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Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1295)' started by fogia, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. fogia

    fogia New Member

    I use ZDMC with the native player of my zidoo x9s. I really like this player which makes a more beautiful image than the kodi player but I have some tiny, tiny issues and I don-t find a way to solve it... Maybe someone could help me :
    I updated the system with the last firmware (1.4.16) and ZDMC is used with the version 17.6.
    So my problems are :
    - with the remote, when I push the buttons sound level up or down, it has no effect on the player
    - during a movie, I opened the menu and I configured the download subtitles zone to French, but when I start a movie, it proposes me to download the 100 first choices (arabic, afrikaan...) but not the language I configured. Where did I make a mistake ? Or where can I set up ?
  2. mirror

    mirror Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Zidoo TECH Supporter

    If you use the RAW option,The volume control will not be effective
    About the download subtitles issue,is a bug from v1.4.16,We will solve it in next firmware.
  3. Tony23

    Tony23 New Member

    I'm going crazy, you solve the problem of audio out of sync with respect to the video because the function you have set up is fine only the first time then it has no effect if the audio continues to go on continuously and not synchronized. He is making me crazy and regretting having bought this zidoo.
    Thank you
  4. fogia

    fogia New Member

    Ok thanks for the answer... I was afraid to have missed something ! It's not me !

    But continue like that ! It's really good job and I think this zidoo box become more and more perfect...

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