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    This is all about chroma handling. Modern TV's typically are capable to distinguish many color and work internally with 4:4:4 signals.

    4.4.4 means that each sample of luminance Y has corresponding samples of both U & V. This is effectively the same as full-bandwidth RGB - you can convert it to 4:4:4 YUV and back to RGB and the results will be identical.

    4.2.2 means that you've halved the resolution of the colour difference signals along the line. The luminance resolution remains the same, but U and V are halved (only one UV sample pair for every two Y samples).

    4.2.0 is slightly more confusing terminology, but it just means that the colour resolution is halved in both the horizontal and vertical directions.

    The chroma information on Blu Rays is always 8-bit (in 4.2.0 chroma format) but UHD may be 8-bit but mostly is 10-bit (in 4.2.2 format). Next the various HDR modes interfere also with color information for reproduction as they use 4.4.4 handling.

    So for reproduction on a TV of any source the chromainformation will be up-scaled (adding more color variants in a smart way) by either the media player, the AMP in-between (if present and enabled to do so) or the TV. When choosing 4.4.4 this task will be done by the media player but when using 4.2.0 it will be done by the TV.
    Specifically high-end TV's are designed to do a very good job here, so I am very much inclined to let the expensive TV do this job (4.2.0) rather than the media player. One should experiment which settings give the best result for the typical media being viewed (as results will in fact vary with this).

    Unfortunately it depends on the actual chipset / SOC = System On a Chip which combinations of video resolutions, HDR modes and color output are supported by both ends TV <==> Media Player. All up-scaling is always done by a system chip in hardware not by firmware! Not all combinations may work or even be possible to be configured. Many UHD/4K media players don't allow 4.2.0 in combination with 1080P for instance as they are primarily designed with 2160P output in mind.
    I also see that image processing on media players often is disabled implicitly in combination with HDR (by just enabling it, regardless of the actual media being played has HDR or not). So just enabling HDR by AUTO or ON will then automatically disable options for color adjustments/image processing and enforce 4.4.4 color output. Of course everybody likes to enable HDR for his shiny expensive new 4K TV but if it is wise when playing HD source material most of the time? Some players got a HDR button on the remote for this to switch the HDR mode very conveniently, which I think is a good compromise.
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    Next problems with the X10. I do not know if it's a problem of my copy, but quite loud fan work, the one from Himmedia q10 is "different quality" here the sound of noise ...

    Unfortunately still the replayer is not seen on my network and I can not get to the disc.

    Deleting a movie through the ZDMC from my library at the setting of "external player not Kodi" causes minimal "slowing down" of the movie ... (unacceptable)

    I figured out the visibility of the internal drive by all the applications.

    Where is the full X10 firmware file available? Because I'm afraid the next test can do the "brick" of my X10 and I would like to know how to "wake up" ...

    I have a lot of faith in this device and hope that with the help of the company will be "best".

    I have Himmedia q10pro and there are quite a lot of jobs up there ...
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    Haha, just waiting and waiting and never know when, just as a promise, may be ;)
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    My supplier mailed their customers that Zidoo just started X10 global shipping in quantities. It may take another 2 weeks for delivery in The Netherlands.
    More patience needed.:p

    Start to look like it will take at least another week. Very silent here for a brand new box which at least some got.:rolleyes:
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    Hi, any solution with a nice and decent zoom button(fucntion)?
    Zoom function from VLC Android player are ok but has a lot of problems in play movies, I don't like black stripes.

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