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    Just wondering if anyone else has had any issues with VS10 processing HLG?

    I've had my Z9X set to output everything as LLDV with great results since day one. However, I watched a high-bitrate UHD rip yesterday which only contained HLG metadata & it looked atrocious. There was banding, black crush & it felt like I was watching a poor-quality, low-bitrate rip. When I disabled the VS10 processing (set HDR to auto), the HLG HDR video looked incredible.
    This was the first & only HLG file I've fed the Z9X, and I've never had any issues with VS10/LLDV butchering SDR, DV, or HDR10/+ files.
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    Interesting - Yes, there has always been an issue with HLG and VS10, but not with banding as far as I am aware, and also not with black crush - the issue I always had was with a raised black floor - the age old "raised black level" issues.

    But as you say, this goes away with setting HDR to Auto with HLG being handled natively by the Realtek engine.

    I don't think it'e ever been addressed and has been overlooked because HLG is a broadcast only HDR mode so there has been very little content flying about.
  3. Hippoponderous

    Hippoponderous Active Member

    OK, good to know.
    Totally understandable.

    Thanks, Mark. :)

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