Z10 Pro, LG CX, Denon AVR-2300 HDMI/CEC Audio Switching Problem

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  1. Jose Simancas

    Jose Simancas New Member

    Hi all,

    Ever since I bought the Z10 and connected it up to this setup, I am having problems with the auto-switching of the audio of the LG CX via ARC.

    If the Z10 is on, it prevents the LG from switching and outputting audio via ARC connection unless I turn on the Z10 and then switch back to TV Audio.

    If I turn the Z10 off (at the switch at the back) normal behaviour returns and I am able to switch from TV speaker sound to HDMI ARC at will.

    It's as if, when the Z10 is on, it's preventing the TV from outputting HDMI ARC until the Z10 is turned on and off. If the Z10 is on, and I switch to the TV speakers it won't let me output HDMI ARC until I go through the turning off/on routine again.

    Any ideas? I have CEC turned off in the Z10 and only the ARC function turned on in the LG and Denon amp as I use a Harmony remote to control the system.
  2. loloko56

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    you need Lindy Adaptateur HDMI Non CEC behind zidoo.
  3. Nice Monkey

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    As mentioned already now configurable via Quick Setup. ;)
    - I am missing Power control On/Off synchronized also for my AMP
    - A lot more valued by me is automatic switching to the Zidoo designated HDMI Port. Most equipment sees this as the most basic HDMI-CEC function but I have never seen it before on any Android implementation. When switching on my Zidoo its output will appear automatically on my TV switching to the corresponding HDMI port. This regardless if it is connected directly or via an intermediate AMP.

    Good news for those with a direct TV connection but less if you are using an AMP. If you have an AMP in between it does nothing for that intermediate AMP which HDMI-CEC is perfectly capable to do too. If you need eARC it is even worse as you need to install a HDMI-CEC blocker to get that working as it interferes even when disabled.

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