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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X6 Pro' started by bovirus, Nov 30, 2015.

  1. bovirus

    bovirus Member Beta test group

    I bough a X6 Pro unit.
    I download the Zidoo RC app

    Android Remote Control (RC) app

    Someone could confirm me that the latest version is about March 2014?
    If is there a new version could be posted me info about it and download link.

    I developed Italian language for it.
    With Android SDK I unpacked the app, get the English language (that contains many chinese strings - I hope that Zidoo fix it as soon...), I translated the strings.xml file in Italian, and I rebuild the app (with Italian language included).
    If someone is interested I can put here the link to get the English language to add more languages to the app.


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  2. Arctic Ace

    Arctic Ace Member

    Maybe Zidoo could copy/paste a language txt-template here, so we could help them by translating all used languages for them - same goes with GUI language templates?

    On this way, 'wider' language support would be included to "official application" and would be included all upcoming versions as well by default.
  3. bovirus

    bovirus Member Beta test group

    I added at first post the zip file that contains string.xml.
    Anyone want to translate edit text in string.xml and post new language.
  4. Asaf Zabari

    Asaf Zabari New Member

    Is there any newer version for the remote control ?
  5. spring

    spring Guest

    we can release the new version for the differnt language version, can you provide a different language translation?we will very thanks!:)
  6. spring

    spring Guest

  7. bovirus

    bovirus Member Beta test group

    Thanks for this project
    I already translated the strings.xnl file in Italian.
    Is there a way to laod it into the project to avoid to re-translate all strings?
  8. spring

    spring Guest

    if you save the change, it will remind you have translated the string.
  9. bovirus

    bovirus Member Beta test group

    I know that if I will translate it save the translation status.
    But my request is another.
    I alrteady translated strings.xml (values\string.xml), into Italian (values-it\strings.xml) and I rebuild the app with Italian.
    I'd like to know if I can load into tarnsdlation rpoject the translation that is already done (to avoid start it from scratch).
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  10. spring

    spring Guest

    we will rebuild the app, and we will check this. if it has some update, we will rebuild the apk as soon as posible.
  11. bovirus

    bovirus Member Beta test group

    I will post my (Italian) strings.xml.
  12. Asaf Zabari

    Asaf Zabari New Member

    I will translate to Hebrew :)
  13. Asaf Zabari

    Asaf Zabari New Member

    Hmm.. it ask me to translate from Chinese to Hebrew.. I don't know Chinese :)
    Is it any way to translate from English to Hebrew ?
  14. DarkCinema

    DarkCinema Member

    Is there an API for this available, so I can get this to work with IOS or MS Windows?
  15. mirror

    mirror Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Zidoo TECH Supporter

    Hi,you can setting the source language to English on transifex

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