Z9X PRO sending wrong information to laser player

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  1. Deuse

    Deuse New Member

    It's not DV.

    I've never bought a DV hardware video player.

    And media info says HDR 10
  2. Nissel

    Nissel Member

    The Z9X pro is a DV hardware video player. With mediainfo you need to switch out of the basic view to check the Dolby vision info, try selecting 'view' and 'tree' then check the HDR format in the video section.
  3. Deuse

    Deuse New Member


    It's 100% not a DV file/film.

    I know how to use media info. And that says it's a HDR 10 file.

    I have found 8 films now that the ziddo player software gets wrong but Kodi gets right on the ziddo hardware.

    So. I have 2 software players running on the same hardware.

    So we can forget about the hardware.
    It's the ziddo player that's wrong.

    I then went further. I used the HDMI out of my qnap Nas. That played as a HDR 10.

    I then played it via the built in AWOL player. And again. It got it right. A HDR 10 file.

    This has taught me never to buy as early access hardware again.

    I have all information to ziddo. Let's see how long it takes them to fix it.

    Thank you to everyone who helped.
  4. futeko.com

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  5. Deuse

    Deuse New Member

    It now looks like I ow you all apologises.

    Thought I knew how to use mediainfo...but apparently not.

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  6. Nissel

    Nissel Member

    On the plus side you have a Dolby vision player, projector and various movies to watch now
  7. xskip

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  8. Deuse

    Deuse New Member


    Still confused why DV says 8 bit and media info says 10bit
  9. Nissel

    Nissel Member

    As I said earlier this will just be the projector reporting the colour depth incorrectly, it's pretty common for displays to do this with yuv 422. It will actually be 12bit which is correct for LLDV. It won't be having a negative effect on the picture, feel free to raise this with the projector manufacturer but they'll probably say that same.

    My LG TV is the same it says 8 bit, but the HDFury receiving the same signal reports 12 bit correctly.
  10. Nissel

    Nissel Member

    Here is a photo of my TV and AV receiver disagreeing

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