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    Kodi still has not finalized 16.1 they still show 16.0 as their newest "stable" version on their web site this morning.
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    The Kodi 16.1 has not been released as a final version yet. I checked their site again this morning. Sure you can download it as a test but you can do that with 17.0 also. When they feel comfortable with 16.1 they will release it as a final version and replace the 16.0 that is now listed as their current version. The only reason I am comparing apples with pears is because some people read this stuff before making a purchase. I don't want everyone to think that the people who bought Zidoo and are now using ZDMC are unhappy. I am very happy with it. My customers love it and many upgraded their old T box that is now running 3rd party firmware with Kodi 16.0. They all prefer it. For my Kodi only type boxes I will continue to use SPMC 16.2 for now. I like it much better than Kodi. I think Kodi got greedy with their trademark lawsuit and it will hurt them in the end.
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    How long of a guarantee came with your Zidoo box. You say things like maybe we should all return our products to Zidoo. Did you buy them from Zidoo as a big wholesale order or did you buy one through a retailer or perhaps a few at a distributor? When I read "
    yes spring :(:confused::mad::(:(:(
    so we should send back all our stuff to zidoo zyber7???:mad::eek::confused::(
    what is zidoo planning on new devices without rk chip, so they can send us then this device? :)

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    You make it sound like there is a life time guarantee that you will always love your aging box or be able to return it after years of use for a full refund or exchange. What guarantee did Zidoo have when they designed the box, produced the box, advertised the box, sold it to distributor's and customers and reinvest their money into the next model as they always do and make payroll for many otherwise unemployed workers? Do you feel entitled to a free box of their next design based on which type of processor they chose to build it with at that time under the current situation which will change as everything does? They take a bigger gamble than you when they choose what parts to build their next model with. If they fail they get stuck with warehouses full of product that nobody wants to buy. How much did you pay for your box and when will you consider that you got you moneys worth based on your savings compared to going out to the movies, paying $150.00 per month cable/satellite bill and being able to watch TV from around the world usually for free? Mine was paid off in the first month. The rest is just profit for me. My cable bill is $18.00 per month because my wife likes to watch the local news and weather or it would be zero dollars if not for her wishes. Most of my customers were paying about $150.00 per month when I met them and if they pay anything on the box it is the equivalent to two weeks of a normal cable/satellite bill per year for over 800 cable/satellite channels. If you don't like the Zidoo because the way it turned out why not sell it while you still can for double whatever you paid for it and buy another newer model that still uses official Kodi software? I just bought 20 more Zidoo's last week and have no problems selling them. I have not had one service call on a Zidoo box, none. The cost to ship it back to China if they decided to make you "happy" would be more than the wholesale cost of a new box. Like I said if it runs fine like all of mine do, double your cost and sell it to your best friend and he can start to save $130.00 per month on his cable/satellite bill. He will save a likely $1500 per year:) and more as inflation only goes up. He will also want to buy one for each for his children and friends. You can easily double your money on each of them and they will be grateful forever. What better Christmas gift could you give or birthday present? I always offer a small discount on a second box for the bedroom in case the wife wants to watch something else with her own remote controller after you teach them how to store their favorites that they are now paying $150.00 per month to watch. The fact that they won't have to watch commercials is a bonus you can't forget to mention. A one hour show watched in 42 minutes is priceless. The fact that I can watch that show 24/7 beats having to be sitting in the couch every Thursday night at 9:00 PM to watch your favorite show or miss it. Is the glass half empty or half full. I consider myself a negative guy but you you taught me what being negative really means. Have a nice day.:)
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    ZDMC I used for a week. I ended up uninstalling zdmc and installing kodi 16.0 from playstore. In kodi and zdmc I turned off in settings all video acceleration and set the audio offset ahead by 0.050 seconds. Is working flawless now.
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    we are develop the 16.1, and we will use new passthrough method on it.
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    You need to "borrow some clue" and stop believing every self-serving statement you've ever read on a Kodi Foundation forum. In many cases, "programming workarounds" are a necessary part of doing business. Kodi Founation promotes Nvidia and its Shield devices because Nvidia is an XBMC/Kodi Foundation Diamond Sponsor, not because they have a sterling reputation for after-sale support of their products or cooperation with the Linux/Android system developers. Plenty of people have tossed Nvidia Optimus chipsets in their "junk closets". Here's a video of Linus Torvalds explaining that situation. He says that, despite the fact Nvidia tries to sell a lot of chipsets to the Android market, they are the single worst hardware manufactuer Linux kernal.org developers have ever had to deal with. See Linus Torvalds -Nvidia F_ck You!

    At the time when most of today's chipsets were being developed, the only reward a small OEM/ODM could expect for following "Android standards 100 percent" was a visit from the patent licensing trolls/cartels. I suspect that the Kodi Founation doesn't care about that situation, because they really don't manufacture anything. It's bizarre to hear them suggest that Rockchip might be violating an ffmpeg copyright license, when the authors of ffmpeg are almost constantly accused of patent infringement. It wasn't too long ago, that Google/Motorola filed an unsuccessful patent infringenent lawsuut in Germany over a competitor's use of their (MPEG LA licensed) H264 codec technology. FYI, that was more than a little incompatible with their concurrent obligations as distributors of the portions of the ffmpeg code that are licensed under the GPL
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    The new Kodi for Zidoo X6 will use the same pass-through standards as SPMC the only maintained Kodi fork for Android users at the moment apart from Zidoo's one.
    The standards are from Android 'Nutcracker' or whatever it will be called.
    So the standards are backported to work on Lollipop.

    Basically Kodi says all Android devices should use Marshmallow or 'Nutcracker' API's for pass-through which is almost impossible to do as more than 90% of Android devices still run Lollipop or lower Kitkat firmware. Android 'Nutcracker firmwares for average priced tv boxes(apart from Nvidia Shield) will only be available for tv boxes in about a year's time.
    Normal Kodi 17 has no Android maintainers at the moment and will be unstable to use for daily use.
    I also think they just use that as excuses to not support Android as they are scared of piracy increasing as before 2 years ago Kodi was still mainly a Linux and PC app.
    Also for the devices like Nvidia Shield and some AMLogic devices, those companies are big sponsors of Kodi and pay over $10000 yearly sponsorships.
    So they have to keep those sponsors happy otherwise without money Kodi will be very difficult to maintain or keep alive.
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    I like the name kzodi or kodiz, or even better. zodi. That sounds zantastic.
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    I have to say that as comparation Rochip this year has better chip and performance.
    I compared Nvidia Shield TV, RK3229 (x1 II) and some amlogic s905 devices.
    nvidia shield has issue with 10bit conversion and playback.
    s905 has some issue with shuttering.
    rk3229 plaback is smooth, also 23.976 framerate is decoded ok.
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    16.1 was released in firmware .38, please release the loose file here also like 16.0 in first post
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    I don't like Kodi so much, not a good experience before, now I use Vidon XBMC pro, That is optimized base on Kodi 16.1
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    Well, RK 3368 is supported, even not for all features...
    But if the other features are enough, good!

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