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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X1 II' started by Rayomd, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. Rayomd

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    Hi all, I just got the X1-II yesterday. Below are my observations, issues, suggestions and questions:

    1. 2160p VP9 (downloaded from YouTube) - built-in video player OK; ZBMC choppy
    2. 2160p H265 (10bit) - built-in video player choppy; ZBMC untested
    3. 2160p H265 (8bit) - built-in video player OK; ZBMC untested

    1. Portable HDD not working. Not enough power I suppose. Everyone has a portable HDD to store media files. For X1-II to not support it is rather silly.
    2. USB hub can only recognize one USB stick. The device only has 2 USB ports so we really need USB hub support.

    1. ZIUI has many grammatical errors. Fixing it will give users and potential customers a better impression of the brand. For a start, change SETTING to SETTINGS
  2. spring

    spring Guest

    thank your suggestions.
  3. Rayomd

    Rayomd New Member

    You ought to respond to my ISSUES as well.

    I found another issue. I connected the X1-II to my Pioneer VSX-523-K AV receiver, but is not able to passthrough 4k resolution. My AV receiver has the feature to passthrough 4k, but it's not working. What could be the issue? I'm guessing it's got to do with HDMI CEC?
  4. Mafarricos

    Mafarricos New Member Beta test group

  5. spring

    spring Guest

    you can into the android setting==>display, to check if it have the 4k resolution?
    if it have not those resolution, and the device have not get the EDID of you receiver.
  6. spring

    spring Guest

  7. Rayomd

    Rayomd New Member

    With the X1-II connected to the receiver and from the receiver to the TV, yes it shows options for 4k resolution (24, 25, 30). But I can't set it to any of the 4k options, it'll just go blank. It works fine at 1080p.
  8. jamil

    jamil Member Zidoo TECH Supporter

    what is your tv Brands?
  9. Adl

    Adl Member


    2160p VP9 on youtube can be : 30fps and 60fps. VP9 60fps is not supported by chip. But VP9 30fps is supported.
    2160p h265 10bit is actually HEVC format, and i tested on my tv and playback is ok. MKV container.
    2160p H265 8bit playback is also ok.

    I tested 150mbps H265 bitrate and playback is ok.
    One mention, if you play from network bitrate will be <90mbps.
    On USB hdd is no limitation.
    Also using external usb hdd you should have a new external hdd generation that use low power.
  10. Bobo t

    Bobo t New Member

    Hi, is there any way to update the kodi version from 16 to the latest?

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