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ZIDOO Music 3.0 coming soon!

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1295)' started by zidoo, Aug 29, 2018.

  1. JBA6

    JBA6 New Member

    Hi Nicholas,
    Assuming that the Zidoo Music app behaves the same with ALAC files as it does with FLAC files then I wouldn't waste your time trying to get it to load your library. With my FLAC files it assigns the majority of tracks to the wrong artists and albums completely ignoring any tags that are embedded in the files making it impossible to then find and play your songs. I suggest you use either Kodi (the latest v18.1 works fine) or ZDMC to play your music instead.
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  2. Nicholas Degenhart

    Nicholas Degenhart New Member

    @JBA6 - Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. I am coming from the apple world where most of the stuff just works and talked to each other (I can't even get an SMB share going on my 10.14 OS). I had to resort to a program to create NFS shares from my Mac. I am hoping all this trouble is going to be worth the versatility of these players.

    Can you explain Kodi? Is it a program I download and run on the Z10? Or does it run on my Mac and share the files to various devices (like plex, which I used before buying the Z10)
    ZDMC is just the "navigation" media player, correct? I really liked the MusicPlayer3.0 grabbing lyrics and allowing you to follow along (Given I did have to search for the correct track lyrics because it matched to the wrong artist). Does Kodi do something similar?
  3. JBA6

    JBA6 New Member

    Kodi is an extremely versatile and well developed media player but even though it does have a lyrics plug-in available I found it wasn't viable on a Zidoo box. Zidoo's version 2 of their Music player showed great promise with it's lyric and now playing display but version 3 has completely spoilt that. There are Kodi versions available for most operating systems so you can try it out on your Mac before deciding whether you want to use it on your Z10. You can read all about it and download installers here:

    If you decide to install Kodi on your Z10, this can either be done via the Google Play Store for which you'll need a Google account or the way I usually do it which is by downloading the APK installer (approx 60MB) copying that to a USB stick and plugging it into the Zidoo which should then give you the chance to open the USB drive and run the installer. The only other comment with regard to Kodi versions 17 and 18 is I really don't like the default Estuary skin so the very first thing I do after installing Kodi is via Settings, Interface switch to the Confluence skin. Try this out on your Mac first to get the hang of it.

    ZDMC is Zidoo's customised version of Kodi which has more advanced video playback capabilities than Kodi. The latest version of ZDMC is based on Kodi 17.6 and can be downloaded from here:
    I have used the 1295 version.
    For music playback I now use Kodi 18 and it's revised Now Playing screen. Further discussion of Kodi would take us too far off-topic for this Music 3.0 thread. If you need further advice I suggest you either start a seperate thread or assuming that's possible via the Zidoo forum, send me a personal email.
  4. dr4go

    dr4go New Member

    Replying to myself... :D Just a quick update: The issue is still there in fw version 2.1.24 on the X9S (Music 3.6.3 respectively). Although I think, that the Music app is able to scan about 10% more of the files than in 2.1.22, it still crashes at about 35% (i.e. the MusicPlayer simply quits). :(
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  5. dr4go

    dr4go New Member

    Again an update: No change with music v3.6.4, it still crashes.
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  6. dr4go

    dr4go New Member

    More progress on v3.6.8 - the Music application just force closes. :D So it might require some additional firmware changes, which aren't included in the X9S, yet...
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  7. dr4go

    dr4go New Member

    Big big update: fw version 2.1.25 made the music app v3.6.8 compatible and with it the scanning process is indeed much more reliable. Long story short: scanned 100% of my music collection without any issue. Fuck I'm happy right now. Big thanks to Zidoo at this point. That fw finally makes the X9S complete. :)
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  8. vondes

    vondes Member

    Was walking across the expanses of the Internet and been as usually searching for websites of free foreign music that doesn`t require registration. So the music was not little and to be quickly downloadable. But whether I tried to find, everywhere there are some shortcomings, which is very annoying. Or it is not much of a music, or it is downloading half a day. Recently found such a resource https://mp3caprice.com/ it is paid, but I understood that the fee there is purely symbolic, but there is something to choose. What would you recommend? Who used it?
  9. DolbyVision

    DolbyVision New Member

    Where can I download the latest versions of the player?
  10. JBA6

    JBA6 New Member

    You get the latest version with the latest firmware version for your Zidoo.
    Eg. X9S firmware version 2.1.25 includes Music version 3.6.8

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  11. DolbyVision

    DolbyVision New Member

    I’d like to submit a bug report for music player.
    I have a file such as this
    Lichtmond4(2016)Eng-Ger (7.1-48 kHz-6389 kbps-24-bit).dts
    Its playtime is 3500 minutes and if HDMI CEC is turned on after a few minutes of playing the device just switches off. And it has never played this file correctly even if CEC is set to off.
  12. Still can't read a ID3 tag properly. That is step one type stuff. How can you make a music player that can't do the basic task of reading the tags in the music it scans.

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