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    I had a Z1000 Pro for a short time before returning it and purchasing the Z2600. I can't speak for image and sound quality (both are very good) but it does offer a snappier response and the web app works much better.
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    Hola amigos

    La fuente de alimentación del x20 pro y del z2000 pro es diferente, ¿verdad?

    Voy a comprar uno de estos dos zidoos para sustituir mi z1000 pro.

    Quiero hacer las cosas bien para no perder mi colección de casi 1000 portadas. ¿Alguien puede darme un tutorial sobre cómo hacer una copia de todas las portadas de mis películas antes de vender mi z1000 pro?

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  3. I am experiencing the same problems with dolby vision playback in m2ts files.

    dolby vision playback of mkv files surfers from stuttering playback.
  4. Bjorn65

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    I have had the Zidoo Z2000 pro for about 2 weeks. I have ripped over 120 UHD Bluerays onto a hardrive. The Zidoo Z2000 isn't finding 93 percent of the movie and showing what they are?

    But the biggest problem I'm having I purchased a SATA drive formatted it in NTFS named it in Windows 11. Copied 4.5 terabytes of movies to this drive. But when I put the hard drive in the Zidoo. I go to hard drive it's only seeing the 32 Gig hard drive that came with the Zidoo. I don't see the SATA drive anywhere. I gave it an 16 Terabytes Partition in Window 11. Everything works from the computer but nothing is showing on the Zidoo? What should I do I need help?
  5. by96

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    I had a similar issue recently. I took the HDD from my Zappiti and tried it in the Zidoo without any changes. The Zidoo did not see any of the movies. However, when I went in on a PC and removed the "Movies" folder and all the individual movie subfolders, and just had the movies on the highest level of the drive, the Zidoo saw all the movies. Then I went back and added a "Movies" parent folder and subfolders for each movie, and it continued to work fine. I think there was some issue coming over from Zappiti, but all good now.

    If the Zidoo isn't seeing the HDD, how did it find 7% of the movies? Or are you referring to two different drives?

    Also, I am very new to Zidoo, so hopefully, someone more in the know will respond soon.
  6. Bjorn65

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    Because remember I ripped 4.5 Terabytes of UHD Bluerays on a hard drive.. That I can connect to the Zidoo Z2000 Pro through USB port. I copied all these movies from the external hard drive to the SATA drive but I can't see anything on the SATA drive. However I can play every from the external drive. However only 7% of the movie are match in the movie window in the app on Zidoo.
  7. Bjorn65

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    Remember I don't see the SATA drive at all in the Zidoo apps, all I'm seeing is the 32 Gig hard drive that came with the unit
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  8. Nedy71

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    I use VS10 on my Z1000Pro at all time and I love it.
    How much improvement has VS10 Engine on Z2000 Pro over Z1000 Pro and it is noticeable?
  9. Nice Monkey

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    Only read the specifications. Can´t compare myself.
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    Is the NEW chipset in the New Dune player ("next level chip") anything to go by? Will it help SIGNIFICANTLY for any quality of the viewing experience?
    I see it is faster, more RAM etc but my Zidoo z1000Pro is not sluggish at all. I am after any pic quality differences is any and if "day and night".
    DV FEL not really interested as my Zidoo play all DV to a quality I like as well as VS10 engine for everything else is MUST have experience for every movie lover.
    So might be a new tread needs to be open about the NEW Chipset listed for the newer Dune players and when we could expect to get it in Zidoo line.
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    Dune seem to have been forced into resorting to OEMing Kodi boxes from other manufacturers now and AMLogic are the SOCs of choice for such boxes.

    Other than 8K, which Zidoo have told me they aren't looking at right now, this SOC doesn't really bring much to the table.

    Potentially, it has the possibility of full FEL playback due to multiple HEVC decoders, supporting up to 4x4Kp60 but I believe Dolby have put the brakes on that so it's not available in the SDK, and certainly this Dune box does not support this (despite their deliberately confusing language)

    I talked to Zidoo last year about the possibility of using the S928 and although they have a good relationship with AML, there are no plans I know of as yet.

    Interesting though.
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  12. Nedy71

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    Thank you for your prompt respond.
    Hail Zidoo Z1000Pro which serve me well since the introduction :)
    No need to replace as of yet :)
    Good news :)

    Happy Festive Season everyone here!
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