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  1. I apologize to everyone,

    I wondered if it was convenient, to buy the Zidoo's own remote control for the Z9s, that is the "V9", or the purchase expense is not worth it to have an easier management of everything.

    If there were possibly other better remote controls, which are always keeping an eye on the ratio "expense / ease of command".

    Thanks in advance, Andrea.
  2. kfpanda

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    i prefer the v9 remote to the one come standard w z9s. it only has the essential buttons on one side without backlight which is exactly what i want. it also has a qwerty keyboard on the back. it is included in a package when i bought my z9s and it didnt cost too much. i am not a gadget person so im not sure i would spend the extra cost if i need to pay the full price, especially if there is phone app.
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  3. Nice Monkey

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    I am instead using the V8 BT remote coming bundled with X20, X20 Pro and UHD2000 for my Z9S. I like it in practice. Good investment.
    Strange I don't see it in their store anymore? Got it straight from them a year ago.

    The nice thing about BT remotes is that you can use them with any other type/brand player after pairing too.
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  4. OlivierQC

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  5. Meanwhile, thank you very much for the answers ......

    So in the end, the best thing is to use the remote that is paired with the Z9s, right?

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    ive always used the New Nvidia Bluetooth Remote with my Zidoo works a treat and using button mapper can configure some buttons .

    illuminates when touched powers off unit but sadly does not power on but nothing in life is perfect .
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  7. Schumy

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    Can the new NVIDIA Bluetooth remote (or any other Bluetooth remote control for that matter) cannot to two devices and control them simultaneously? Eg to a projector and Zidoo?

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member


    as one remote function button would control two devices at the same time .
  9. Nice Monkey

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    You can as long you don't try to use both simultaneously. ;)
    Pairing with multiple devices in itself is not a problem.

    BT can never be used for Power On (requires an IR dedicated code). But one can program an IR button for that on most remotes. The Zidoo v8 BT remote has even 4 buttons labeled for that purpose which i am using all. :)

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    The Nvidia Bluetooth Remote has a dedicated IR power on button but has to be linked to the shield and then programmed via shield for it to say power on your tv etc or .
    [ If that is programmed it will power up your Zidoo if its in the data base ]

    as i sold all my shields cannot use and test etc

    so i programmed the Nvidia to power off zidoo and programmed a direct button to bring up the Home Cinema settings as in Change Audio / aspect Ratio menu etc .

    it works for me as it illuminates and powers on as soon as you pick it up etc
    It syncs in to the zidoo after its powered on via Bluetooth .

    only thing is i grab the Zidoo remote only to power on the Zidoo which is a no brainer .
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  12. Thank you very much but, I find it at the cheapest price on:

    Since I am Italian, it would be easier for me to order it here, however, from what I have read, which is not backlit which only has the physical keyboard on the back, in the end I don't know how much it suits me ......

    Thanks again for your kind report ....

    EDIT: At the limit, if you can tell me what are the features more than the original perte the keyboard, I would be pleased .....

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