at 192kHz comparing the same tracks between each service is like night and day, there is nothing subtle about it.

    I don't have this issue streaming Amazon on my iPhone to AirPods or on my studio monitors from my Mac. It seems to be a problem unique to the implementation on A6/streamers.
  16. mirror

    mirror Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Zidoo TECH Supporter

    Native Amazon music integration has a parsing policy issue during playback, which will be fixed in the next version. Should be within a few days.
  17. CBM

    CBM New Member

    That is great news. I would be very happy to hear users' experiences with SQ once this A/M fix is in place.

    NealeH4n, can you please let us know your experiences once this new version is installed (I no longer have the DMP-A6). Much appreciated!
  18. Bonzo

    Bonzo Active Member


    2 threads on the same topic. My post was in the other thread. Whoops.
  19. CBM

    CBM New Member

    Can someone who has installed the new release confirm that the specific track that I have referenced in the original post now plays well using Amazon Music HD (at 24 bit - 96kHz)?

    Artist: Kendrick Scott
    Album: Corridors
    Track: 4. One Door Closes

    It should play without sounding distorted.

    Much appreciated!
  20. ammar11

    ammar11 Well-Known Member

    So far all the reports from users say all plays at their specified quality without issues even for 196 kHz, I’m confident it will play well with that title as well.

    But I understand, I want a comfirmation also if I were you. Hopefully someone can chime in.

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