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  1. Quacklin

    Quacklin New Member

    I've connected my NAS to my Z9X. All my movies where recognoized but when scanning with home theatre 4.0 (intelligent or TMDb) a lot of movies got a wrong titel and a wrong poster.
    I put for every movie my own poster with the same name next to the movie file.
    But home theater still isn't using my posters, because it thinks its a different movie.
    For excample i have the movie "Alien 1.1080p.mkv" and "Alien 1.1080p.jpg" next to each other but home theater is recognoizing it as Alien warfare. This is happening wit a lot of movies.
    Is there a way, how I can use my own posters and keep the filename as titles to use home theater?
    Or when using the media player hide the images or just use them as titles?
  2. Hizzle

    Hizzle New Member

    I'm having somewhat of the same problem that HT4.0 isn't using the posters in the same folder as the movie. They are named the same, just like yours. I'm not having matching issues but I also have an NFO file in the movie folder with the same name. I believe this is why my matches are 100%. I'm just not sure why when scanning, and having it set to use the local poster files, it wants to scrape them again. Is it because of the naming convention of the posters? Do they need to be named something like poster.jpg? I would assume that using the same naming convention for poster and fanart should work (Alien-Poster.jpg, Alien-Fanart.jpg, Alien.MKV)
  3. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Moderator Beta test group Contributor

    Yes - the naming conventions are:


    The main issue is getting the MovieName correct in the first place. So in the case of Alien, the base name should be Alien not Alien 1.

    Of course if the scrape is incorrect or you want to change the poster you can easily do this through the web interface (http://IP_Address:9528)
  4. Hizzle

    Hizzle New Member

    Thanks and that's what I thought. I used Tiny Media Manager to scrape everything (NFO, Poster, Fanart) and confirmed that they are all the correct movie. I'd like to just use it to manage my artwork etc. as using the web interface is good but not a great way to manage hundreds of movies. What I don't understand is why when I clear everything and rescan it doesn't use the updated poster image and fanart in the folder? Again, when you individually change the movie artwork within the HT 4.0 app on the Zidoo it knows that there are local files (little hard drive icon) but doesn't use them. I really don't want to completely blow it away and start fresh again with adding folders etc. to see if that works. I was hoping the clear function and rescan would update the correct (local) artwork. I have even deleted the HomeTheater folder that HT4 makes on the HD but it still scrapes the movies new. It also looks like it knows which are local artwork because it looks like it adds a "user" tag to the front of the .jpg file. I'm at a loss but will try to start from scratch again. I'm concerned that if I ever want to make some small artwork updates on TMM that they will never be reflected in HT4, which isn't good. I'm running HT 4.0.32.
  5. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Moderator Beta test group Contributor

    I've seen a few posts where people mention that local info (NFO, poster & fanart) are not used but it seems to work fine for me.

    My process is to get the library straight using the Zidoo only (I tried Tiny Media Manager but the NFOs it produced wouldn't work for whatever reason) and then export NFO and jpgs from Settings/Library/Export so each movie folder has two jps and an NFO in it.

    I can then completely clear the library and rescan with NFO precedence and local images and it uses that info. It takes significantly longer to scan the NFOs than from TMDB.

    It's also worth regular backups which although they don't save the artwork, do backup the entire database including settings.

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