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    I have two different brand remote controllers (air mouses) - one is originally dedicated to X9S and the other is good which works fine on my other TV box different than X9S and X10. I don`t remember the name of it, but it works really really fine on it.

    I have noticed that working in each of the above air mouses is not so good in X9S.
    Moving cursor is not so smooth in X9S on every of these two air mouses. Moving cursor has breaks which annoyes user and I know that it is not a problem of air mouse, but this is a X9S issue.
    I have upgraded firmwares many times but it never succeed me, and moving air mouse was never so smoothly as I wished to be.

    Can you write me if air mouse moves is out of breaks and move smoothly in X10?
    Deos this X9s airmouse bug repair in X10?
    Is it ok at last in X10?

    Kindest regards
  2. Sarco

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    For good working air mouse (2.4ghz) you should extend the receiver distance specialy if you use 2.4ghz wifi, or if you have other device plug to unit ex: hard drive. Interferences are the problem. For my part I use 5ghz or ethernet mostly ethernet and I don't have any issue you describe.
  3. MarcinZm

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    I use ethernet cable in my X9S, but in my flat I have both 2.4 GHz wifi and 5Ghz wifi.
    I don`t have any issues with airmouse on 2nd device which is not X9S nor X10, but uses the same airmouse as in X9S.
    It is weird. What do exactly mean by extending the receiver distance? I have 40 m2 square living room and this airmouse works the same badly in every area of my living room, that's why I am sure that is the problem with X9S and not with airmouses I have.
    Two different airmouses works the same and have the same issues. Breaks are not so often but moving is not so smooth and I am sure that it is the software/firmware/device problem in my X9S.
  4. Sarco

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    Try put a usb cable to place the receiver. For sure it is not a firmware or box related. I did had problem when puting a USB disk.
  5. Nice Monkey

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    Moving the RF receiver dongle to the front of the device often makes all the difference. A short USB cable is all what is needed. Some media players even add such a cable.
  6. Ayokoya

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    The X9S has a aluminum casing, plugging the RF USB dongle directly into the X9S means your air mouse cannot communicate through the aluminum case, so you have to use your mouse where it has a line of sight to the dongle, or use an USB extension cable to place your dongle away from metal environment.

    Even if your android device does not have an aluminum case, the RF interference from the device will reduce the effectiveness of the dongle receiver, that's why I have short USB extension cable for every dongle I use, including PC. Ebay sells short USB extension cable up to 0.5m for $1 with free shipping, get a few and you will pad yourself on the back for such smart investment.
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  7. MarcinZm

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    Thank you very much. It works now like a charm!!!
    Thank you very very much. I used extended USB cable (USB extension cable) and it works ok now.

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