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  1. myzidoo

    myzidoo Member

    I'm just playing around with an UHD 2000. It feels snappier than the X20. I just found out that the RS-232 is not working.
    Haven't invested a lot of time so far but do other UHD2000 owners noticed that ??

    I'll compare with the X20 if there's something different in the running background apps but even power on or power off is not working.

    Is RS-232 disabled in firmware 2.3.3 ???

    I control my zidoos exclusively over IP and RS-232 and this is now anoying with the UHD2000
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  2. jedi

    jedi New Member

    Good morning
    I have purchased this MediaPlayer, but using an external 4 TB hard disk (for the moment) the films have a very big problem:
    image is not fluid, but it goes in jerks or more precisely with a slow flow (slow motion type) and then returns to normal and after a few seconds the problem returns.
    My doubt does it (I have tried all 4k films) with frame 23.98 P.
    I have to try (but they are very few) with frame 24 P
    Is there any parameter in the munu 'to be set?
    I don't know how to solve it.
    I wait for advice
  3. karipu

    karipu New Member

    Does this player have HDR10+ and Dolby Vision?
  4. jedi

    jedi New Member

    The question is not about what I'm asking
  5. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    @jedi Try to use the USB2 port or internal HDD. There is a known problem with USB3 causing throughput problems under some (unknown) conditions.
    Use Auto frame-rate in setup for correct playback of all video formats.

    @karipu NO you need the new Zidoo X (mid next year) for that.
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  6. jedi

    jedi New Member

    So external hard drives with USB 3 ports (I have 6 of 4 Tb) are not good?, And I just bought a 10Tb internal hard disk) and I'm transferring the movies from an external 4 Tb hard disk to this one, you can't use.?
    The thing troubles me, but ending up transferring on the 10Tb Hard Disd, will I see the fluid image, without slowing down?
    I hope I was clear
  7. jedi

    jedi New Member

    But I used USB 2.0 on the front.
    My 4 Tb Maxtor have usb 3.0
  8. myzidoo

    myzidoo Member

    as new monkey said if USB has a known problem then you certainly should not have fluidity issues if you put your disk internally ...
  9. myzidoo

    myzidoo Member

    @administrator : could we open up an separate UHD 2000 forum thread ??
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  10. gymnos

    gymnos Member

    Very good hardware with several issues, like always…
  11. myzidoo

    myzidoo Member

    agree but still the most promising out there IMHO...I tried dune, zappiti, dvdfab mediaserver, egreat and himedia
  12. jedi

    jedi New Member

    Good morning
    I did all the possible tests and I arrived, unfortunately, to these conclusions.
    The machine is not usable.
    Both with external hard disk (4 TB or smaller) with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0, both with internal hard disk (10Tb, but not the capacity), with films in either 4 K or 1080P has the problem of fluidity very serious images
    It only works on movies in animation (4k or 1080P) that are at 24 frames.
    Everything else if I am at 23.98 frame image goes in slow motion and then returns for a moment fluid and then repeats itself.
    I connected it first with my Jvc Rs4500 projector with radiance pro, both smooth with my Samsung 4K TV
    What I wonder and how the developers did not agree.
    At this point, I will return it to the seller to my great regret.
    Thanks for the suggestions, but unfortunately they didn't go well
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  13. myzidoo

    myzidoo Member

    Interesting findings.
    I'm holding on to it for some more days. I had so many of these players that I'm really getting used to this kind of things. Honestly for my usage zidoo did check most of my requirements. The UHD 2000 is in my opinion a courageous move and the coming days, weeks will prove if the case works out or not. At the price tag of the UHD2000, customers will most likely not be very resilient with problems. Fact is that the development of such a player is hard. The firmware and software includes many open sourced items you need to adjust. We all tend to forget that the features this players have are not "deemed" to be all available in one box. See the discussion for the upcoming "X" which shall also incorporate dolby vision. This tech is heavily licenced. For those who use and follow this remember back "the King...Oppo". In the beginning each oppo could play ISO files over ethernet. They had to shut it down for licencing reasons.
    So to put it bluntly...have all that working is not simple...
    Bringing the UHD2000 to market with bugs and problems can also be a strategy as the reactions of the customers might uncover many details and problems the manufacturer was simply not aware of. I might be mistaken but Zidoo is not a 20'000 employees company and it's courageous.

    In advertizing this player as a flagship product, expectations of customers are high and tolerance for problems is low. The only make or brake criteria will now be how fast they can adress it.

    @jedi : I experienced exactly the same yesterday. I didn't expected the player to be the culprit as I just had ripped the Bluray. It was exactly that : slow motion, moment fluid and repeat. I thought the rip is faulty.
    The funny thing though is that the X20 has the same issue with the rip...

    I'll not return it straight away and will give some days/weeks for fixing...my X20 is back on duty again
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  14. jedi

    jedi New Member

    Quite honestly, that a car is put on the market with these problems, for me it is intolerable and scandalous.
    I have already opened the return procedure and will contact other competitors, as they are known problems
    I'm done with Zidoo
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  15. myzidoo

    myzidoo Member

    PowerDVD de facto having the least issues in my HTPC which is easily explainable as it is fully licenced....but then you have to take care of cinavia...

    It's actually a fun (But expensive) hobby. For me my findings after all these years is :

    HTPC : most convenient but requires constant care, updating and fiddling. For family members less user friendly regarding power up, navigation (all being integrated in a home automation system).
    Oppo : still the best player out there. Needs to be jailbreaked to gain iso playback. Once Jailbreaked reads everything perfectly and as it remains fully licenced dolby vision on board BUT GUI sucks
    Zappiti : not bad per se but GUI sucks, good for home automation integration mostly solid
    Egreat : picture really good all the rest full of bugs, no company support, no firmware updates
    Dune : very solid but the latest generation has also firmware problems and the GUI is bad. Further it seems that the company lost their HDMI licencing status
    DvdFab : where to start? after intitial firmware version decided to make a cloud setup and is since then crippled with bugs and problems.
    Zidoo : good picture quality, open api for controls over IR, RS-232 and IP (just that IR in, RS-232 do not work on my UHD2000) and IMHO the best picture wall out there at his price.

    Actually it's simple. There is only one hardware which onboards everything legit : Kaleidescape and if I sum it up I have probably spent up to now equal if not more as if I would have bought Kaleidescape from the beginning .... but where would have been the fun ??
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  16. Starke

    Starke New Member

    Hi ,
    Anyone know how to change the defult drive to the internal HDD ? on the UHD2000?
  17. Moeteiru

    Moeteiru New Member

    You will need to have root access to change some code. Only after that you will be allow to switch you internal SD Card to any external one.
  18. Arun Reginald

    Arun Reginald New Member

    Has the issue of the image being not fluid, but it going in jerks or more precisely with a slow flow (slow motion type) and then returning to normal and after a few seconds the problem returning as reported in the forum above been fixed by Zidoo on the UHD 2000 by a firmware update.
  19. Arun Reginald

    Arun Reginald New Member

    Have you returned the player. If not has the issue that you have reported been fixed?
  20. Sampinto89

    Sampinto89 Member

    I have to admit that the UHD2000 is a good player indeed. It does have minor bugs here and there, but it's the best audiophile player out now. I tried the Zappiti, etc. but always ended up preferring the Zidoo. I bought it knowing that it may have some kinks to work out, but that's fine because based on the amount of support, it will eventually become one of the best (if not the best) on the market.

    However, someone on this forum and other mentioned that the latest firmware introduced the freezing issue on the media players with the 1296 chip. I just hope that Zidoo figures out what's going on in the next firmware. People who buy these machines expecting perfection on the first go wouldn't be very happy.

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