All you need to know about RTD1619BPD and RTD1619DR based players

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    The cables very visible in the photo, not in reality. Quite cultured :)

    20211208_184712 [1024x768] (2).jpg
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    Where can I go on this forum or elsewhere to find all I need to know about HT4?

    I came across this screenshot today of how a season is displayed and I think it's absolutely terrible, and yet after 2+ months on forums and going through the guides Zidoo provided on Google Drive I've not come across it.

    This layout is a deal breaker, and yet 8 hours ago I bought a Z9X player. Is there a display that allows me to see screenshots of the episode like damn near every other application on the market? Why is it so hard to find a decent guide for HT?
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    It was first all about DV and next about HT4
    Also the recent FW release topics are mostly about HT4 now.
  6. Temearoo

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    You should cancel your order because this is exactly what you will get to display the episodes, whith the background image changing with the different episodes.
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    I've already emailed them to put it on hold as there's a number of other issues I found tonight I hadn't seen before. Though when you say background image changes on different episodes, is it a screenshot of that episode as per TMDB? I know TVDB does lower quality images but TMDB treats them as background images and I've been uploading a lot lately to fill gaps so Zappiti Video has them all.

    The state of the documentation and forum are an absolute mess, no wonder new users have so many questions and feel overwhelmed.
  8. Temearoo

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    Depending of what you use to scrape the TV show (TMDb, TVDb, TVMaze), the system will use the images coming from it. If you scrape the show with TMDb, you will get the background images and the posters from TMDb.
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    Well that's an improvement. I've asked more questions on AVS Forums in the review there but will copy them here too in case anyone can provide more info.

    1. How do I browse genres? If I want to see all Comedy films, how do I get there? I can see in the screenshots they've been identified but I see no way of accessing them.
    2. What filter options are available?
    3. Are Watching and Unwatched categories for both Movies & TV? Can they be separated, say if I select the TV Category off the Home screen of HT can I then show only Watching or Unwatched?
    4. If you create a new category, how do you ensure content is added to it?
    5. How do you actually set a Custom Layout for the home page? Is shifting module position up/down or hiding defaults all you can do? You can't set your own layout?
    6. Can you browse alphabetically without opening the whole collection, i.e. view all content by B only?
    7. How do I access movie collections? Are they just embedded within the Movies section or is there a way to browse Collections specifically?
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    I answered you on the AVS Forum side since it is easier to post pictures there.
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    Awesome, thanks. More questions added o_O

    1:30am now, going to bed. Will see if the seller agrees to hold my order until I go through more Q&A.
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    I'm very new to Zidoo Z9X.
    Computer asked me to “check disk for error” every time I plug in my portable external HDD that I just used it on z9x, and the process takes along time to finish... Is it normal? You have any suggestion. Thank you.
  13. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    It is not. There must be something wrong with it then. Android is known to have implemented a simplified NTFS filesystem. Amongst others it never validates the FAT copy which it obviously should do. So check it using a W10 OS.
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  14. Dagon

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    This is for the Zidoo 1000 Pro right? Anyone ever try at 16TB HDD on the Z10 Pro?
  15. Temearoo

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    No, this is for the Z10 Pro (I have changed my nickname since :D). I have tried an Ironwolf 16TB on mine and it worked perfectly, but a little bit noisy for me.
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  16. Dagon

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    Thanks for the clarification!
  17. Ben Guzman

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    I have been using a ZX9 for about 4 months now and am enjoying it very much and yet I do have a question regarding multichannel DSD. Here's what the Dune HD Real Vision 4K can do.

    Stereo and multichannel SACD playback
    • You can play top quality Super Audio CD (DSD) music files in all any popular formats (ISO, DFF, DSF), including both stereo and multichannel files, including files which use DST compression. Multichannel DSD files can be output to HDMI as high quality multichannel PCM (up to 176.4 KHz). Stereo DSD files can be output to HDMI and S/PDIF as high quality stereo PCM (up to 176.4 KHz).
    Is the ZX9 going to get this functionality? They both have the Reaktek RTD1619DR chip and the Dune is less $$.
  18. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    @Ben Guzman
    Good question. It is just on the Processor limit and I do have the impression the driver and/or OS of Dune is a bit more efficient.
    Dune also manages to convert 2CH DSD64 upto DSD512 to PCM 24-bit at 176.4 KHz.

    So I am a bit sceptic here but one never knows.
  19. Alain Durrenberger

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    Hi everyone,
    I currently don't have much time to test my NEO S in depth,
    I use it like my UHD 2000 to watch the latest movies in 4k & 1080p, nothing to report, no bugs, excellent quality of image and sound.
    I will test the audio part later.
    On the other hand, what really bothers me on the NEO S is this black screen as soon as you start a movie?!?
    the NEO S is equipped with a very nice oled display and when you watch a movie the display is dead! with UHD 2000 I had some reading information.
    There Zidoo it is necessary to do something? I don't know if it's planned? but it's such a shame, when this screen is able to show us tons of info about the movie, cover, resolution, sound format, duration, etc, etc. and in color.
    It's really my dearest wish compared to this new NEO S

  20. Nice Monkey

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