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    [​IMG]Z10 PRO

    My Personal Review on the New ZIDOO Z10 PRO

    Work in Progress :

    Released 18th August : UK

    : Z10 PRO Spec

    : REALTEK RTD1619DR six-core ARM Cortex-A55 CPU and ARM Mali-G51
    : 2 GB of DDR4 RAM and 32 GB of built-in eMMC storage
    : ANDROID. : 9.0
    : BLUETOOTH : 4.2
    : 2 x USB 3.0
    : DOLBY VISION VS10 Engine
    : DOLBY VISION Profiles Except 7 and 8.
    : HDR10 +
    : NETFLIX 4K HDR : DD 5.1
    : YOU TUBE 4K : Audio 2.0
    : H.T. : 4.0
    : MUSIC PLAYER : 6.0
    : ZDMC v : 18.8

    : Zidoo has confirmed that they are working on the SDK, and developing Dolby Vision support for MKV containers regarding profiles 4,5,8 & 9.

    Mini Review :

    Equipment used :
    ZIDOO : Z10PRO
    PIONEER : 500M Plasma Monitor 1080p
    YAMAHA : Receiver Rx-V602 Dolby Vision
    AUDIOQUEST : 2x Pearl 4K Certified HDMI 2.0 Directional High Speed
    SAMSUNG : SSD 2Tb Internal Drive

    Quick findings i prefer the look feel of the Z10 Model in Silver Finish
    the Remote looks the same as previous versions and will not be using the supplied power adapter 12V 2.0 Amp instead using the Z10 power Brick 12v 3.0 Amp version .
    The Zidoo Logo on front of Z10 PRO is Raised and a 3D logo as such plus
    the Packaging box it comes in is a vast improvement than the previous model to.
    A few Snapshots to compare the looks of previous models .
    As soon as i booted up it confirmed new Firmware and i updated
    note boots quicker than previous Z10
    Boot up time to Home screen a blistenrly quick 22:89 seconds .
    H.T.v3.0 did not find all my Movies so spent a bit of time manually updating them .
    At moment configuring Visual settings to match my Monitor so work in progress but thats all the fun with a new Device [​IMG]
    The Screensaver is a nice touch at long last plus visually stunning and of High Quality Photos the navigation o/s is nice & smooth using My Bluetooth Remote .
    Weirdly powering off my Z10 pro with Remote powered off my Monitor even though all Cec is all off on the media box . ( a poss fix is to go to settings enable Cec then disable )
    You Tube works in 1080p Great picture .
    Cant fault Picture Quality or sound at the moment and unit seems more smoother and more responsive which includes using my own Bluetooth Remote it detects it and picks it up as soon as its booted to home screen .

    If you want HDR10 + / Dolby Vision with VS10 support with Netflix / Youtube and other apps then its worth upgrading from previous Zidoo models .
    Dolby Vision VS10 as its work in progress and what is the best settings to use for your screen the best results are coming through now slowly and i will update thread as we go .
    Plus Zidoo are releasing firmware updates as we go to address any bugs which some are finding .
    But overall a pretty stable unit im finding even with early firmware release
    Just wished they kept the Silver finish look like the Z10 Model .
    Note My model did not ship with internal clock battery but can be purchased seperately .
    Its early days at the moment for this new Model out but in a few months time it will have numerous Firmware updates addressing bugs and adding new features like previous models before it and im sure it will just get better & better and im pleasantly pleased its been a solid and great visual playback unit in the few days ive had it .
    As any new Device id say give it a few months to address issues as they get reported .

    Work in Progress

    [​IMG]The Z10 Model Range over the years.

    [​IMG]Z10 PRO : Top Lid Compared to the Z10 model Vented is the Z10

    Z10 PRO : Inside

    Z10 PRO : X1619 Motherboard ( Note missing Battery )

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    Why would they ship it w/o the button cell?? All PC MB's have it installed. :rolleyes:

    Any idea what these 3 missing 'devices' (?) next the the battery holder are about? is that a push button for the one that is there?

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Think was it to do with a battery catching fire on board a plane ?
    So was emmited or Zidoo stance they remove batterys for health & safety concerns
    Or keep costs down ?

    The buttons may be installed on future media devices the X Model ?
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    Do you think we should replace the battery?
    What is the purpose?

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Battery if for the time clock Display so keeps the time always .
    But connected to wi fi it will update time as soon as unit is powered up etc

    cost of battery is a few pounds if .
  6. Nice Monkey

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    Only when disconnect from the mains regularly and not being networked for a new sync. Should be very few cases.

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