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Zidoo x9s GPU crash before and after installation

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by Anand, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. Anand

    Anand New Member


    My zidoo x9s throws same error after successful installation.

    each time same issue: soft reset failed GPU Job fault freq

    [ 282.404230] mali 98050000.gpu: PWR_OVERRIDE0=0x00000000 PWR_OVERRIDE1=0x00000000
    [ 282.412258] mali 98050000.gpu: SHADER_CONFIG=0x00010000 L2_MMU_CONFIG=0x00000000
    [ 282.420305] mali 98050000.gpu: t6xx: GPU fault 0x4002 from job slot 0
    [ 282.420318] mali 98050000.gpu: Reset complete
    [ 282.444456] E/DC: [dc_sys_debug_work_func] dc_sys_debug(0x98008300) = 0x23400000
    [ 282.529404] mali 98050000.gpu: GPU Job fault freq from 580000000 to 580000000
    [ 288.007751] init: avc: denied { set } for property=rockchip.media.musiccount scontext=u:r:system_app:s0 tcontext=u:eek:bject_r:default_prop:s0 tclass=property_service
    [ 288.036281] mali 98050000.gpu: JS: Job has been on the GPU for too long (JS_RESET_TICKS_SS/DUMPING timeout hit). Issueing GPU soft-reset to resolve.
    [ 288.049922] mali 98050000.gpu: Preparing to soft-reset GPU: Waiting (upto 3000 ms) for all jobs to complete soft-stop
    [ 291.060949] mali 98050000.gpu: Resetting GPU (allowing up to 500 ms)
    [ 291.067479] mali 98050000.gpu: Register state:
    [ 291.072113] mali 98050000.gpu: GPU_IRQ_RAWSTAT=0x00000200 GPU_STATUS=0x00000009
    [ 291.079846] mali 98050000.gpu: JOB_IRQ_RAWSTAT=0x00000000 JOB_IRQ_JS_STATE=0x00000001 JOB_IRQ_THROTTLE=0x00000000
    [ 291.090645] mali 98050000.gpu: JS0_STATUS=0x00000008 JS0_HEAD_LO=0xf2c49c00
    [ 291.098408] mali 98050000.gpu: JS1_STATUS=0x00000000 JS1_HEAD_LO=0xf2c49a00
    [ 291.106632] mali 98050000.gpu: JS2_STATUS=0x00000000 JS2_HEAD_LO=0x00000000
    [ 291.114604] mali 98050000.gpu: MMU_IRQ_RAWSTAT=0x00000000 GPU_FAULTSTATUS=0x00000000
    [ 291.122887] mali 98050000.gpu: GPU_IRQ_MASK=0x00000000 JOB_IRQ_MASK=0x00000000 MMU_IRQ_MASK=0x00000000
    [ 291.133381] mali 98050000.gpu: PWR_OVERRIDE0=0x00000000 PWR_OVERRIDE1=0x00000000
    [ 291.141821] mali 98050000.gpu: SHADER_CONFIG=0x00010000 L2_MMU_CONFIG=0x00000000
    [ 291.149924] mali 98050000.gpu: t6xx: GPU fault 0x4002 from job slot 0
    [ 291.149932] mali 98050000.gpu: Reset complete
    [ 291.168808] mali 98050000.gpu: GPU Job fault freq from 580000000 to 580000000
    [ 291.177489] E/DC: [dc_sys_debug_work_func] dc_sys_debug(0x98008300) = 0x03400000

    Attached complete putty.log in file

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