What is the logic behind Home Theater 2.0??

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X20' started by Reelyator, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. Reelyator

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    ...Similar to my post on the music player: Can anybody explain me the logic behind the home theater??

    When importing you cannot even differentiate between movies and TV shows (Series). And after importing the media database is ~50% incorrect entries:
    - from the 200+ TV Shows i have in my databas less then 10 were detected as TV shows
    - even within these 10 some icorrect entries (e.g. the 21 Jump Street Movie Series was detected as TV Show.....)
    - hundrets of unmatched entries within the movie database.
    - totaly unclear based on what entries are marked as 3D, Blu-ray, 4k... whatsoever

    Considering that my whole media database is set up following Kodi Nomenclature for files and folders i wonder what logic must be followed to suite to home theater.

    Anybody here having the same problems or even a solution??
  2. skelton

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    The reason your entries are not marked as 3D, 4K, blu-ray... is because the technical details are not scraped. I had the same problem when i scraped my collection. The sorting options were also totally blank for me and then i noticed that the technical details were not scraped. Not sure if this is a bug or if it`s supposed to work like this..

    50% incorrect entries, wow that`s a lot! I had some faulty but nowhere near 50%

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