ZDMX (Kodi) Player Settings vs. Zidoo Player Settings

Discussion in 'ZDMC for Zidoo' started by Reelyator, Oct 14, 2022.

  1. Reelyator

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    currently i am using ZDMC 19.4 on my Zidoo UHD3000 to have the full customisation capability of Kodi combined with the parformance and hardware support of the Zidoo Player.

    As far as i understand ZDMC, this is a modified Version of Kodi (fork) that was configured to use the Zidoo Player as an external Player. Based on this, i would like to know, in how far the settings i make under Kodi/Settings/Player/Video..... interact with the settings i make in the settings menue of the UHD3000.

    - Do the settings in Kodi have any effect at all? Are they maybe "overruled" by the settings of the UHD3000??
    - What happens in case of contradicting settings, e. g. Video Resolution?

    Any qualified feedback is welcome, esp. from the ZDMC developers.
  2. 3DBuff

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    You are not going to get an answers here from ZDMC developers :D Just bunch of Zidoo users that may help you with your Zidoo experience.

    Kodi internal player and Zidoo external player to Kodi interface are 2 different players and don't have much if anything in common.

    You can start Kodi player from ZDMC by pointing on movie line and selecting menu button on remote. Got to "Play with" line and you can select Zidoo or Kodi player to your liking. Of course Zidoo player will have all features of Zidoo hardware box and Kodi player is limited but it can come handy with some awkward video files. All settings and adjustments done in Kodi like resolution and refresh rates will effect Kodi player only. When you just click on the movie the default Zidoo player will be started. Most of the adjustments for Zidoo player are done in Quick Settings Zidoo home screen. You can stop the movie and click on home button on remote to get there and make adjustments. Back to ZDMC from task manager or ZDMC icon. Paused movie will need to be restarted to continue. I hope this helps and clears up things for you.
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  3. Reelyator

    Reelyator Active Member

    Thank you @3DBuff , it definitely does!

    That is more or less, what i had already guesses/hoped. Would have been nice to get confirmation from anybody who was really involved in the developement of this software.
    But your comment suits to my impression, that the folks from Zidoo have little interest in interacting with their customers.

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