Z10 Connect via Pioneer LX83 A/V Receiver, but TV show nothing

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  1. nsb

    nsb New Member

    Just brought the Zidoo Z10 and found that I cannot get signal pass through the Pioneer LX83 A/V receiver. The LED on my receiver shows that it senses the HDMI signal from Z10. I have got a black screen with no Z10 user interface showing up. Please suggest newbie how to go from here. .... Is any thing to do with HTMI cable?

    By the way, I tested the signal by directly connecting to TV (old Plasma Panasonic Viera) and every thing fine.
  2. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Active Member Beta test group

    When connected to that TV directly force 1080P output (not AUTO) and try again. Cables can always be a problem but not often with 1080P output.
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  3. nsb

    nsb New Member

    Thanks for the reply. I've tried it but unluckily it didn't work. :(

    DELUCAS Active Member

    Have you tried your amp settings to pass through etc ?
    Or reset your amp

    I have an old hdmi 1.3 amp never had issues in any Zidoo box passing through signal etc
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