ZDMC Crashes when playing media with ext player

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by BuzzLtYear, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. X8fan

    X8fan Member

    I finally had the chance to update to 17.6, but unfortunately the "ZDMC has stopped" bug is still there, at least for my X8.

    Seeing how this bug couldn't be solved again, I guess this is something that we won't have any solution to until ZMDC 18 releases?
  2. Andydigital

    Andydigital Member

    It did it with every build of 17.x, I've been running firmware 1.4.4 with ZDMC 16.4.13 perfectly (for the most part) for the last 6 months just because of this crash and dropped frames with 17.x. I updated to 1.4.16 and 17.6 a few days ago and ZDMC crashed like the second time I played something, but it only crashes when using the external player, which I only do for 25hz content anyway, as it's the only player that puts my TV in 25hz mode, the other always goes to 50hz which results in jerky/stuttery playback.

    I've also noticed the internal player in 17.6 drops or skips more frames than the external player still.
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  3. kalima

    kalima New Member

    ZDMC 17.6 + Firmware 1.4.16 = No error for me.
  4. nikos_a

    nikos_a Active Member

    Kalima, press Shift+Ctrl+O when playing a 23,976 file to see if you have problems. I am sure the skipped frames will go bananas.
  5. kalima

    kalima New Member

    i talk for bug "ZDMC Crash" is resolved for me with new firmware and ZDMC. I don't know for skipped frames.
  6. X8fan

    X8fan Member

    I'm also on 17.6 + 1.4.16 but the ZDMC crashes still happen for me. How did you get it to work? Did you disable passthrough?
  7. leonkoum

    leonkoum Active Member Beta test group

    Me too, I have skip frames!!!
    Come on zidoo, make the different and give us a proper zdmc(kodi) which will working properly
  8. X8fan

    X8fan Member

    I uninstall and installed 17.6 after firmware to 1.4.6 but zdmc still crashes no matter I “Enable or disable” sync playback

    Please!!! Zidoo team can you fix this? X8 is my favorite box but I haven’t been able to use zdmc for half a year now!!!
  9. blasiusx

    blasiusx Member

    Here the same. Firmware 1.4.16 (Factory Reset) and ZDMC 17.6 always crashes, if use External Player. First Video runs very good, but the Next Playback always crahes Kodi. In the Background the Player runs.
    With Internal Kodi Player nothing crashes. Not only with 23.976 Hz, but also with 59.94 videos.

    Settings in ZDMC don't care, always the same. For all 17.x ZDMC versions. :(
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  10. X8fan

    X8fan Member

    Thanks for confirming!
  11. X8fan

    X8fan Member

    Does anyone know conclusively this is hardware issue or firmware related? If firmware, why has it taken the Zidoo so long and it's still not fixed?
  12. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member Beta test group Contributor

    they only seem to recompile it with latest kodi and that's all, hope this means we are finally getting proper firmware and they drop zdmc,
  13. kalima

    kalima New Member

    my passthrough is on , externalplayer is on.

    No crash for me since new firmware and new zdmc.
    • I updated firmware first
    • Uninstall zdmc and install new 17.6 version.
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  14. Andydigital

    Andydigital Member

    Turns out I didn't have 17.6 installed after all, I don't know how I missed it but I'd got 17.4 installed. Anyway I've now got 17.6 installed, had to remove 17.4 from my X10 with firmware 1.4.16, I then installed 17.6 and set it up for what seems like the millionth time this year

    Internal Kodi player still drops frames like hot cakes and the external player no longer crashes every other video. So far I've watched about 5 different vids one after the other and it's not crashed yet, fingers crossed.
  15. Techead

    Techead Member

    In my testing of this issue. use these stept and it will crash 99% of the time.
    Setup - External player = enabled / Audio Passthrough = Enabled (Dolby digital / DTS)
    1. load ZDMC
    2. Start to watch a video. (30sec)
    3. Stop the video
    4. Watch a different video
    5. ZDMC will Crash.

    I think it has to do with unloading and loading the videos to the external player.
    Just my observations.
  16. Andydigital

    Andydigital Member

    Just tried exactly that and it doesn't crash for me anymore. Be absolutely certain you have 1.4.16 firmware and 17.6 ZDMC installed, you can check ZDMC in System Info in Kodi. I used to get a crash every other video start without fail previous to 17.6, now though it hasn't crashed in 3 days, not 1 single time in fact.
  17. Techead

    Techead Member

    One question. Do you leave the box on 100% of the time. I use the Samba Server to share my media? I wonder if it's a memeory leak issue?
  18. Andydigital

    Andydigital Member

    No it's only on for 2 to 8 hours per day, and I have it power down when I'm finished watching.

    The crash in previous versions I tried of 17.x happened within seconds of loading if I used your test above in the past.
  19. X8fan

    X8fan Member

    After uninstalling and reinstalling ZDMC, I can report that 17.6 doesn't crash anymore, despite using passthrough. This is great progress. :)

    And I also leave my box on all day, only occasionally powering it down.:p
  20. jmp1963

    jmp1963 Member

    Can you please confirm which firmware you are using with ZDMC 17.6 and also confirm that the 'Unfortunately ZDMC has crashed' issue is no longer happening when playing files over SMB with the external player.


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