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Zidoo v6 and H6 pro

Discussion in 'other' started by FireCrackerJim, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. How come the remote power button does nothing when used with the H6 Pro?

    will this be fixed in a new firmware?
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2017
  2. Choubs

    Choubs New Member

    Hi @FireCrackerJim

    I just bought this V6 remote for my X9S but I have the same problem. Power button doesn't work to turn on or off X9S.

    What a disappointment:(
  3. hopefully the remote can be update via the usb port
  4. Choubs

    Choubs New Member

    For my part, I returned it.
  5. Zghost

    Zghost New Member

    Hello, i just bought that controller, power button doesnt work too... is it a problem?
  6. Please, can you tell us about the power button in the V6 remote? Can you fix it to work with your boxes. I have 2 H6 Pro and it is very disappointing to take the original Bluetooth remote to turn it on and off.

    Is there any solution in the firmware to make other remotes like minix a2 lite power button working on the H6? Please, it would be great to find a solution for power buttons in RF remotes like Zidoo V6 or Minix A2 lite. Thanks!
  7. almangarzon

    almangarzon New Member

    Same issue happens to me as well. H6 pro with V6 Air mouse. Everything works well except the power button. Hopefully this gets fixed in the next firmware updates.
  8. Zghost

    Zghost New Member

    Nobody who works in Zidoo can talk us about that problem??? what about the utility of that forum if we talk to a wall???
  9. almangarzon

    almangarzon New Member

    UPDATE: I figured out how to use the V6 remote properly with the H6 pro: you should connect the receiver to the USB 3.0 slot. Yeah you may lose your only superspeed USB slot but its the only way you can make the power button of the V6 remote to work. You can now turn the TV box on or off with the V6; and finally get rid of the stock remote. for now.

    Haven't tried the V6 in other Zidoo TV Boxes yet but i assume it would work the same.
  10. RTM

    RTM New Member

    It didn't work with my x9s box.
  11. RTM

    RTM New Member

    I just wanted to update everyone.... It seems Zidoo does not monitor or care about this issue with the V6 remote. I have sent multiple e-mails requesting help with this and it is plain to see that either they don't have an answer or they just don't care. That is pretty poor and unacceptable customer service I would say! A simple reply would at least be considerate to a customer.
  12. RTM

    RTM New Member

    Another user suggested using the USB 3.0 port and I have tried all of the available USB ports and the power button still does not function on the V6 remote. I am using the Zidoo x9s TV box and this seems to be the same problem every user has seen. I have NOT seen a single user who can state that the power button of a V6 remote is working on a x9s TV box. At this point in time NONE of my requests to Zidoo have been answered. My guess is that they know about this issue and don't have an answer for it. So rather than respond to customer requests they decide to just ignore the customers rather than worry about customer service and satisfaction. If they don't have an answer and are not willing or able to correct the issue then they should offer refunds on the current V6 remotes or at least offer a deep discount on the original X10 remote which I believe works on the x9x TV box.
  13. Lukasdr

    Lukasdr New Member

    Guys there is a working solution for power button conf:
    Step 1:press the "OK" and "Power" button at the same time for 3 seconds to keep the blue indicator light long bright.

    Step 2:press the 057 remote control "Power"button one time and its blue indicator flickers,at this moment the air mouse into IR learning model.

    Step 3: Let TV box remote lighting tube and 057 remote control be in the same horizon(the distance between them not over 3cm), then press TV box remote “Power” button one time. When 057 remote control completes its IR learning function, the blue indicator light flickers three times and until to keep long bright. It indicates IR learning is successful and please press “fly/air mouse” button to exit.
  14. Zghost

    Zghost New Member

    i dont understand , what do you call "057remote" ? could you make a video please for explain it? :)
    thank you ;)
  15. sunnyk

    sunnyk New Member

    057 is a very similar remote but from different brand
  16. Lukasdr

    Lukasdr New Member

    Yeap i found it on some forums so i think 057 is a random remote control so use default remote and it should works
  17. doesnt work
  18. warmq

    warmq New Member

    it dose not work out for me
    Hey, I have a high definition movie on my computer. I need to convet the mp4 videos to DVD and then play on TV.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2018
  19. leona

    leona New Member

    You are right. this really needs a video to further explain this process
  20. Lukasdr

    Lukasdr New Member

    Hi all i found that on some forum dont remember now where ive been trying that method couple times and start working i think 057 remote is just a name of device if i have time i will make a video for that

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