Z1000 and Epson TW9300

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Z1000 not outputting correctly to epson.

  1. It’s a firmware issue

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  2. It’s an hardware issue

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  3. It’s the Epson TW9300 Config

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  4. Z1000 Config

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  1. applesnowleo

    applesnowleo New Member

    I am having a strange issue with my new zidoo z1000 upgraded from a x10.

    with the x10 I got 12 bit 4.2.2 hdr color , the Z1000 I can only get on my epson tw9300 8 bit 4.4.4..

    I have installed the lastest firmware available, and is strange that a better model can get the same output config. I am using firmware 2.3.10.

    can someone help me with the solution in what could be wrong.


    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    You should also add to the list settings : Zidoo / projector settings

    often it can be the wrong settings being set by the zidoo or at times projector settings .
  3. applesnowleo

    applesnowleo New Member

    In my case I do not think is the projector, my X10 works ok, the Z1000 does not appear to enable the HDMI 2.0 or does not identify the epson correctly.

    At the moment I am very desapointed with the Z1000. When I change to 10 or 12 bit the image on the Z1000 simply black out, on the x10 works as expected.

    I have changed in the About / Advanced Settings / hdmi rx version to 2.0.

    I really hope is a software bug and a firmware update corrects this, because I do not want to have newer zidoo that works worse than the old x10. And of course is like trowing money away in theis case.

    The X10 produces without a problem 12 bit 4.2.2, the Z1000 could not, same system, same cables, same movie.

    Any thoughts?

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