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Discussion in 'ZDMC for Zidoo' started by ThomasP, Dec 18, 2019.

  1. ThomasP

    ThomasP Active Member

    Kodi 18.5 is out for a few weeks now. When will ZDMC follow?
  2. ThomasP

    ThomasP Active Member

    Today got a hint within ZDMC that a new Kodi exists. Hahahaha .... We know, Zidoo not!
  3. ThomasP

    ThomasP Active Member

    Kodi 18,5 Leia is out since 18.11.2019. Zidoo, awake!
  4. ThomasP

    ThomasP Active Member

    Good hardware but loosers in soft- and firmware!
  5. ThomasP

    ThomasP Active Member


    Maybe ZDMC is part of the usb3 freeze problem. With original Kodi and using xbmcwrapper the freeze problem vanished for a few days now.
    It's time to deliver ZDMC 18.5 to prove this.
  6. ThomasP

    ThomasP Active Member

    We are still waiting, Zidoo! Have you fired all your lame developers?
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    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    You do realise there is a coronavirus going around in china ! !!

    which limits movement of people and will and can cause a business to fold due to this .
    Manufacturing will slow down let alone getting to your works place to begin a software update .

    So show some Respect .

    I for one would not like to be there while that virus is about .
  8. Cary Grant

    Cary Grant New Member

    You are waiting

    How a minor update to Kodi with the addition of the Zidoo wrapper will ix a usb "fault is a stretch.

    "Dear Users, Happy New Year! In order to celebrate the traditional Chinese Spring Festival, Zidoo company is scheduled for a holiday from 18th Jan to 15st Feb. We will be back to work on 16st Feb. If there is urgent message, pls contact service@zidoo.tv Your understanding will be highly appreciated if our holiday brings you any inconveniences"

    Note: Your previous post was 18 January

    Then we have as posted the corona virus issues and the associated consequences that will bring for months to come.

    So let's have some perspective please
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  9. ThomasP

    ThomasP Active Member

    Nice try. Now it is the virus fault. 70000 infected from 1,38Mrd. And the epidemic centre is 1100km away. In October 2019 there was no virus, in January 2019 as they implemented the usb3 bug was also no virus. Respect for this company? Have they respect for their buying customers? Not really ...
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  10. strider83

    strider83 New Member

    We are waiting for kodi 18.5 to be adapted to zidoo device... that's true.

    But we understand too, the problem in china with the coronavirus, and the delay it occurs.
    I wish the best for chinese people. hope everything will be ok with zidoo people.

    Take your time... health is more important than everything else.
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  11. ThomasP

    ThomasP Active Member


    The virus is just a excuse. A few minutes they released a new poster apk. Looks like it's more important than ZDMC.

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    they have
    What version is it then ?
  13. ThomasP

    ThomasP Active Member


    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    In a way thats good news
    As the team finished there hols on the 15th of Feb and the Big C virus so distruption is obvious .

    have you a link to that or just know its being worked on That apk file ?
  15. ThomasP

    ThomasP Active Member

    Still no ZDMC Update. The russian translations seem to be more important ... o_O

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    You will have to sit and wait it out they have other priorities in mind like there Great H.T.v2 to polish off first then ......
    In the mean time a new download today official final version of Kodi Leia v18.6 available for install
  17. ThomasP

    ThomasP Active Member

    Still a shame for the Beta company Zidoo. Kodi 18,6 is out and they have not managed to release ZDMC 18.5. Go and make your job, slowpokes of Zidoo!

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    there will always be another and another Kodi release next up is Kodi 18.7 in the works
    And dont forget Kodi 19 Matrix which is in early beta stage .

    Its never ending chase ............

    maybe best to get a media box that fully supports Kodi
    As Zidoo are concentrating on there H.T.v2/ v3 soon and media player 5+
  19. ThomasP

    ThomasP Active Member

    Still no new ZDMC. Looks like Zidoos only developer is working on the buggy HT. Maybe a well designed software like Kodi is too high for them.
  20. embol

    embol New Member

    Buongiorno, ho Box ZIDOO X9S con la versione ZDMC 18.4 .non si carica la versione Kodi 18.6, non sono molto bravo nell'informatica, qualcuno mi può illuminare ? Grazie per lìattenzione.

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