New firmware v2.2.56 beta version for ZIDOO Z9S release

Discussion in 'ZIDOO Z9S' started by mirror, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. afss

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    cannot comment on the warranty, but I can tell the 4K movies do stress more the HDMI interface and cable, as they require more data throughput. Therefore it is logical that the lower resolution files may not trigger data errors, which is what you are seeing in form of "sparkles".
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    Where did you get firmware 2.2.57 from? The latest beta is 2.2.56
  3. testphase

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    with the lates beta firmware I always get a freeze for about several seconds during the playback, and happens only one time no matter how long the video is, very strange
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    Music player freezes when managing from android-phone control center-file manager
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    No idea. I downloaded the last one.
  8. Ovidiu Necula

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    I think DRM stands for digital rights management which it would allow usage of netflix but only hd quality.
  9. pcristi

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    - rooted but not SuperSU.apk included
    - add DRM L3 for compatibility with Netflix 6.x.x(only SD quality) get apk to install from apkmirror.
    OP on
    ota-package v2.2.57 available from Zidoo servers.
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  10. Dan

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    Tried different hdmi cable from zidoo to av receiver, tried plugging zidoo direct to tv with another different cable but still get the white sparkles on the same scenes. Either the device is faulty or it’s a firmware issue.

    As mentioned before same file with same kit chain and same cables play fine on X9s.

  11. Theeraphon

    Theeraphon Member

    Do you have a changelog for 2.2.57?
  12. Markswift2003

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    It's exactly the same as v2.2.56 - it just had a different translator:

    v2.2.57 changelog от x20/x20 pro

    1. Optimize HTTPS downloads of transmission in Openwrt
    2. Fixed occasional silent problems under the extreme NFS and SMB network environment
    3. Fixed some abnormal video playback problems
    4. Add MKV video chapter selection
    5. Add [certified driver (
    https://drivers.contro…m/solr/drivers/browse? Q = zidoo&fq = certified % 3 a % 22 true % 22)
    6. Fixed the flash screen problem of individual TVS in the case of 4K24Hz10bitYUV444
    7. Optimize system stability

    The Launcher
    1. Modify the application interface to show occasional problems without focus

    1. Optimize matching accuracy
    2. Optimize stability
    3. Optimized SACD matching and added info file matching
    4. Add album matching function
    6. Optimized album information analysis

    Wall poster
    1. Solve the problem that uncollectible may cause program exception
    2. Optimize the search, conduct continuous matching according to the first letter, and display the movie with high matching degree first
    3. Modify the key arrangement of the virtual keyboard on the search interface
    4. Solve the problem that NFO matching movies do not update data when re-matching TMDB movies
    5. Solve the invalidation of INFO key and POP key, the third layout of the main interface
    6. Solve the second layout of the main interface, if the file word length, the title of the rightmost will appear black line problem
    7. Optimize the accuracy of poster matching
    8. Optimize the display of the left column of the main interface

    1. Add play mode setting

    Native player
    1. Add MKV video chapter selection

    Blu-ray navigation
    1. Optimize navigation accuracy

    1. Add the function of turning off HDMI output to continue recording

    1. Fix the problem of sending commands too fast and flashing back
  13. kam186

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    Now my z9s player play above DTS file has noisy sound after downgrade fw from 2.2.57 to 1.97. upgrade back to 2.14, 2.256 & 2.257 also same. Any idea what went wrong ?

    It has been OK previously using fw 2.257 and music player 3.18.
  14. Theeraphon

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  15. Al Perez

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    I've confirmed that HT2 2.1.9 solved the auto update function.
  16. Dan

    Dan Member

    I'm still having issues with sparklies on both 1080 and 4k content, I've tried multiple HDMI cables,going direct to TV but no different.

    I've uploaded a couple of examples below, I'd appreciate if you could test on your Z9s and share your results so I can see if its firmware or hardware.!qqggXYhS!ysbIq5kaVLFbqJgBfWE5CNzcSTyKIXqbi2djIPof_-I

    (as he steps off the train, right side of the picture)!fjxCASgb!BN7rq8NcM-SWkN3njVr6_xxabH1LgVt7sQWskXJ_kdo

    (throughout dark scenes)
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  17. Markswift2003

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    This is something I've commented on a number of times with various Realtek RTD 129* boxes.

    Sparklies are usually a symptom of bad HDMI cables, but not in this case it would seem - There seems to be an incompatibility with certain HDMI sinks and these boxes but only at 10-bit 444.

    I've seen it on the Zapitti 4K and the Dune Pro at 10-bit 444 but it's always been curable by switching to 12-bit 444.

    However, again as I've noted previously at length, the Zidoo Z9S has 12-bit 444 disabled by design, so even if you've set 12-bit 444, it will still remain at 10-bit 444.

    I've tried to convince Zidoo Support to restore 12-bit 444 since I think this will cure more problems than it causes - black screens, 10-bit instability etc. My thinking is that if a display is capable of 10-bit 444, then it is also capable of 12-bit 444 and neither mode is particularly arduous on the HDMI chain.

    So the first thing to try is to switch to 12-bit 422 which is comparatively a very low bandwidth mode (or even 8-bit) and see if the sparklies persist. If they do then your problem is not the one above and it may well be that you have a duff box, otherwise if the sparklies only manifest at 10-bit then leave on 12-bit 422 unless Zidoo decide to reinstate 12-bit 444.

    (note that 12-bit 422 is handled internally at 8-bit by these boxes, so chroma banding may be an issue on some footage)
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  18. blenky

    blenky Active Member

    Downloaded these . What are sparklies so I know what I'm supposed to be seeing!
  19. wk11739

    wk11739 New Member

    So after installing this latest firmware my front display is now stuck on "Hello" and no longer shows the time. Any ideas on how to fix?
  20. Dan

    Dan Member

    White sparkly spots, you’d know if your saw them

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