When 1.2.9 will be ready for X8?

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X8' started by solve2001, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. solve2001

    solve2001 New Member

    It has been released for x9s. Looking forward to it for X8...
  2. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    Hello spring, freeroc, mirror

    is it possible to have the new FW 1.2.9 please.
  3. agmarco

    agmarco Member

    OliverQC, are you sure we want it? You are surely aware of all the issues with 1.2.9 at the X9S. Or do you have other info?
  4. agmarco

    agmarco Member

    It almost looks like Zidoo team left the scene. Holidays over there or is everyone waiting till the smoke blows over? Again promises and no results. If FW 1.2.9 is not fine to release for X8 yet please tell us. We can wait if we know why we are waiting.
  5. agmarco

    agmarco Member

    Now Zidoo team even closed the thread about FW 1.2.9 for X9S! Without any comment. What is going on here. Take your responsibilities Zidoo! You are destroying a lot of credits. I still have faith in you but give the people who paid for your products some info. Fix the "crappy" new FW and inform customers about it.
  6. Vincze Tamás

    Vincze Tamás New Member

  7. agmarco

    agmarco Member

    WTF..... Facebook? Better quit this forum if Zidoo is only communicating there instead of on their own forum. Hope I am wrong.
  8. ScottJ

    ScottJ New Member

    I get the feeling the X8 is an evil step-child. All the news you hear has to do with what is going on with the X9S.
  9. Sabre

    Sabre New Member

    X9S has genuine problems with the upgrade. Both that I know of upgraded with different results. Some improvements but new serious glitches. On one, the USB3 port now interferes with USB2 and on-screen K/B has disappeared. Factory reset does not fix these problems. What disturbs me is that the glitches seem to be specific to each example of the same model.
  10. Random_Vibration

    Random_Vibration Active Member

    Now 1.2.10 is available for the X9s but not much here. I'm not impressed with some of the ways they "support" their pr0duct. Zidoo tech support seems to spend more time responding to issues on the Kodi hardware forum than on their own. They seem to ignore posts here but respond relatively promptly to comments on the Kodi forum. So yeah, it seems that Kodi's forum or Facebook is the means they use to communicate with customers. Not sure what this forum is used for?

    I guess this forum is like the phoney pedestrian crossing button. At a intersection with pedestrian crossing signals, those lights are more controlled by timers and the button they give you to press to cross are there just to give you something to do while you wait for the signal to change.
  11. tlchris

    tlchris New Member

    i agree with you, i ask several questions here , they answer me once, there is more feedback in other forum, they should close this one.

    i bought an x8 box knowing it was new, i give my money to zidoo , beleive in their product, at least answer my questions!

    but forget it zidoo. im closing my account here and will be following other forum, dont bother to answer me.
  12. solve2001

    solve2001 New Member

    Guys, we should feel lucky that X9s users are QA engineers for us! I believe Zidoo team will release the new FW to us once it is proved stable enough. ;)
  13. agmarco

    agmarco Member

    That might be the case but they could have the decency to inform us or just reply to our questions. But enough said, let's give them some time.
  14. Random_Vibration

    Random_Vibration Active Member

    I don't consider myself lucky since I own both the X9s and the X8. 1.2.10 isn't any worse than any other firmware released for the X9s or X8. It seems to be better than some. Thus, it is releasable.

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