Thanks to near ideal air mouse, using the H6 Pro again

Discussion in 'ZIDOO H6 Pro' started by Ayokoya, Dec 10, 2017.

  1. Ayokoya

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    I have both X9S and H6 Pro connected to the same TV, both boxes accept command from either remotes. To solve that, I found a low cost air mouse that has the power button that even put the H6 Pro into standby, reboot or power down, but it cannot power it back up since it does not listen to use USB dongle during off state, may be a firmware change can address that. The air mouse/keyboard does not have pg up/down keys, but it has a scroll function on the touch pad that can take some improvements.

    Attached is the picture of the Q9 air mouse, price is from $11 to $17, depending on who you buy it from.

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  2. freeroc

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    Thanks for the recommendation
  3. almangarzon

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    Get a Zidoo V6 Air Mouse. Works like a Wii remote with a QWERTY keyboard at the back.

    don't forget to plug the bluetooth receiver at the USB 3.0 slot to make the power button work properly.
  4. sfanetti

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    Neo Minix A2/A3
  5. best build quality but no back light and quite heavy
  6. kaneda79

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    I had a Rapoo E6700 Bluetooth keyboard prior to acquire the H6 pro, so i am using it. Anyway i guess if an air mouse is better. I like the look of Zidoo V6 but i don'tknow how it works. I've found just one review on Amazon Italy and is not a good one (the reviewer suggests the V5 instead). On the other side there is the Minix A3: a lot og good reviews about it, but i don't know if every button works with zidoo products.

    Hope to find your suggestions here.
  7. sfanetti

    sfanetti Member Beta test group

    Minix A3 is ok, but not all buttons are customizable and works with zidoo product.
    The the major buttons are ok
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  8. leonkoum

    leonkoum Active Member Beta test group

    I have minix a2.
    All buttons are functional except the on/off button which I can switch on the player but I can’t switch off from the button. I must go to the app and turned off
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  9. wooolf

    wooolf Active Member

    Logitech harmony 900 works perfect with zidoo X6 settings (in harmony online database)

    I just ordered the Zoweetek K12-1 2.4G old school keyboard with huge mouse, I will test it and let you know how it works.
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  10. wooolf

    wooolf Active Member

    About the GOSIN or ZOWEETEK ZW-51012BT-1 keyboard,
    mouse select and drag very well and scroll 4ways and behaves way better than droidmote
    keyboard is fab for oldtimers like me used to proper keys (a bit small at first but getting use to it fast)
    I love it on youtube, Gmail, web browsing or tidying home page on NOVA launcher
    It has lots of great shortcuts I didn't know about

    2 ou 3 limitations
    - Mouse can slow down and has to be turned off and back on sometimes (very fast pressing by fn+space twice), I think issue comes from the original remote interferring...
    - need original remote to turn box ON but the keyboard can turn it OFF (not a pb for me as I turn the H6 on via remote plug)
    - no "recent apps" key,= my biggest issue, I will try to map it but have no clue how, anyone can help on this?

    Overall I am very pleased to have added a real desktop feel to that frustrating but great little box :)
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  11. kaneda79

    kaneda79 Member

    @wooolf Nice Choice My Rapoo E6700 has similar design even if sometimes i hate it for the Touchpad so big and too much sensible. Teh only real problem is where to put it when i am on my chair :p
  12. wooolf

    wooolf Active Member

    lol big problem in fact, I actually just fabricated a little keyboard/remotes(sss) draw under my coffee table this afternoon ;)
  13. wooolf

    wooolf Active Member

    I have to add that the zoweetek and also a Rii BT keyboards work perfectly... until... you use the original remote BT control.
    In fact each time you use the zidoo remote the keyboards bugs!!! and you need the zidoo remote to navigate from one app to another with the "recent apps" buton.

    I found a way arround this: you need to turn off the BT remote app and use it in IR mode (which I actually prefer!)

    Side questions
    1/ would anyone know how to assign the "recent apps" buton to any Fn F1 or F2 buton of my keyboard?
    2/ how to definitly kill "BT Remote app" or at least stop it from starting after reboot ?

    Anyway, this is yet another proof that this remote needs fixing!
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  14. jjjackson

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    Air mouse this the only way to go.

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