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    Well , i found the solution. At least one of the two hard drives being connected to the usb 2.0 ports , must funtion with external power supply. I tried it and the outcome was the fact to recognize all four discs. Totally 3 wd passports and one external wd my book with power supply.
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    My HDR setting is DV10. After watching various media, the setting randomly goes back to Auto (no reboot). Seems to be a bug. Any way to hold it permanently at user setting?

    I notice the change when the UI background goes very dark. Still no idea what triggers it.
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    HDMI only supports 50i & 60i (interlaced) in Standard Definition (720x480 & 720x576) so anything else will be upscaled to current GUI resolution.
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    Будет ли работать голосовой поиск в YouTube и других приложениях с g20s или другим пультом дистанционного управления с микрофоном?
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    I mentioned here in the past some problem with TV picture. I have an older one TV panasonic (plasma) so i only use FullHD. It doesn't happen often, but somethimes. And I can see this problem when I'm in the device menu as well. I don't know the correct english word for this, but it is some purple granulation, as you can see in the picture:


    At first i thought it was a wrong color setting, but yesterday I found out, that this is related to the refresh rate. If I set "auto", then it is 1080P/60hz and then I have this picture problem. But if I set manualy 1080P/50hz or 1080P/24hz, than the picture is OK:

  6. Markswift2003

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    I'd have to assume your TV doesn't like 1080p60 - I just tried a 1080p60 EDID and the output was ok in all modes.

    What have you got set in Settings/Display/Colour Settings/Non-4K ?
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    Thanks, Mark!
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    Next to what @Markswift2003 already explained, if the source video woud be native ntsc @ 29.97fps interlaced, my guess is that the player would output @59.94fps and not 23.976.

    In case of movie-dvd's, these being played @ 23.976fps is not uncommon. And very much preferred over 29.97fps.

    As most movies are shot @ 24fps on film, on dvd's they are often stored as (slightly slowed-down) 23.976 progressive (so, the full frames). Normally, a dvd-player will run these frames through a process (called telecine) into ntsc's 29.97fps interlaced.

    However, a so-called "progressive scan" compatible dvd-player recognizes this kind of content en can output these 23.976 full frames per second. Of course, the receiving display must also be 23.976fps compatible.

    I think this is what the Zidoo player does and it therefore states "23Hz" (which should be read as 23.976Hz)
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    Thanks. I just looked at a typical movie DVD (At First Sight) with MediaInfo and it reports this movie file as “720x480 (16/9) at 23.976 FPS”. However, while playing this movie, Z9X INFO shows the input as 720x480 @ 29.970 fps, due to telecining you mentioned.
  10. Markswift2003

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    Does MediaInfo show both "Frame Rate" and "Original Frame Rate"?
  11. cappy1

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    MediaInfo just reports the original frame rate, even if checked while movie is playing. (It just looks at the source file).
  12. Markswift2003

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    When MediaInfo (PC version) reports "Frame Rate" it does it by calculation from time codes from the first few frames and then checks if it's within a certain percentage of a standard frame rate, if it is then it reports that standard frame rate.

    Original Frame Rate, if used, is written into the stream header. Sometimes the two are different because the movie has been telecined for TV presentation - I think that's what you're seeing here - it's been telecined for NTSC presentation, so the actual frame rate is 29.97fps.
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    Here is MediaInfo screen shot on my Mac that I see whether or not file is playing.

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    Ah - I was referring to MediaInfo from:


    So I assume your Mac is reading the header rather than the file itself.
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    This is what I have, but never played around with settings. I downloaded it years ago and never had a need to use it until today. I see now that View was in the “Easy” setting, apparently the default. The “Tree” setting now shows all the data. Thanks, Mark.
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    Any time.
  17. mutt

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    There is set YUV444 8BIT.

    Edit: now I have changed HDMI settings. Before I had "auto", if I set 16-235 there is the same problem, but if I set 0-255 it is OK no matter if I have 60Hz, 50Hz or 24Hz...
    I know you prefer 16-235 in recommended settings, so is it OK if I set 0-255? In fact, I have no idea what this setting is good for...

    Edit2: so no, 0-255 is not a good solution, i tried watch a movie and the dark scenes are too dark... this might explain why there is no granulation problem in this setting, because the granulation I can see usually in light colors or white color - and if everything is darker then there is no granulation...
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  18. Markswift2003

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    So I think you found out - 16-235 isn't a preference, it's the way content is encoded. 0-255 is generally for RGB computer displays for example.

    When stuff is encoded at 16-235 (DVD, BluRay, UHD BluRay etc etc), it means black is at 16 and white at 235 which has to match the display settings otherwise you crush black as you've seen.

    I assume from your post that most material you watch is 1080p @ 23.976fps? So in that case I'd set resolution to 1080p23 and as long as auto frame rate and resolution is on, if any content is different from that it will change automatically.

    When you set "Auto" in <HDMI Mode> that just sets the maximum allowed by the TV's EDID which is not always ideal.
  19. Joao Franco

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    In my case i set to auto because in 16-235 the colours are involved in something like a fog.
    Washed and the blacks are not so black.
    Maybe some grey.
    If i set to Auto everything are great.
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  20. Markswift2003

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    It's possible you TV doesn't have a selectable quantization range in the EDID - but hey, whatever works :)
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