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  1. blenky

    blenky Active Member

    Hopefully Zidoo will release a work around for LG's 2020 CX range.
  2. DaMacFunkin

    DaMacFunkin Active Member

    It is a problem for LG to fix, the problem is with the latest realtek chipsets not just the chipset in the Zidoo.

    My guess is that Zidoo submitted their report to Dolby referencing the C9 because Zidoo tech own a C9 and that is possibly what LG fixed the bug on.

    You may need to report the bug for the CX series to LG to get a fix, Dolby has told Zidoo not to change their implementation.
  3. RudoSK

    RudoSK New Member

    I hope the repair will come soon.
    My model has already been updated Lg Oled55B9SLA.
    Other models should follow.
  4. blenky

    blenky Active Member

    I have raised this with LG and got the following reply

    Have you got any more specific info that I can pass back to LG?

  5. DaMacFunkin

    DaMacFunkin Active Member

    VSIF error with Realtek RTD 1619DR as recently updated in LG C9 / B9 firmware.

    Any more information that will have to come from @mirror.
  6. blenky

    blenky Active Member

    Sent PM to @mirror. Cheers.
  7. Polypenko

    Polypenko Member

    The 5.00.03 firmware update for the LG C9 oled tv was created to solve the problems with the Nvidia RTX3080 Graphic Cards.

    So the question is does this Firmware update also solve all current Zidoo related issues, or does LG / Zidoo and Dolby need to take
    further steps to ensure the new 1619RD mediaplayers will interface correctly?

    Anxiously looking forward to the new Zidoo FW release.
  8. Capi2412

    Capi2412 New Member

    I am so glad LG finally fixed the issue with DV and synch. Need one more help with my setting guys. I am following these settings:

    Display/HDR: DV VS10 Engine
    Display/Color Settings/4K 50~60Hz: Priority YUV420 12BIT
    Display/Color Settings/4K 23~30Hz: Priority YUV444 12BIT
    Display/Color Settings/Non-4K: Priority YUV444 8BIT
    Display/Color Settings/HDMI Color Region: 16-235
    Display/HDMI Mode: 3840x2160p: Auto

    Any idea why am I getting current settings: 3840x2160p @60Hz RGB 8 Bits BT2020 instead of YUV420 12BIT?
    What I am doing wrong, any advice? I have already tried everything.

    Also all my movies/all video outputs are currently 3840x2160p @30Hz RGB 8 Bits BT2020. How can I get 10/12Bits color depth?

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  9. Oldirtydog

    Oldirtydog Member

    Why you choise the DV VS10 Engine ? Nothing is ok :) When you play DV mkv with Atmos truehd on HDR Auto and you dont have any problem then everything is ok !
  10. DaMacFunkin

    DaMacFunkin Active Member

    In VS10 mode Zidoo will tunnel to your LG in 8 bit RGB the for your TV to process, this the way Dolby Vision was designed to work.
    If you want to send 12 bit in DV and 10 bit in HDR10 then set Zidoo to Auto in HDR settings.
  11. blenky

    blenky Active Member

    What LG TV do you have and which firmware version fixed the problem for you. I have reported the DV sync issue that I get on my LG CX. LG came back and said they are unaware of any such issue on any of the LG range. They say the only fix they are working on for the C9 is on issues with the NVidia RTX graphics card.
  12. Capi2412

    Capi2412 New Member

    I might missing something. I was thinking VS10 was designed to force all content in DV and the gui too. I didnt realize that HDR VS10 = 8-bit RGB DV so this setting is useless.

    So is there any reason to set Zidoo to VS10, whats the point?
    So I guess my best option is to leave on Auto and will change color settings to 10Bit as I assume I want HDR10 to output in native. Am I correct?

    Display/HDR: Auto
    Display/Color Settings/4K 50~60Hz: Priority YUV420 10BIT
    Display/Color Settings/4K 23~30Hz: Priority YUV444 10BIT

    I am owner of B9 with just new released firmware - version 05.00.02.
  13. xskip

    xskip Member

    LG B9
    [05.00.02] (04/11/2020)
    1. Expanding the launcher's advertisement function
    2. Launcher exposure when TV is turned on
    3. LG Channel service improvement and expansion (Korea, North America, Europe, Brazil only)

  14. DaMacFunkin

    DaMacFunkin Active Member

    8 bit RGB tunnelling sends a dual stream signal to your TV in an ‘tunnel’ that a capable TV processes into a 12bit rec2020 signal, it will then dither or throw away 2 bits of the 12 bit signal to output on the 10bit screen.
    VS10 will output Dolby Vision in 8 bit RGB tunnelling if your TV supports it, this is the intended way to do 12 bit Profile 7 Dolby Vision, if you set to Auto the player outputs 12 bit LLDV which was invented for Sony TV’s that didn’t have the required hardware to perform 8 bit RGB tunnelling , some people with LG OLED especially find LLDV darker than RGB tunnelling.

    In VS10 mode HDR10 is also output as Converted Dolby Vision RGB tunnelling, this may give you a picture you prefer compared to Auto which is pure HDR10, but it technically isn’t correct.
    What us LG owners need is a sub menu in Auto that forces TV led processing like on the Oppo 203.
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  15. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    same setup and the Midway mkv works fine ie pana z1000
    Does the full movie play without stutter /audio lag of 2 secs after 5 mins or so play.... thing i see is everyone on makemkv forum just using short 30 sec vids ,which means the stutter lag issues dont show
    Also Atmos track ?

    ive tried muxing a few and none work
    starting to think maybe i have wrong ffmpeg prog...yue said use x version but it had been removed from all the dl lists
    wondering how your doing it and which movies are fully working atm ?

    since we have same setup
  16. blenky

    blenky Active Member

    I've tried this file and plays in DV just fine on my LG CX. However its only a 50 second clip. I find that a DV file will play OK for about 3 minutes. Then it starts to resync and playback becomes jerky and unwatchable.

    I have two conversions I made using yuesopes methods (1917 and Matrix Reloaded). Both have Atmos audio and both play fine for first few minutes.
  17. ammar11

    ammar11 Active Member

    Hey guys, I've now owned Z9X as well. The firmware 5.00.03 on the LG C9 fixed the DV resync issue 100% for me. I've not had a single resync issue since last week, I've watched a few full movies since then.

    But LG is releasing the new firmware by region, they began with North America, last week South East Asia and then Europe (or at least the UK). So you might have to wait a little while.

    PS: I don't have any issues playing with Dolby TrueHD Atmos as well, but that even before the new firmware.

    It's normal for the public changelog to only include obvious changes only, technical stuffs are often left out. But trust me the fix for DV is there.
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  18. blenky

    blenky Active Member

    That's great news for C9 owners. There is no such recent firmware for LG's CX range. In fact LG deny any knowledge of this DV issue we are facing. Maybe the latest firmware coincidentally fixed the issue for C9 TV's?
  19. DaMacFunkin

    DaMacFunkin Active Member

    It’s possible that when fixing the gsync they did update the VSIF with the latest information, the CX gsync firmware was available about a week before the C9 firmware.
  20. Oldirtydog

    Oldirtydog Member

    Atmos makes problem on HDR AUTO :) I have a 10 movies mkv 5-MEL and 5_ FEL all with atmos with problem,when i change to dolby digital all movies run perfect.The right thing is hdr on auto ,no vs10 tunells,8 bit hdr shit....Zidoo really really have to fix all the problem!

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